Soul Mate (Trap – picnic – apology) Part 13

Rakshit is standing in a room, holding a file. Drishti suddenly appears before him. Both of them looked everywhere carefully to see if anyone is noticing them. Then they look at each other.

Drishti: Apne sabkuch thik waisei kia na jaise maine kahi thi?
You did every thing the way I told you to do, right?

Rakshit looks around again.

Rakshit: Ha, mera manager ye file ghar ake ek staff k haat mein dia, office mein sabko pata tha ki iss file mein kya hai. Wo staff ko bhi main pehlei bol dia tha ki wo sabke samne iss file ko iss kamre mein ake rakh de. Aur sabke samne main Khurana’s k sath sudden meeting agaya ye bolke ghar se bahar agaya tha. Fer abhi piche se taraf se araha hu.
Yeah, my manager came to home and gave this file to a staff, everyone knew at office that what this file contains. I had instructed the staff earlier that he took the file before everyone in this room. And I said to everyone that I’ve a sudden meeting with the Khurana’s and got out of the house. Then I came from behind the house.

Drishti: Great, abhi iss kahani ka jo bhi villain hai usko pata chal gaya hoga ki iss file mein asli culprit k khilaf proof hai, file iss kamre mein hai, ap ghar pe nehi hai. Hai to wo bara hoshiyar, isiliye wo ek bar iss kamre mein jarur ayega ye check karne ki iss file mein uske khilaf koi proof hai ki nehi. Ye file hai humara bait, iske madad se hum pata lagayenge ki kaun culprit hai.
Great, now whoever is the villain of this story he knows that this file contains the proof against the real culprit, file is in this room and you are not in the house. He is very cautious, that’s why he will take this chance and come in this room for once for sure, to check if this file contains any information against him. This file is our bait, we will find out who is the culprit with it’s help.

Rakshit: I hope so. Par ye humara last try hoga.
I hope so. But this is going to be our last try.

Drishti: Matlab?
What do you mean?

Rakshit: Matlab pehle jab tumne mujhe batya ki ye sab k piche wohi insaan ka haat hai jo Pari k jaan k piche para hai tab mujhe tumhara point hi thik laga. Par ab jab mein soch raha hu to mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki aisa hona jaruri nehi hai. Culprit koi bahar ka bhi ho sakta hai, sayed koi Khurana’s ki dushman, ya fer koi betrayer jo sach mein humare company mein ho. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.
I mean that first I thought your point was right when you told me whoever did this is the person who wants to kill Pari. But when I’m thinking it I think that’s not necessary. Culprit can be anyone from outside, maybe some enemy of the Khurana’s, maybe some betrayer in my company for real. Anything could be possible.

Drishti: To ap sochna bandh kijiye, ap hamesa ajib chese hi sochte hai.
Then you stop thinking. You always thinks the weirdest things.

Rakshit: Drishti I’m serious here, ye tumhara last chance hai apni point proof karne ki. Agar tum apna point proof kar paya to thik hai, nehi to humara ye natak yahi khatam hoga, hum sabko jake sach bata denge ki tumhari koi galti nehi hai, nahi mein tumse naraz hu.
Drishti I’m serious here, this is your last chance to prove your point. If you can prove your point then it’s alright, otherwise our drama ends here, we will tell everyone the truth. That you are not at fault , nor I’m angry with you.

Drishti starts to say something but both stops sensing someone is coming. Both of them goes and hides behind curtains. Rakshit is on one side of the room, where Drishti is on the other side. Both looks at the door impatiencely, waiting for someone to enter.

Suddenly Mahima enters the room, Rakshit’s eyes gets big with disbelief. She comes inside the room and looks around for something. She passes the table where the file is kept but doesn’t touch it. Instead she looks for something in the wardrobe, then in the bed. Then she comes at the dressing table and looks for something. Drishti and Rakshit both looks at each other with question look. Mahima turns and both again hide behind curtain.

Mahima: Ojaswini, Ojaswini.

Ojaswini comes.

Ojaswini: Kya hua bhabi.
What happened bhabi?

Mahima: Maine pura room dekh liya par kahi nehi hai. Kya tumne yahi rakhi thi?
I searched for it everywhere in this room but I can’t find it. Did you kept it here for sure?

Ojaswini: Bhabi maine kaha rakhi thi, wo to Ashlesa ne…. Accha thik hai main dhundti hu.
Bhabi when did I kept it, it was Ashlesa….. Anyway let me see.

Ojaswini starts searching the room again but she doesn’t pick up the file either. Ojaswini doesn’t find whatever she was looking for. Mahima gets tired and leaves the room.

Mahima: Main ja rahi hu. Agar mil jaye to mujhe de dena.
I’m going. If you found it then give it to me.

Ojaswini: Ajib hai, Ashlesa ne to kahi thi yahi rakha hai, to kaha gaya? Ashlesa, Ashlesa
This is weird, Ashlesa had said that it was here, but then where it is? Ashlesa, Ashlesa

Ojaswini too leaves the room. Drishti and Rakshit comes out of the curtain.

Drishti: Ye kya chese dhund rahi thi ye dono?
What were they looking for?

Rakshit: Mujhe kya pata?
What do I know?

Drishti: Apko pata nehi hai matlab? Bas ek kaam karne ko kahi thi apko. Ki ye file koi kamre mein rakh dijiye jaha sref wo villain aye jisko hum asani se pakarle. Par nehi ap room hi aise choose kia hai ki koi bhi araha hai kuch bhi dhoond ne k liye. Ab tak to sref Mahima ma’am ar Ojas ma’am aya hai. Ab Ash ma’am bhi ayegi, agar wo nehi dhoond payi to uske piche…. Apse koi kaam thik se ho ye umid karnai bhul thi.
You don’t know? I just gave you one thing to do. Just place this file in a room where only the villain will come and we will nab him very easily. But no, you chose such a room where everyone is coming for searching something. Till now onlyย  Mahima ma’m and Ojas ma’am came. Now Ash ma’am too will come, and if she doesn’t find whatever they are looking then someone else will…… It was wrong to expect that you can do something properly.

Rakshit: Dekho, pehli baat to ye hai ki tum mujhe ek nehi, bahut sare kaam die the, aur maine sare kaam thik se pura bhi kia. Aur aisa important file main aise koi room mein agar rakha jaha koi nehi ja sakta ya jate nehi, jo bhi culprit hai usko doubt hota. Mujhe kaise pata hoga ki mom aur chachi aj hi kuch important chese yaha rakhegi aur wo dhundte hue iss room mein ayegi.
Listen the first thing is you didn’t gave me one thing to do, but a lot of things to do, and I completed all of them properly. And I can’t keep such an important file in such a room where no one comes and go, then the person who is the culprit would have doubt. How am I supposed to know that mom and chachi would keep something important here and then come to look for it here.

Drishti: To pata karke rakhna chaihie tha, jaha plan k climax hoga us field clear hai ya nehi ye pata apko hona chahie tha.
The you should have known, you should have known that where the climax of our plan will happen if that field is going to be clear or not.

Rakshit: Mujhe koi sapna ata kya?
Am I supposed to have any dream about it?

Drishti becomes more angry and was about to say something but again they heard footsteps and hurried to their hiding places. But this time they goes for the different side so they stops and turns back. And heads for the place they hide earlier. Both of them comes before the others way and can’t go past each other. Footsteps and voices become more closer. Rakshit holds Drishti’s hand but it slips right through her hand. Rakshit again tries and this time succesfully holds her hand and pulls her at a side and they both hides behind same curtain. Drishti removes her hand from Rakshit’s grip and moves a bit away from him. Both of them looks at the room from the both end of the curtain. Ash enters the room.

Ash: Ye Ojas bhi na, I told her ki yahi rakha hai, itna asan kaam bhi nehi kar payi. Ye bhi ab mujhei karna parega.
This Ojas is too much, I told her it is here, but she can’t do such an easy thing. I have to do it myself too.

Ash starts searching the room, the file is still untouched. But Ash seemed to unable to find whatever she was looking for. Daksh was passing the room, busy in his phone. He stops seeing Ash. He comes inside.

Daksh: Mom, ap yaha kya kar rahi hai?
Mom, what are you doing here?

Ash looks at Daksh and comes to him impatiently.

Ash: Beta tumhe yaad hai wo diamond ka ring maine mahima bhabi se li thi party k liye, wo mil nahi rahe hai.
Beta do you remember that diamond ring I took from Mahima bhabi for the party, I can’t find it anywhere.

Daksh: Mom apke ring ap jaha jewelery rakhti hai usme dhundie, mil jayega.
Mom your ring must be where you keep the other jewelery, search there, you will find it.

Ash: Par maine iss kamre mein rakhi thi. Kal raat party mein jo bhi hua uske baad maine Ojas k sath iss kamre ayi thi, hum yaha baith ke baat kar rahe the, aur fer yahi maine us ring khulke rakh di. Mujhe acche se yaad hai ki iss dressing table mein rakhi thi. Par ab nehi mil raha hai.
But I had kept it here. Last night after whatever happened in the party, I came in this room with Ojas, we were talking, then I kept the ring here. I remember clearly that I kept it in the dressing table. But I can’t find it now.

Daksh: To room mein kahi hoga.
Then it must be here somewhere in the room.

Ash: Maine pura kamre mein dhundi, nehi mila.
I searched everywhere in the room, but couldn’t find it.

Daksh: Arey arey, ek kam karie ap bathie idhar, main dhund raha hu. Ap relax kijiye. Ek ring k liye itna drama, mom ap bhi na.
Arey arey, do one thing sit here, I’m looking for it. You just relax. So much drama for one ring, mom you are too much.

Now Daksh starts searching in the room. Rakshit and Drishti look at each other with a question look, then they again looks inside the room, both concentrates on the file. Now Rashi enters the room. She gets a bit puzzled seeing Daksh searching the room.

Rashi: Daksh bhaiya ap kya kar rahe hai?
Daksh bhaiya what are you doing?

Daksh: Rashi mom ka koi diamond ring kho gaya, wohi dhund raha hu.
Rashi mom lost some diamond ring, I’m trying to find it.

Rashi tries to hide her smile.

Rashi: Bhaiya ap jante bhi hai ki ring kaisa tha dikhne mein?
Bhaiya do you even know how the ring look like?

Daksh can’t answer. Rashi now can’t hide her smile.

Rashi: Rukhiye main karti hu apki madad. Chachi wo mom ka jo ring, wohi na?
Wait let me help you. Chachi, it’s the ring that mom gave you, right?

Ash nods. Both Rashi and Daksh searches the room. Ojaswini enters.

Ojaswini: Ashlesa ring mili? Oh, idhar to abhi bhi searching hi chal raha hai. Ashlesa tum sach mein isi kamre mein ring rakhi thi?
Ashlesa did you find the ring? Oh, here the searching is still going on. Ashlesa did you really kept the ring in this room?

Ashlesa: Tumhare samne rakhi thi Ojas, aur Ashlesa nehi Ash.
I kept it before you Ojas, and it’s not Ashlesa but Ash.

Ojaswini sighs and starts looking for it with the others.

Ojaswini: Bacche dhund rahe hai aur tum kya baithe ho. Khoya tumne hai to dhundna bhi tumhei chaihie, ake dhundo hum sabke sath.
The kids are looking for it and you are just siting there. You have lost it so you should search it, come and look for it with us.

Ash: Ojas tum na….
Ojas you are….

Ojaswini: Jhagra baad mein karna pehle dhundo.
You can fight later but search it first.

Ash starts searching with them but she keeps fighting with Ojaswini the full time. Rashi and Daksh smile at each other hearing their fight. The more the fight goes on the more it become hard for them to hide their laugh. Mahima comes to save them before Ojaswini and Ash asks them to pick side.

Mahima: Ojaswini mili ring? Oh tum sab yaha.
Ojaswini did you find ring? Oh you are all here.

Seeing Mahima both of them goes to her and starts complaing about each other. Mahima nods in dissapointment. Daksh and Rashi laughs secretly hiding from them. Romi too comes, he has a headphone on, listening to something. He gets shocked at first seeing everyone there. Then he manages to get inside passing everyone and sits in the sofa, gets busy in his phone. A few moment later everyone gets busy searching, except for Romi. Drishti and Rakshit moves from the side and gets closer to talk.

Drishti: Aur koi baki hai ana apki family se? Maine socha ki koi ek ayega wohi humara dushman hoga. Yaha to sare agaye. Ab lagraha hai jo aya nehi wohi villain hai.
Is anyone left to come here from your family? I thought only one person will come, he will be our enemy. But everyone is here. Now it feels like whoever didn’t come is the villain.

Rakshit: Pari nehi ayi. Bolo ki wohi mastermind hai.
Pari didn’t came. Say now that she is the mastermind.

Drishti gets very annoyed. The whole room’s lights start flickering. Everyone gets surprised. Rakshit notices this and tries to calm Drishti down.

Rakshit: Drishti jid choro ab. Tumhara point galat tha.
Drishti don’t be stubborn. Your point was wrong.

But Drishti gets more annoyed and the lights flicker even more. Someone takes the file, but drikshit doesn’t notice because they are busy in fighting in a low tone, hiding from everyone. And the others too doesn’t notice because they are trying to understand what’s wrong with the lights.

Drishti: Mera point galat nehi, apka ka room choice galat hai. Apko koi aur room nehi mila?
My point is not wrong, your choice of room is wrong. Couldn’t you find some other room?

Rakshit tries to calm Drishti down because the lights is flickering very dangerously now, even Romi has stoped doing whatever he was doing in his phone and wondering what’s happening.

Rakshit: Drishti khud ko samvalo.
Drishti control yourself.

Drishti: Nehi ho rahe hai. Mujhe gussa araha hai, apke upar. Mere upar ki maine apko kiyun karne ko bola ye kam. Us ring k upar ki wo gayeb kiyun hua. Kaunse ring k piche pare hai ye sab?
I can’t. I’m feeling angry, at you. At myself that why I gave you this task. At that ring, why it got lost. What ring is it that everyone is after?

Drishti does a magic and the ring appears in her hand. Then she again does a magic and the ring disappears.

Drishti: Ab milega in logo ko ring aur sab jayega idhar se.
Now everyone will find the ring and they will leave from here.

Rakshit: Milegi kaise agar light aisei flick karte rahe to?
How will they find it if the light keeps flickering like this?

Drishti closes her eyes and tries hard to control her emotion. A few moments later slowly the lights come back to normal, now the file is again over the table, Drishti and Rakshit is again looking at room, but they don’t notice that the file was moved. Rashi suddenly notices the ring on the floor. She takes it up and jumps with joy.

Rashi: Mujhe ring mil gayi.
I found the ring.

Everyone looks at it and starts talking about it. Soon one by one everyone leaves but Romi stays. Someone calls him, he starts talking with the person.

Rakshit: Yeh kiyun rukh gaya?
Why did he stayed?

Drishti: Intezar kijiye, ye bhi chala jayega.
Wait for sometimes, he will go away too.

Rakshit immediately signals Drishti to not talk. But Drishti does not stop.

Drishti: Kiyun? Kya hua?
Why? What’s wrong?

Rakshit: Mana kia na.
I asked you not to.

Rakshit worriedly looks at Romi. Romi seemed to have heard them. He puts his call on hold and looks around the room.

Rakshit: Dekho ab ye sun lia.
Now he heard us.

Drishti: Ha suna to kya hua. Hum ise bhi to humare team ka member karne ka decesion liya tha.
What’s the problem if he heard. We had decided to make him our team member too.

Rakshit: Ha liya tha, par wo revelation yaha nehi ho sakte, aise nehi ho sakte. Hum aise nehi pakre ja sakte iske samne. Wo idhar hi araha hai
Yes we took the decesion, but we can’t do that revelation here, not like this. We can’t get caught like this in front of him. He is coming this way.

Romi notices something by the curtain they are hiding and moves towards it. Rakshit becomes anoxious.

Rakshit: Drishti kuch bhi karo but hum iske samne aise nehi pakre ja sakte hai, bahut bara wala scene ho jayga. Kuch karo.
Drishti do anything but we can’t get caught before him like this, it will be a very big scene. Do something.

Drishti: Ha ha kar rahi hu. Rukhie.
Yeah yeah I’m doing. Stop.

Drishti does magic and both of them disappear from there. Romi moves the curtain but doesn’t find anything. He starts talking on phone again.

Rakshit comes to the house from front gate. He sees everyone getting ready for something.

Rakshit: Kya ho raha hai?
What is happening?

Mahima: Rakshit agaya? Tera meeting ho gaya?
Rakshit you came back? Your meeting is done?

Rakshit: Kaunsa meeting? Oh yeah, I mean ha hogaya. Par ap log taiyar kiyun ho rahe hai? Kaha jarahe hai sab?
What meeting? Oh yeah, I mean yeah it’s done. But why are you guys getting ready? Where are you going?

Daksh comes to Rakshit and puts his hand over his shoulder.

Daksh: Bhai ap jo kuch bhi chal raha hai usme shayed vul gaye hai, par aj hum sabka picnic jane k plan tha humare firmhouse mein, bahut pehle se.
Bhai you must have forget after whatever happening right now, but today we had planned to go for picnic in our firmhouse, it was planned long ago.

Rakshit hits his forehead. Clearly he forgot. Daksh face gives a expresion that he knew it that Rakshit forgot. Mahima comes to him.

Mahima: Beta dekh mujhe pata hai ki abhi tere liye sabkuch bahut kharab chal raha hai, upar se humare sath aj RK ka bhi jane ka plan tha par wo nehi ayega. Isiliye mujhe laga tha ki ajka plan cancel karte hai. Par fer maine socha ki agar kuch der k liye tu is sab se dur rahega to thora relax feel karega. Bahut pareshan lag raha hai tu kal se.
Beta listen I thought that right now a lot is going with you, and also RK was supposed to join us today but he didn’t came. That’s why I first thought to cancel the plan. But then I thought if you go away from all of this for sometime then you will feel relaxed. You seem troubled from yesterday.

Daksh: Ha bhai, chalte hai. Office k sare kamse, pareshani se kuch der k liye chutti mil jayega. Ap dekhna, bahut maza ane wala hai.
Yeah bhai, let’s go. We will have a day off from all the office work and tension. You will see, it will be too much fun.

Rakshit looks in front of him and sees Drishti getting down with Pari. Drishti looks at him with puzzled look as she isn’t able to read what’s going on his head.

Rakshit: Mom ap sahi kah rahe hai. Aur waise bhi Pari ne bahut planning ki thi ajk picnic k liye, agar uske papa nehi gaya uske sath to uske dil tut jayega. Main bhi chalunga ap logo k sath. Aur firm house mein mujhe ek bahut jaruri kaam bhi karna hai.
Mom you are right. And Pari had planned a lot for the picnic, if her papa doesn’t come with her then she won’t like it. I’ll go with you guys. Also I’ve something very important to do in the firm house.

Daksh, Romi and Rashi cheers, Pari joins them. Everyone else too gets happy. But Drishti still couldn’t figure out what’s Rakshit is planing to do, so she still has the puzzled expression. Rakshit looks on.


The Shergils reached the firm house with Drishti and they starts making everything ready for the picnic. Drishti gets busy with Pari, a few minutes later Rakshit, Daksh, Romi and Rashi joins them, all of them starts playing games. But Drishti moves at a side and sits a bit far away from them, she only looks at them playing, doesn’t join them. Rakshit notices this. Pari comes to him.

Pari: Papa yaha ek water fall hai na? Ap har bar bolte ho ki dikhauge par kabhi nehi dikhate ho. Chalo na please.
Papa isn’t there a waterfall here? You tell me everytime that you will take me there but you never did. Let’s go please.

Rakshit concentrates on Pari from Drishti, he nods and takes Pari’s hand. He looks at Drishti for a last time and leaves with Pari. The others goes too. Drishti keeps siting there alone by herself. A few moments later Drishti senses someone is behind her. She turns and sees it’s Rakshit. She gets surprised.

Drishti: Rakshit sir? Ap yaha? Pari kaha hai?
Rakshit sir? You are here? Where is Pari?

Rakshit: Waterfall dekhne gayi hai.
She has gone to see the waterfall.

Drishti stands up.

Drishti: What?

Rakshit: Romi sath hai, don’t worry.
Romi is with her, don’t worry.

Drishti: Fer bhi hum dono mein se kisiko to sath hona chaihie na?
But still someone between us should be with her, right?

Drishti moves to go but Rakshit stops her.

Rakshit: Drishti rukho.
Drishti stop.

Drishti: Kya hua ab?
What happened now?

Rakshti: Maine jaan bujh k Romi k sath Pari ko bheja hu, kiyunki main nehi chata hu ki kuch der k liye Pari yaha rahe.
I send Pari with Romi intentionally, cause I didn’t want that Pari stayed here for sometime.

Drishti gets puzzled, she stands in front of him and looks at him properly.

Drishti: Chakkar kya hai? Mujhe ghar sei lag rahi thi ki ap koi naya kand kia hai. Ab ap jara bolne ka kast karenge ki apne ab kya kia hai.
What’s going on? I was feeling from home that you’ve done something new. Now will you be kind enough to tell me what new trouble you have made.

Rakshit: Kia nehi hai, karunga. Kuch galat hua tha, usei ab thik karne ki waqt agaya hai.
I didn’t but I’ll do now. A thing was done wrong before but now it’s time to fix it.

Drishti: Ap kya bol rahe hai mujhe kuch samajh nehi arahi hai.
What are you saying I can’t understand a single thing.

Rakshit takes a deep breath.

Rakshit: Drishti ab samay agaya ki sabko jake hum sach bata de.
Drishti now it’s time that we go ahead and tell everyone the truth.

Drishti: Kya? Rakshit sir, nehi. Hum nehi bata sakte. I know wo file wala plan nehi kaam kia par hum kuch aur sochte hai na.
What? Rakshit sir, no. We can’t say anything. I know that file plan got wrong but we will think of something else.

Rakshit: Nehi, dekho Drishti, mujhe nehi pata ki tumhara point sach tha yaha nehi, kaun ye scandal kia hai I’m not sure anymore. But wo main apna tareka se pata laga lunga. Hum aise sabko jhoot nehi bolenge aur.
No, listen Drishti, I don’t know your point is right or wrong, I’m not sure anymore who did this scandal. But I’ll find that out by myself. We are not going to lie to everyone anymore.

Drishti: Kiyun? Mujhe koi problem nehi ho rahe hai to apka kya problem hai?
Why? I don’t have any problem then what is your problem?

Rakshit: Problem hai Drishti, mujhe accha nehi lag raha hai ki sab tumhe galat samajh rahe hai, kal raat maine tumhare sath jaise baat kia wo sahi nehi tha.
There is problem Drishti, I don’t like it that everyone is thinking you wrong, last night the way I talked to you wasn’t right.

Drishti: Rakshit sir wo natak tha. Aur mera apna jo bhi hai unko chorkar koi bhi mere barein mein kya sochta hai usse mujhe koi farak nehi parta. Log humesha baat karte hai, agar ap unke baat sunne k liye baith jayenge to zindagi nikal jayegi aur mera to…….
Rakshit sir that was drama. And I don’t care who thinks about me what except for my close one. People always talks, if you stop to listen what they are saying then your life will be missed by you and mine is already…….

Rakshit: Par mujhe farak parta hai Drishti. Mujhe accha nehi lag raha hai ki mera apne tumhare barein mein galat soche, in fact sref mera family members hi nehi, pura duniya tumhare barein mein galat soche ya bole, ye mujhe manjur nehi hai. Main kabhi bhi ajke baad tumhare khilaf kuch nehi sununga. Aur ab tum mujhe rokhoge nehi. Tum abhi mere sath chaloge aur mein pure parivar k samne tumhe clean chit dunga. Chalo.
But I care Drishit. I don’t like it that my close one think wrong about you, in fact not only my family members, I will not accept that anyone think or says anything wrong about you. I’ll not listen anything against you from now on. And now you won’t stop me. You will come with me right now and I’ll give you clean chit before the whole family. Come.

Drishti gets mesmerized by Rakshit’s words. She keeps looking at him. Rakshit goes a bit but Drishti keeps standing at the same place, looking at Rakshit. Rakshit notices Drishti isn’t coming behind him so he goes to her and holds her hand, or he thought he is holding cause his hand goes right through Drishti’s transparent hand. But Drishti doesn’t notice any of this, she is lost in whatever Rakshit just told and looking at him.

Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin

Rakshit: Drishti, hello. Kaha khoyi hui ho? Haat do apna.
Drishti, hello. Where are you lost? Give me your hand.

Drishti forwards her hand, still mesmerized. But this time Rakshit able to hold her wrist. He starts walking holding her hand, Drishti follows, looking at him.

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Hmmm.. humdard hai
Hmmm.. humdard hai
Hmmm.. humdard hai
Hmmm.. humdard hai…

Romi and Pari is walking inside the jungle, they are going for the water fall.

Pari: Chachu, kaha hai?
Chachu, where is it?

Romi: Beta agaye hai, bus thora age hai.
Beta we are there, a little before ahead.

Pari: Kabse to ap yahi bol rahe hai.
You are saying that from a long time.

Romi: Accha thik hai, ap ake mere ghar pe baithie, fer dekhiye hum kitne fast pauch jate hai.
Ok fine, come and sit on my shoulder, then see how fast we reach there.

Romi takes Pari on his shoulder and starts walking. They both chats and laughs. Someone is watching them from a side. The person calls someone.

1st person: Hello boss. Wo dono ab mere nazar k samne hai.
Hello boss, those two are now right before me.

Boss: To der kis baat k, wohi karo jo karne ko kaha hai.
Then what are you waiting for, do what I told you to do.

1st person: But ek problem hai. Larki k sath Rakshit Shergil nehi, koi aur larka hai.
But there is a problem. Some other boy is with the girl, not Rakshit shergil.

The person who is watching Romi and Pari takes a pic of them and sends to the person he is talking to.

Boss: Ye Pari k sath Romi kiyun hai. Maine socha tha Rakshit aur Pari ek sath hoga aur mere raste ka do kata ek sath clear ho jayega. Par koi nehi, itne dino mein ab mauka aya hai. Pichle kuch dino se Rakshit Shergil aur wo larki Drishti har waqt is Pari k aspas kuch honei nehi dia. Aj dono mein se koi nehi hai, to ye mauka haat se nehi jane dete hai.

Why this Pari is with Romi. I thought Rakshit and Pari will be together and both the torn of my road will be clear by one strike. But no problem, I’ve got such a chance after a long time. From last few days Rakshit Shergil and that girl Drishti have not let happen anything with Pari. Now none of them is around Pari, then I can’t let this chance slip from my hand.

He instructs his man on call.

Boss: Plan jo tha wohi follow karo.
Act according to the plan.

1st person: Thik hai boss.
All right boss.

Rakshit takes Drishti before everyone, only Romi and Pari is missing from there. Everyone gets a bit surprised by seeing this. Drishti looks down, Rakshit looks at everyone and starts in an announcing tone.

Rakshit: Mujhe ap sab logo ko kuch batana hai.
I want to say something to all of you.

Ash: Ab kya hua Rakshit? Kya isne fer se koi galti kia hai?
Now what happened Rakshit? Did she do anything wrong again?

Rashi: Chachi.

Rakshit: Galti to ho chuka hai, wo bhi mujhse. Main yaha wohi galti sudharna chata hu sabke samne.
Mistake have already happened, that too by me. I’m here to solve that mistake before everyone now.

Ojaswini: Matlab?
What do you mean?

Rakshit: Aj maine office jake investigation karya hai ki humare deal mein share hua Khurana’s k secret details leak kaise hua. Aur investigation se ye saf ho gaya ki Drishti ki koi galti nehi hai.
I conducted an investigation today in office in order to find out how the secret information of the Khurana’s which was shared with us due to deal got leak. And after the investigation it is cleared that Drishti is not at fault.

Daksh: To fer leak kaise hua? Kya Khurana’s k koi dushman?
Then how did it got leak? Someone who is Khurana’s enemy?

Rakshit: Dushman to hai, par Khurana’s ki nehi, humare. Par uske sath Khuaran’s k koi andar ka admi bhi mila hua hai. Kiyun ki information na Drishti k pas rakhi hui pen drive se leak hua nahi mere cabin k drawer se. Galti jisne bhi kiya ho usko main RK k sath milke dhund lunga, already humne baat bhi kiya hai is barein mein.
There is an enemy indeed, but not the Khurana’s but ours. But there is someone with him, an inside man from the Khurana’s. Cause the information which was leaked was not from the pendrive which was with Drishti, nor from the drawer of my cabin. Whoever did this I’ll find him with RK, we have even talked in this matter.

Rakshit then turns at Drishti.

Rakshit: Par ek galti mujshe bhi hui hai. Maine tumhe galat samjha Drishti. Tumhari koi dosh nehi tha par maine tumhe bahut kuch suna dia kal raat, bahut insult ki. Achanok se deal cancel hone ki news se jitna frustration tha sab tum par gusse ki rup mein utar dia, aise bol k main apna galti kam nehi kar sakta. Main bas itna bolunga, itna kuch hone k baad bhi tumne sref Pari k liye ye job nehi chora isiliye I’m grateful to you. Main apne galti k liye tumse mafi mang raha hu. Please mujhe maf kardo aur ye job chorke maat jana. Pari tumhe bahut pasand karti hai.
But I did a mistake too. I understood you wrong Drishti. You had no mistake but still I gave you an earfull last night, I insulted you. The deal got cancel suddenly and the news frustrated me that I pour all my anger over you, but by saying this I can’t make my mistakes less. I’ll say just this, even after all this you didn’t leave the job for Pari’s sake, I’m really gratefull to you for that. I’m apologising to you for my mistake. Please forgive me and please don’t leave this job. Pari really likes you.

Drishti again gets mesmerized by Rakshit’s words. Mahima comes to her.

Mahima: Beta kal raat jo bhi hua mujhe bilkul accha nehi laga tha, par mujhe samajh mein nehi aya kaise tumse iss barein mein baat karu. Mera dil to tabhibhi nehi mana ki ye galti tumse hui, par sayed dimag mein kahi na kahi shak bath gaya tha. Isiliye main bhi tumse mafi mang rahi hu. Hum sabke taraf se. Beta, mera beta kal jo bhi bola wo gusse mein bola, wo ab apna galti samjh raha hai. Please use maf kardo. Jab koi apna galti man leta hai tab use maf kar dene mei valai hai. Mere bete ka dil bahut saf hai. Tum use aur hum sabko bhi maf kardo, purane batein vul jau. Main promise karta hu, iske age se main tumhare sath kuch galat nehi hone dunga.
Beta whatever happened last night I didn’t like it at all, but I didn’t understand how to talk with you in this matter. My heart didn’t even believe then that you are at fault but maybe somewhere in my mind there was a doubt. That’s why even I’m asking forgiveness from you, from all of us. Beta, my son whatever said, he said it in anger, he has understood his mistake now. Please forgive him. If someone accept their mistake it’s good for everyone to forgive. My son’s heart is pure. You forgive him and us too, forget whatever happened. I’m promising you, from now on I’ll not let happen anything wrong with you.

Drishti looks at Mahima.

Drishti: Humse bare humse mafi mangte hue accha nehi lagte. Ap please mafi mangke mujhe sharminda maat kariye. Mere mann mein ap logo ke khilaf kuch nehi hai.
Elders don’t look good seeking forgiveness. Please don’t embrass me by saying sorry. I’ve no grudges against you guys.

Mahima simles, Drishti smiles too.

Rakshit: Par main to mafi mangunga, kiyuki galti maine kia hai. Drishti I’m sorry. Kya tum sabkuch vul kar mujhe maf kar sakte ho?
But I’ll ask forgiveness, cause I did mistake. Drishti I’m sorry. Can you forgive me by forgeting everything?

Drishti keeps looking at him, then slowly she nods.

Drishti: Yes.

Rashi claps with joy. Everyone else claps too.

Mahima: To agar sabka mafi mangna ho gaya ho to sab wo kare jis liye aya hai yaha? Drishti ab tum pehle k tara dur dur maat rehna, sabke sath maza karo.
Then if everyone is done with saying sorry then shall we do for what we are here? Drishti now you too have fun with the others, don’t stay far like earlier.

Drishti smiles and nods.

Mahima: Rakshit Pari kaha hai?
Rakshit where is Pari?

Rakshit: Use maine Romi k sath bheja hai water fall dekhne k liye, ajayega kuch der mein.
I’ve sent her with Romi to visit water fall, they will come in few minutes, don’t worry.

Mahima: Ok.

Mahima then gets busy with Ojaswini and Ash. Rashi starts music and makes Rakshit, Drishti, Daksh dance with her. At first Rakshit and Drishti stays in middle but later they comes at a side and only claps. Rashi and Daksh starts a dance off.

Romi is walking, Pari in his shoulder.

Romi’s Pov

I hope Rakshit bhai itne der mein apna kaam complete kar dia hai.
I hope Rakshit bhai have managed to complete his work by now.


Rakshit comes to Romi.

Rakshit: Romi sun, tu Pari ko lekar yaha jo water fall hai uha se ghuma k leke a.
Romi listen, you take Pari to the water fall here.

Romi: Kiyun? Ap to kaha tha ki is baar ap leke jauge use.
Why? You had said that you would take her with you this time.

Rakshit: Romi actually main Drishti se baat karna chata hu. Tu sahi tha aur main galat. Mujhe Drishti se aise baat nehi karna chaihie tha kal raat. Uske liye main Drishti se mafi mangna chata hu, wo bhi sabke samne. Par main nehi chata ki Pari uha rahe, usko humare jhagre k barein mein pata nehi.
Romi actually I wanted to talk with Drishti. You were right and I was wrong. I shouldn’t have talked with Drishti like that last night. That’s why I want to apologise to her, that too in front of everyone. But I don’t want Pari to stay there, she doesn’t know about our fight that’s why.

Romi smiles.

Romi: Finally. Thank god ki ap itne jaldi line pe agaye.
Finally. Thank god you came to the right track so fast.

Rakshit: Ab bakwas karna bandh karke wo karega jo karene k liye bol raha hu?
Now will stop talking nonsense and do what I asked you to do?

Romi: Don’t worry bro. Pari ko main samval lunga, ab bas apka sorry mein dhiyan dijiye. Roses aur card dijiye ga.
Don’t worry bro. I’ll handle Pari, you just concentrate on your apology. Do give roses and card.

Rakshit: Shut up.

Romi: At leastย  jo bhi bolna dil se bolna. You know dil se nikli hui baat dil tak jarur pauch jayega.
At least say whatever you say from heart. You know the word that comes from heart will reach a heart.

Rakshit: Tu jarahe hai ya nehi?
You are going or not?

Romi: Ja raha hu, ja raha hu. Pari, come. Hum water fall dekhne jate hai.
I’m going, I’m going. Pari, come. We will visit the water fall.

Flasback ends

Romi gets a message. He stops walking and takes Pari down from his shoulder and checks his phone. Rashi messaged him about how Rakshit have apologised to Drishti right now. Romi smiles reading this message.

Romi: Chalo Pari, ab hum chalte hai.
Let’s go Pari, we shall go now.

Romi turns and sees Pari is not beside him. He gets shocked and turns around. He suddenly hears Pari’s scream.

Pari: Chaachu.

Romi notices a man is holding Pari and moving far away. Romi screams Pari’s name and runs behind the person.

Drishti whispers to Rakshit.

Drishti: Ap to pura speech ready karke rakhe the. Mujhe laga ap sab kuch sach bata denge jaise bol rahe the.
You had prepared a whole speech. I thought you will say the whole truth, the way you were speaking.

Rakshit: Rakhna parta hai kabhi kabhi.
I’ve to keep sometimes.

Drishti: Matlab?
What do you mean?

Rakshit: Matlab abhi abhi maine pure parivar k samne tumhe sorry bola, aur tumne sabke samne kaha ki tumne mujhe maf kardia. Purana sare baat vul gaye ho. To ab tum wo “beukuf” wala baat ko lekar mujhse fer se larai nehi kar payoge.
I mean that I’ve said you sorry in front of the whole family and you have said you forgive me in front of everyone. That you have forget everything in the past. So now you can’t pick a fight with me regarding that “stupid” matter.

Drishti gets shocked.

Drishti: Matlab apne mujhe trick kia. Ye sabkuch is liye kia taki ap mujhe ye bulaiye ki maine apko maf kardia? How could you?
It means you tricked me. You did all this so that you could make me say that I forgive you? How could you?

Rakshit: Tumhare sath agar panga lena hai to koi mauka haat se jane nehi de sakta. Jo bhi thora weak hoga, wohi harega.
If I take challenges with you then I can’t let go of any chance. Whoever becomes weak, will loose.

Drishti: Aur main pagal apki bato mein agayi. Apke wo cheesi cheesi line sunke….. kya wo ” main tumhare khilaf kuch nehi sununga”…..
And I was and idiot that I fall for your word. Those cheesy line of yours….. what was it, yeah “I can’t hear anything against you”…..

Rakshit: Drishti, main wo jo bhi bola tha, wo sach hi bola tha. In fact main fer bhi bolunga. Ki main kisi se bhi tumhare khilaf kuch nehi sununga, agar tum bhi bolo fer bhi nehi.
Drishti, whatever I said then it was the truth. In fact I’ll say again. That I can’t hear anything against you from anyone, not even from you.

Drishti stops talking hearing this statement. She keeps looking at Rakshit, Rakshit too keeps looking at her.

Romi runs behind the man and finally gets close to him, as the man stops. A few feet behind him, lies the water fall. The sound of water fall is very loud. Romi takes a defensive position to face the man. The man takes down Pari, but still holds her tightly. Sudenly Pari bites the man’s hand, the man scream in pain and let go of Pari. Pari runs towards Romi and hugs him tightly. The man brings out a gun and points at them. Seeing it Romi turns, covering Pari from the gunpoint. The man fires, both Romi and Pari closes their eyes. The bullet heads straight for Romi’s back but Romi’s amulet looking bracelet glows, the one that Drishti gave him this morning, and a shield creates around them. The bullet stop in mid air due to it. Romi opens his eyes and gets surprised seeing this. The man gets surprised too, he again fires and fires. But all the bullets stops in mid air. Romi notices his bracelet glowing and remembers his conversation with Drishti this morning. He is unable to believe his own eyes, but right now he understood that the bracelet is his only chance. He remembers the spell Drishti said. He says the spell that controls water. To the man’s horror, the water from the water fall raise in the air and falls over him. The water takes a from of ball and takes the man in the air. He is unable to breath inside the water and gets unconscious. Romi is unable to understand how to stop this, he forwards his hand to try. The water ball gets broken and the man falls on the ground. The shield around them also breaks. Romi slowly goes to the man and checks that he is only unconscious. He slowly takes the man’s gun and dumps it in the water fall. Then he goes to the scared Pari, takes her and goes from there.

Next: Daksh says “Guys, D is coming tomorrow.” Everyone gets excited. Drishti meets Divya.

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