Soul Mate (They met again) Part 2

A few days later.

Office of Shergil Company

A few people are sitting in waiting area for interview. Today this office is taking interviews for some new recruits. At one side is sitting Drishti. Everyone here is going through their files, Drishti is feeling very nervous, and looking at the other candidates she is becoming even more nervous. She stands up and goes to a peon.

Drisht: Bhaiya, interview kab suru hoga? Kab se interjar kar rahe hain, ek ghanta hogya.
Bhaiya, when will the interview start? I’m waiting from long time, it’s been an hour.

Peon: Madam, aj hamare bare sab office mein arahe hain. Sablog unke liye intezar kar rahe hai. Wo aneke bad hi ab interview hoga aplogo ka.
Madam, today our boss is coming back to office. Everyone is waiting for him. Your interview will start after he comes.

Drishti: Hai kaun tumhare ye bare sab? Unko samay ka kya bilkul andaza nehi hai? Matlab hum sabko to interview k samay ek ghanta pehle dia tha na.
Who is your boss? Does he have no idea of the term punctuality? I mean we all have been given time for interview one hour earlier.

Peon: Madam dhire balie. Ap Rakshit sir ko nehi jante. Wo Rakshit Shergil hai, is company k malik. Agar apko yaha job mil gaya to wohi apka boss hoga. Aur Sir ka aj yaha aneka decision achanok hi hua. Islie sab schedule garbar ho gaya. Ap intezar kijie. Interview k samay hone pe apko bula lenge.
Madam speak slowly. You don’t know Rakshit sir. He is Rakshit Shergil, owner of this company. If you got the job here then he will be your boss. And sir decided to come here all of a sudden. That’s why the schedule got a bit ruined. You wait there. When the time of interview comes, you will be called.

Drishti sighs and goes back to her seat. She sits for some time but feels restless and stands up starts walking. Suddenly everyone seems in a lot of hurry in the office, everyone suddenly gets busy. Drishti gets a bit surprised and asks someone standing close to her.

Drishti: Vaisab kuch hua hai kya?
Mister did something happend?

:Rakshit sir agaye.
Rakshit sir is here.

Rakshit gets out of his car. His PA comes and greets him with a bouquet.

PA: Sir welcome back. Apko itne jaldi hum sabke beech wapas pake hum sab bahut lucky feel kar rahe hai.
Sir welcome back. We are feeling lucky to have you back among us in a short period of time.

Rakshit takes the bouquet and keeps it inside his car.

Rakshit: Mujhe bhi wapas ake accha lag rahe hai. Sach balu to ghar baithe baithe boar ho raha tha to chali ayi. Ajka plan kya hai?
Even I’m feeling good to be here. To be honest I was feeling boar to stay at home, that’s why I came. What’s the plan today?

PA: Sir aj apke kuch meetings the, bahut pahle se fixed tha dates. But apke accident k bad sare meetings cancel kar dia gaya. Aur aj office mein nayi recruits k liye interview hai.
Sir you had some meetings today, dates were fixed a long time ago. But after your accident all the meetings were canceled. And today there is interview for new recruits in office.

Rakshit: Khurana’s ke sath meeting to aj hi tha na? Wo bahut jaruri hai, unke manager ko phone karke bolo ki main wapas agaya, meeting hoga. Aur interview k reports mujhe dena.
That meeting with Khurana’s, wasn’t it today? That meeting is very important, call their manager and inform that I’m back, meeting will take place. And give me the details of the interview.

PA: Ok sir.

Rakshit gets inside the main room where Drishti is present along with everyone. As soon as he enters everyone surrounds him and starts talking with him. Drishti tries to take a glance of him but couldn’t able to due to heavy crowd. Rakshit moves and goes to his room, the crowed becomes thin so Drishti ables to move ahead but Rakshit was already gone from there. So she sees there is no one. She starts talking to herself.

Drishti: Chala gaya hoga kahi already. Waisebhi kaha uski sakal dekhne ki upar tujhe koi marks milne wala tha. Agar naukri mila to din raat usko sakal dekhnai parega. Agar naukri nehi mili to us Rakshit Shergil ka kya mein achar dalun? Uska shakal dekhke hoga kya. Drishti tera target pe dhian de. In logo ka bare sab to agaya. Ab pakka interview suru hoga, us pe dhian dena jaruri hai.
Must have gone somewhere already. Anyway there was no point in seeing his face. If I get this job then I will have to see his face day and night. And if I don’t get the job then I have nothing to do with this Rakshit Shergil. What will happen by seeing him. Drishti remember your target. Their boss is here. So the interview will start at any time now, you have to focus in that.

Rakshit gets inside his cabin, removes his coat and puts it in his chair, then he sits down. He opens his laptop, his PA is standing beside his desk, a notebook in his hand. Rakshit is hearing details of what happened when he was not here. Suddenly his PA changes the topic.

PA: Sir maine suna hai ki apka car ka breakfail hua tha? Accident k wajah wahi tha.
Sir, I heard that your car had a breakfail? That was the reason of the accident.

Rakshit: ( he looks at him for a second then again gets busy in his laptop) Hmm.

PA: Sir apke mom ka order hai ki ab se apke ghar pe ek mechanic regularly jaiga and apke bahar nikal ne se pahle always car fully check karega. Maine ek mechanic ko appoint kia hai, wo kal se jayega. You know safety first.
Sir I have orders from your mom that from now on a mechanic will visit your house regularly and check your car fully before you go out. I have appointed a  mechanic, he will start from tomorrow. You know safety first.

Rakshit suddenly remembers Drishti’s word. Flashback shows Drishti telling him to always check his cars fully before going out as she always does that. And he should double check if Pari is traveling with him. Safety comes first. Flashback ends. Rakshit sighs.

Rakshit’s POV

Pata nehi wo larki ab kaha hogi. Main shayed kabhi usse dubara mil bhi nehi paungi.
I wonder where that girl might be right now. I might never meet her again.

And that’s when Rakshit notices Drishti outside through glass wall of his cabin. He gets spellbound seeing her there. His PA starts talking about the office details again but Rakshit couldn’t able to hear anything. He could only see her. He sees her walking from one direction to another, she seems really tensed. She is going through her files. Suddenly someone comes in her way and she is about to bump into that person but she stops before so. But this sudden brake make all the papers in her folder fall down on the ground. A stand fan’s air blows them here and there. Drishti groans and starts picking them one by one. Rakshit comes there. He is watching her picking papers, she doesn’t notice him. Rakshit goes close to her and starts talking.

Rakshit: Hi.

Drishti looks back at him just for a second, doesn’t seem to recognize him. She stands up and gives the papers in her hand to him.

Drishti: Ye pakarna jara.
Hold this please.

Then she again gets busy picking the other papers. Rakshit gets a bit surprised by this behaviour and goes close to her again. But before he could say anything she again makes him hold papers and gets busy in picking the others. Rakshit notices her name on her CV, Drishti Sharma. He reads her whole CV. Finally she picked up all of the papers and takes those Rakshit was holding and put them inside of the file. Then she looked up to Rakshit and smiles.

Drishti: Thanks for the help.

Rakshit: Apne sayed mujhe paihchana nehi. Main…
You might have not recognized me. I’m….

Drishti stops him by showing her hand.

Drishti: Main pehle nazar mein hi pahchan gaya. Ap wohi hana jo usdin accident mein tha?
I recognized you at first sight. Aren’t you the same person who was in accident that day?

By saying this Drishti starts looking at her files. Rakshit is still a bit confused at her behaviour.

Rakshit: Ap thik hain? Us din apko chot laga tha, apne to hospital jake vi check nehi karaye tha suna maine.
Are you OK? You got hurt that day, I heard you didn’t check up even when you went to the hospital.

Drishti: Mujhe kya hoga. I’m absolutely fine.
What will happen to me. I’m absolutely fine.

Rakshit: Agar ap kahrehe hai to man leta hu. Ap usdin mera bahut madat ki. Aur mein apko thik se thank you bhi nehi bol paya. Apne mere jan bachaya. Uski liye apko sukria. Mujhe nehi pata apka ehsan mein kaise chuka paunga.
If you are saying so then I will believe. You had helped me a lot that day. And I couldn’t even thanked you properly. You saved my life. Thank you very much for that. I have no idea how I will ever repay you.

Drishti: Ha ha thik hai.(she was looking at her file the whole time)
Yeah yeah alright.

Rakshit: Excuse me?

Drishti: (finally looking at him now) Haan? Wo I’m  really really sorry. Main actually interview k tension mein itna nervous hu ki apke bat thik se sun hi nehi paya. In fact apko yaha dekh k mujhe bahut surprised hona chaihe thi, asal mein main surprised hu bhi. Par wo job ke tension mein na dimag hi kam nehi kar rahe hai, koi aur emotion thik se kam nehi kar reh hai. Ap yaha kar kya rahe hai? Kya ap bhi mere tarah interview dene aye hain? Nehi, apko dekhkar lag to nehi rahe hain, agar ap interview k liye aye hote to mere tarah tension mein hote. Ap yaha kam karte hai, right?
Yes? Oo, I’m really really sorry. I was actually very tensed for this job interview that I didn’t really heard anything you said. In fact I should have been surprised seeing you here, actually I’m surprised. But in tension my head is not working, any other emotion is not even working properly. What are you doing here? Are you here for the interview too? No, that doesn’t seem right looking at you, if you were here for the interview then you would have been in tension too. You work here, right?

Rakshit: (murmurs) Aur hogya suru.
And here we go.

Drishti: Kya?

Rakshit: Nothing. Ap kuch kahrehe the?
Nothing. You were saying something?

Drishti: Ha, to mein kahrehi thi, ap to yaha kam karte hai. Matlab apko bhi interview dena para he ek samay. Yaha pe interview mein sawal bahut mushkil to nehi puchte? Apko jo vi puche the ap mujhe puchenge? To fer mujhe practice vi ho jayegi aur thora confidence vi a jayegi.
Yeah, I was saying, you work here. So that means you have also given interview at one time. Were the questions very hard? Whatever they asked you will you ask me too? Then it will be a practice for me and I will gain some confidence.

Rakshit smiles.

Rakshit: Yeah, why not. Bahut sare sawal hai, kiyun ki company bahut hi bara hai, to hum udhar jake baithe, coffee pite pite bat kare?
Yeah, why not. There is a lot of question, because this is a big company, so shall we sit there, we will have coffee and talk?

Drishti looks at her file again and nods, she is very tensed. They goes and sits at a corner. A peon comes at them. He is about to say something but Rakshit doesn’t give him a chance.

Rakshit: Tum hum dono k liye do cup coffee leke au, jau.
Go and bring two cup of coffee for us.

The peon nods and goes.

Drishti: Mujhe nehi pina.
I don’t want to drink.

Rakshit: Kiyun? Yaha coffe bahut acche milte hai. I know ye coffee shop nehi office hai, per fer vi sach kahraha hu. Apko test karna chaihe. Aur ap bahut hi tensed hai, agar coffee piyenge to relax feel karenge.
Why? You will get very good coffee here. I know this is no coffe shop but office, still this is the truth. You should give it a try. And you are looking very much tensed, if you drink coffee you will feel relaxed.

Drishti: Mujhe kuch vi nehi pina. Ap sawal puchna suru kariye. Jab mein sare sawalon ka sahi sahi jabab de paungi tabhi mein relax feel karungi. Ab please puchie.
I don’t want to drink anything. You start your questions. When I will be able to give right answers to all of your questions then I will feel relaxed only.

Rakshit: Ok.

Rakshit starts asking her questions, she gives answer. Sometime she gets confused and changes her answer repeatedly. Sometimes she haves hard time remembering so she gives answer closing her eyes. Rakshit stares at her the whole time. The peon gives them coffee in the midway of their conversetion. He was about to mention Rakshit his name but Rakshit stops him before he do so and sends him away. Rakshit offers coffee again to Drishti but she rejects. Finally their questions and answers completes.

Rakshit: Apka jawab almost sab thik tha. Apka bas confidence ka kuch problem hai.
All your answers are almost right. You just have a bit lack in confidence.

Drishti is now in a very relaxed and chilled mood.

Drishti: Sab thik hai? Ah, tab to mera job pakka. Aur kya kehrehe the ap? Confidence? Confidence to mujh mein var vark hai. Confidence ka mera koi problem nehi. Mera bas ek hi problem hai ki main bahut tension karti hoon. But thanks to you ab wo problem bhi nehi raha.
Everything is fine? Ah, then my job is confirmed. And what were you saying? Confidence? I have full confidence. I have no problem with confidence. My only problem is I take too much tension. But thanks to you that problem doesn’t exist anymore.

Rakshit: Well I’m happy to help. Aur apke bat sunke lagbhi rahe ki apke confidence ka koi problem nehi hai.
Well I’m happy to help. And by hearing you it seems you don’t really have any problem in confidence.

Rakshit smiles and takes a sip of coffee.

Drishti: Waisebhi mujhe lagta hai yaha k jo boss hai, Rakshit Shergil, wo thora beukuf type ka hai.
Anyway I think that the boss of this place, Rakshit Shergil, is kinda dumb.

Rakshit chokes. He coughs for some time then handles himself.

Drishti: Ap thik hai? Pani chaihe?
Are you ok? Do you need water?

Rakshit: Nehi main thik hu. Apko eisa kiyun lagta hai ki Rakshit Shergil beukuf hai?
No I’m fine. Why do you think that Rakshit Shergil is dumb?

Drishti: Wo main kafi lambi samay se yaha hu, aj subha se. Pehle sab log aramse sab kuch kar rahe the. Par jis wakt wo Rakshit Shergil aya sab log sathi sath bahut busy ho gaya. Eisa lag raha hai ki kaam kam kar raha hai dikha zada rahe hai.
Well I’m here for a long time, since morning. At first everyone was working at ease. But when that Rakshit Shergil came suddenly everyone became so much busy. It felt like they are working less, showing off much.

Rakshit tries to defend himself.

Rakshit: But iska matlab to e vi ho sakta hai ki inke boss bahut strict hai aur ye log unse bahut darr te hai.
But this could also mean that their boss is very strict and they are very much afraid of him.

Drishti: Oh please, agar us Rakshit Shergil itnai strict hota to uske absense pe sablog aram se kaam kiyun karta? Agar un logo k mann mein apni boss k liye darr hoti to wo log hamesha mann laga k kaam karte. Aise dikhaua nehi karte. In fact isse ye sabit hota hai ki inki boss ko asani se beukuf bana ja sakti hai.
Oh please, if that Rakshit Shergil is stict then his workers won’t have worked lazily around his back . If they had fear of him then they would have always worked hard, not just show off it. In fact this proves that their boss could easily be fooled.

Rakshit puts down  the mug, he starts feeling very uncomfortable. But Drishti doesn’t stop.

Drishti: And another thing, mujhe nehi lagta ki unko samay ka koi gayan hai. Apko pata hai interview k liye kitne pehle bulaiye tha, abhi tak suru nehi hua. Aur kiyun nehi hua? Kiyun ki inlogoki boss der se arehe hai.
And another thing, I don’t think he have any sense of time. You  know they had called us for interview a long time ago and it still haven’t started. And why is that? Because their boss is coming late.

Rakshit: Mujhe thora kam hai, ap practice karte rahe, main araha hu.
I have some work, you keep on practicing, I will just go.

Rakshit stands up and goes away from there, Drishti calls him back but he doesn’t turn back.

Drishti: Arey, ap ja kaha rahe he, ap se to thik se bat bhi nehi hua, apke nam to batake jaiyee…… Chala gaya, nam vi nehi pata chala. Unki beti ki haal vi nehi bataya. Nayi gari kharidi kina wo vi nehi bataya. Us gari ka break accelerator thik se check karya kiya wo vi nehi bataya. Koi bat nehi, ye job to samjh jau mil hi gaya. After all mujhse jada kam ka larki is office walon ko ar kaha milega. Tab to hum dono isi office mein kam karenge. Ek ek kark sare bat tab pata kar lenge. Abhi interview pe focus karti hu.
Hey, where are you going, I haven’t talked with you properly, at lest tell me your name……. Gone already, he didn’t even told me his name. Didn’t told me how his daughter is now. Didn’t told me if he bought a new car. Didn’t told me if the brake accelerator of the new car has been checked properly or not. No problem, this job is almost mine. After all they are not getting a better candidate then me. Then both of us will be working in the same office. One by one I will get answer of every question. But now you should focus on the interview.

Rakshit enters his room and sees Roccy Khurana as in RK is sitting in his cabin. He stands up seeing Rakshit enter.

Rakshit: I’m really sorry. Maine hi meeting k liye bulaiya aur main hi late aya, tujhe itne der tak baithakar rakha.
I’m really sorry. I called you for the meeting and I came late myself, I made you wait long.

They both smiles. First they handshakes then hugs.

RK: Are you crazy? Main to tu wapas aye hai isliye chala aya, meeting jaruri nehi. Itna bara accident k bad itna jaldhi tu recover kar liya, that’s a great deal.
Are you carzy? I came running just hearing you came back, meeting is not important. You recovered so fast even after such a big accident, that’s a big deal.

Rakshit goes to his chair and picks up his coat. He talks while wearing it.

Rakshit: Ha bahut kar li nautanki. Eisa vi kuch khas nehi hua tha mera.
Yeah, enough of your drama. Nothing much had happened to me.

RK: Well wo to mein yaha akar hi samajh gaya ki hospital ka chapter purai nautanki tha tere liye. Wo larki kaun thi? Itne der se kam kaj sab chor k bahut batein kar raha tha tu, dekha maine sab.
Well after coming here I understood it perfectly that entire hospital chapter was your drama. Who was that girl? You were chatting with her for a long time forgeting about work, I saw everything.

Rakshit: Ye faltu k bat chor k kaam k bat karien?
Can we forget this nonsence and talk about work?

RK smiles mischieviously and sits in the chair. Rakshit sits in his chair and starts discussing business proposal.

Drishti is waiting with other candidates for interview. One by one everyone is getting called inside. Everyone is gone except for Drishti. When the last one gets out of the interview room Drishti stands up and goes towards the room but sees the interview board coming out of the room, going somewhere else. Drishti runs towards the peon she met in the morning.

Drishti: Bhaiya, ye log kaha chala gaya?
Bhiaya, where did they went?

Peon: Interview to khatam ho gaya, isliye wo log chala gaya.
The interview is over, that’s why they went away.

Drishti: Aise kaise khatam ho gaya? Mera interview abhi baki hai.
How can it be over? My interview is still pending.

Peon: Mere list k motabek sab ka interview ho chuka hai. Ap chali jaiye.
According to my list, everyone’s interview is done. You go now.

Drishti: Main kiyun jaun? Mera interview abhi vi nehi hua aur die bina mein nehi jaungi. Agar wo sab log interview diye hai to mera vi interview dene ki haq hai. Ye kaisa office hai aplogo ka? Sare canididates ki interview na leke aise kaise khatam kar sakte hai. Sabko barabar ka haq milna chaihe, mujhe apke boss se bat karna hai. Kaha hai Mr. Rakshit Shergil, milna hai mujhe unse.
Why will I go? My interview has still not done and without giving it I’m not going anywhere. If all of then get to give interview then I have full right to do so. What kind of office this is? Without taking interview of all candidates how can you finish it. Everyone should have equal right, I want to talk to your boss. Where is Mr. Rakshit Shergil, I want to meet him.

Rakshit: Kya ho rahe yaha?
What’s happening here?

Due to Drishti’s hyper voice everyone had stopped working and listening to her. Sensing something wrong Rakshit have come out of his cabin from his meeting. Even RK has came out. Drishti was standing facing back at Rakshit, she has still not seen his face.

Peon: (in a low voice)Lo, agaya Rakshit sir.
Here comes Rakshit sir.

Hearing this Drishti turns around and sees Rakshit. Rakshit comes towards them. Seeing him Drishti tried to say something but suddenly she realized he is Rakshit Shergil. As close Rakshit came to her she remembered what she told him a few while ago about Rakshit and what his reaction was. When Rakshit came face to face to her, she became very nervous and couldn’t say anything at all.

Peon: Sir main is madam ko kabse samjhane ki kosish kar raha hu ki list k motabek sab ke interview khatam ho chuke hai par ye khali bole ja rahe hai ki iske interview nehi hua.
Sir I’m trying hard to make this madam understand from a long time that according to this list everyone’s interview is over but she kept on saying that her interview has not been taken.

Rakshit: (looking at Drishti) To ap hai jo mere office me itna hungma kar rahe hai. Mujhe pahlei samajh jana chaihe tha ki ye kaam apke walva aur koi kar vi nehi sakte hai. Ap jaiye, us room mein jake apna dimag thanda kijiye pehle. Uske baad hum bat karenge.
So you are the one who is making trouble in my office. I should have guessed first that it can’t be anyone else than you. Please go to that room and make yourself calm. After calm down your head then we will talk.

Drishti turns and goes to that room as soon as she could by looking calm and walking. Rakshit asks for interview details from his PA. As soon as drishti enters the empty room she starts panicing in her usual way again. She remembers again what she have told Rakshit about him.

Drishti: Drishti Drishti e tune kya kiya. Sab garbar ho gaya, sab garbar ho gaya. Tune us Rakshit Shergil k mukh ke upar boli hai ki wo beukuf hai, usko asani se beukuf bana ja sakti hai, ye ki uska koi punctuality nehi hai. Ab to tera kuch nehi hone wala. Wo Shergil sher banke tera shikar kar denge. Kya karoon, kya karoon. Haan, jab ayaga tab sath sath sorry bol dungi, bolungi Sir I’m so sorry. Mujhe koi idea nehi tha ki ap Rakshit Shergil hai. Agar pata hota to aisa kuch vi nehi bolti. Wo to bas galti se mere mukh se nikal gayi, mein to kuch bolti rahti hu. Please mujhe maf kardijiye.
Drishti Dristhi what did you do. Everything has gone wrong, everything. You have said Rakshit Shergil that he is dumb, he can be make fool easily, he is not punctual in his face. Now nothing can happen for you. That Shergil will hunt you down like a tiger. What to do, what to do. Yeah, I should say sorry as soon as he comes here, I’ll say sir I’m really sorry. I had no idea that you were Rakshit Shergil. If I was aware of that then I wouldn’t have said those things. Those words had came out of my mouth by error, I always talks nonsense like this. Please forgive me.

Right that time Rakshit enters that room but stops seeing Drishti talking to herself. Drishti couldn’t see him as she was again standing facing back.

Drishti: Nehi, aise balungi to lagegi mein unki chaplusi karrehi hu. Aur aise vi maine jada vul to kuch nehi bola. Mana ki maine jaise bola jo bola wo galat tha par vul to nehi tha. Aur galti to unhone vi kiye hai. Bina mujhe sach bataye mere interview le liye, agar tabhi bata dete ki wo Rakshit Shergil hai, ye company uska hai to kya problem ho jata?
NO, if I say like this then he will think I’m trying to pamper him. And I didn’t say anything not true. I know whatever I said, the way I said it was wrong. But it wasn’t lie. And even he is at fault. He took my interview without telling me the truth. If he had said me right then that he is Rakshit Shergil, this is his company then what would have been wrong?

Rakshit signals by clearing his throat. By hearing him Drishti turns towards him. Rakshit comes inside the room and tries to say something but Drishti stops him.

Drishti: Iske pehle ap kuch bole main kuch bolna chati hu. Tab mujhe apke bare mein wo comments nehi karna chaihe tha. Main apko thik se janti nehi hu. Thik tarike se kisiko vi nehi janke unko judge karna thik nehi hai. Is baat mein galti mere thi, I’m sorry.
Before you say anything I want to say something. I shouldn’t have said those things about you that time. I don’t know you well. Without knowing someone one shouldn’t judge them. I was wrong at this point. I’m sorry.

Rakshit sighs.

Rakshit: Sahi kaha apne. Kisiko thik tarike se na janke unko judge nehi karna chaihie. Apka interview jab maine liya tab apne sawalo ke jawab to thik thak de diya par is job k liye wo kafi nehi hai. Apke ander confidence ki kami hai, ap mein patience nehi hai, ap bahut jada tension karti hai, bahut jaldi dimag vi garam ho jata hai apka. In short mujhe nehi lagta koi vi kam apse thik se ho sakti hai.
You are right. One shouldn’t judge someone without knowing them completely. When I took your interview you did manage to give right answer to every question but that wasn’t enough for this job. You lacks confidence in yourself, you don’t have patience, you tension too much, you get hyper too soon. In short no work could be done by you properly.

Drishti tries to defend herself but Rakshit goes on.

Rakshit: Aise to ye job main apko dene wala nehi tha. Par maine dusri bar socha kiyunki maine apka ek dusri roop vi dekha. Us accident wale din apne tensed hui, impataience hui, thora mujh par hyper vi hui. Aur fer vi apne mera aur mera beti ki jaan bachai, mujhe sahi samay pe hospital paucha paye aur pure samay mere beti ka pura kheyal vi rakha. So it’s clear that there’s definetly more in you. Aur isi biswas ki sath mein is job apko offer kar raha hu. I hope I won’t be proved wrong.
I wasn’t supposed to give you this job. But I thought for a second time cause I have seen a second version of you. In that accident you were very tensed, impataience, a bit hyper too. Yet you managed to save my and my daughtere’s life, you managed to take me to hospital in time, and you managed to take care of my daughter in the whole time. So it’s clear that there’s definetly more in you. And I’m offering you this job with this belief. I hope I won’t be proved wrong.

Drishti slowly understands that she is really getting the job. She becomes very happy, almost speechless. She somehow manages to say thank you but Rakshit doesn’t hear her completely. He handovers her some papers.

Rakshit: Here, your appoinment letter. Iske sath hamare office ka rules and regulation vi hai, thik se parna. Kal se samay pe ana. Aur kuch vi vul hui to ( Rakshit comes closer to Drishti) tumhare liye wo accha nehi hoga.
Here is your appoinment letter. There is our rules and regulation with it, do read it well. Come from tomorrow in time. And if you do something wrong then it won’t be good for you.

Drishti takes the papers carefully and gets away from Rakshit. She starts for the door, when she reached there she stops and looks at the papers at her hand, then takes a secret glance of Rakshit, he is looking at her going.

Drishti’s POV
Ab ise kya hogya. Jab mera unki jaan bachane k bare mein bol rahe the tab aise bol rahe the ki wo kuch vi nehi hai, normal baat hai. Aur aj subahai hi bol raha tha ehsan kaise chukaige pata nehi. Tab itna sweet ab itna khadoos. Par mujhe kya, job to mil hi gaya. Us accident wale din mujhe laga tha ye insan mere liye bohot manhus hai, per ab lag rahe hai ye utna vi kharap nehi.
What happened to him now. When he was talking about how I saved his life sounded as if it was normal thing. Even in the morning he kept going on about how he will never able to repay me. He was so sweet then and now so strict. But what do I care, I have got the job. In that accident I thought he was bad luck for me. But now it seems he is not that bad.

Rakshit: Ab khare khare kar kya rahe ho? Tum mann vi mein itna balti ho? kabhi thakti nehi ho kya?
Now what are you doing standing like that? Do you speak that much even in your mind? Don’t you ever get tired?

Drishti gets shocked hearing him, she turned to look at him for once then runs away from there.

Next- Pari comes and visits Drishti at office. Rakshit behaves strictly with Drishti and asks to do everything timely. A girl in the office faints by getting scared of something.

So this was the second part. Tell me if you like it or not in the comments.

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  1. Adhu

    Nice episode. Rakshit and Drishti’s scene at cafeteria was really funny. Drishti is so talkative. So finally she got the job .
    Story is progressing well.

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