Soul Mate ff (Engagement) Part 19

Shergil Mansion

Drishti is getting down by the stairs. The hall room is full of people and they seemed very busy at the moment. Drishti looks at them while she notices Mahima. Mahima comes to her seeing her there.

Mahima: Pari kya kar rahi hai?
What is Pari doing?

Drishti: Abhi bhi so rahi hai, kaal raat bahut der se soyi thi to maine jagaiya nehi usko.
She is still sleeping, she slept late last night that’s why I didn’t woke her up yet.

Mahima: Kaal raat Pari k liye yaha rukhne k liye thanks. Main to soch bhi nehi sakti ki us par kya beet rahi hai sach janne k baad.
Thanks for staying back last night for Pari. I can’t even imagine what she is going through now after knowing the truth.

Drishti places her hand on Mahima’s shoulder.

Drishti: Ap tension maat kijiye, Pari bahut strong hai.
Don’t worry, Pari is very strong.

Mahima smiles a little and nods. Drishti looks around.

Mahima: Shadi k taiyari suru hogayi hai already. Shadi k date baas kuch din baad kai hai to aj sei suru hogaya.
The wedding preparations have started already. The date is very near that’s why everything started from today itself.

Drishti gets down and starts seeing everything with Mahima. Others also joins them later and asks Drishti about Pari, Drishti answers the same. When everyone gets busy in work, Rakshit comes down with Pari. He was talking with Pari, trying to make her smile but she wasn’t smiling much. But then she notices all the things going on the house and runs fast. She too gets busy with the others and starts smiling. Drishti goes to Rakshit.

Drishti: Aj ap abhi bhi tayiar nehi hue? Office nehi jayenge?
You are still not ready yet? Won’t you go to office?

Rakshit: Nehi, aj saradin main bas Pari k sath spend karna chata hu.
No, I want to spend the whole day with Pari today.

Drishti: Ap thik hai?
Are you ok?

Rakshit: Kya farak parta hai. Pari thik hai kina mujhe bas us mein kheyal rakhna hai.
That doesn’t matter. I just have to make sure that Pari is alright.

Drishti: Mujhe farak parta hai.
It matters to me.

Rakshit was talking till now looking at Pari, but hearing Drishti’s statement he gets surprised and looks at her. Drishti gets awkward and looks a different way.

Drishti: Matlab agar ap khud thik nehi honge to Pari ko kaise thik rakhenge.
I mean if you are not fine yourself then how will you take care of Pari.

Rakshit was about to say something but Drishti ignores him and goes towards the others. Rakshit stands in his place, looking at her going, still thinking about what did Drishti ment for real. Ash and Ojaswini is fighting again and Mahima is trying to stop them. Romi and Rashi is taking fun from a side. Drishti comes there. Romi winks at Rashi. Then he says to the others.

Romi: Di agayi hai, ab is problem ka solution bhi wohi karenge.
Di is here, now she is the one who is going to solve the problem.

Drishti doesn’t able to guess the problem, she asked scaredly.

Drishti: Kiyun? Kya hua?
Why? What happened?

Before Drishti could finish her question Ash and Ojaswini comes to her and starts complaining.

Ojaswini: Drishti, ye to pehlei thik hua tha ki tumhare liye sare dresses main select karungi. Hua tha ya nehi?
Drishti, this was decided earlier that I’m going to select dresses for you. Yes or no?

Drishti was about to nod but Ash interrupts.

Ash: Par tumhare choice kia hua dresses Drishti ko nehi chaihie, usne pehlei mere select kia hua designers k dresses choose kia hai. So tumhe kuch karne ki jarurat nehi hai.
But Drishti doesn’t need the dresses you selected, cause she have already chose dresses from my selected designers. So you don’t have to do anything.

Ash and Ojaswini keeps fighting and Drishti gets caught up between them. She tries to calm them down but none of them stops. Drishti finally screams.

Drishti: Chup.

And a light on the room bursts. Everyone looks there surprised, Drishti gets scared and looks at everyone if they have doubted anything. Then she notices Rakshit who have disappointment expression on his face. Drishti says him sorry by holding her ear. Rakshit goes from there. Drishti looks at everyone again, they are still looking at the light. Drishti coughs.

Drishti: Ahem, ap dono, finger on your lips.
Ahem, you two, finger on your lips.

Ash and Ojaswini does so.

Drishti: Ap dono ne bahut sare dress lekar ayi hai, aj dress k trial hone wala hai, aur function bhi bahut sare hai. To main sare dress k trial deti hu, ap log vote kijiye aur final kijiye kaunse function k liye kaunsa dress hai. Thik hai?
You two have brought a lot of dress, and today we were supposed to have a dress trial, and there is a lot of function too. So let me give a trial for all the dresses and you guys vote and decide which dress is for which function. Ok?

They both nods. Everyone takes a sit, Drishti takes the dresses and goes to a room. She looks at all the dresses and picks one of them. She looks at it on the mirror then magically wears it. Then she goes out. Everyone else is sitting there. Then starts the fashion show. Drishti keeps  coming with wearing dresses and other gives there vote. Some dresses are very beautiful when some are really weird. Silent vote fight goes between Ash and Ojaswini. Later they bribe Rashi, Romi and Pari to vote on their choice every time. The amount of bribe goes up every time. Until Rashi and Romi does mistake and votes on the opposite dress. One by one all the dresses get finalized for all the functions. Drishti wears the last dress and comes out to show them. It becomes a tie, and everyone again starts arguing if Drishti going to wear it or not. Rakshit comes there and he gets mesmerized seeing Drishti in the dress. He keeps looking at her.

Romi: Arey bhai agaya, ap hi last vote dijiye, hum sab to decide nehi kar parahe hai.
Bhai is here, please give the last vote, we are unable to decide.

Mahima: Ha rakshit tu hi bol ye dress kaisa hai.
Yeah Rakshit, you tell what do you think of this dress.

Ash: Waise bolna parega Ojas, tumhare baki choice se ye wala actual mein accha hai.
I must say Ojas, this one is really better then your other choices.

Ojaswini: Mera choice? Main to tumhe ye bolne wali thi ki tumhare ye choice baki sab choice se accha hai. Par tum to mere lines bhi bolne lage ho.
My choice? I was about to say that this choice of your is better then the others. But you said my line before me now.

Ash: Kya bol rahi ho. Ye dress maine nehi leke aya.
What are you saying. I didn’t brought this dress.

Ojaswini: Ye to maine bhi nehi lekar aya. To fer kaun leke aya?
I didn’t brought it either. Then who brought it?

Ash and Ojaswini looks at one another being confused. Romi looks at Drishti once and then at mesmerized Rakshit, who have no idea about what the others are saying. Romi smirks and signals the other at Rakshit, they all look at him. Yet Rakshit notice nothing. Drishti notices all this and tries to signal Rakshit but he is really lost, doesn’t understand anything at all. Everyone circles around Rakshit very closely and keeps staring at him. Finally Rakshit notices Drishti’s signal and about to ask her what she is saying but notices everyone looking at him around him. Drishti puts her hand on her eyes in embarrassment.

Rakshit: Kya hua? Ap sab mujhe aise kiyun dekh rahe hai?
What happened? Why are you all looking at me like that?

Rashi: Nehi nehi, ap ghur lijiye, apko aur jitna ghurna hai. Hum wait kar lenge.
No no, you keep staring, take all the time you need. We will wait.

Rakshit: Kya bol rahe hai tu?
What are you saying?

Rakshit gets out from their circle and moves forward. But they all come back to him again.

Romi: Thik hai sharma ne ki koi baat nehi hai. Ap bas ye bol dijiye ki hum ye bewarish dress ka kya karein. Na ye mom lekar aye aur na Ash chachi. Samajh mein nehi araha hai kaha se aya hai. Mein to bolta hu fek dete hai.
It’s fine no need to blush. Just tell us what are we supposed to do with this dress. Neither mom brought it nor Ash chachi. We can’t understand what to do with it. My opinion is we should reject it.

Rakshit: Kaunsa dress?
Which dress?

Mahima: Wohi dress beta jo abhi Drishti pehnke khari hai, pichle 20 minutes jo tu dekh raha tha.
The one that Drishti is wearing son, the one you were staring at for 20 minutes.

Ash: Bhabi ap bhi na, Rakshit thori dress dekh raha tha. Wo to kisi aur koi dekh raha tha.
Bhabi you are too much, Rakshit wasn’t looking at the dress. He was busy in looking at someone.

Everyone laughs.

Rakshit: Hogaya aplogo ka? Ye dress maine lekar aya, aj raat k liye.
Are you all done? I’ve brought this dress, for tonight.

Everyone: Kya?

Rakshit puts his finger on his ear on everyone’s scream and goes from their. They all laugh again and goes to Drishti. Drishti understood now it’s her turn, she smiles poorly.

Ojaswini: Drishti ab hum kya vote kare iss dress mein. Ye to tumhare Rakshit ne khud choose kia hai tumhare liye, aj raat ki engangement k liye. To ye walai final hai.
Drishti now what can we vote on this dress. Your Rakshit chose this one himself for you, for tonight’s engangement. Then this one is final.

Drishti smiles and nods. Then she runs away from there, everyone laughs. Rakshit is walking on the corridor. Suddenly someone pulls him on a side. He gets surprised, seeing its Drishti. On this sudden pull they gets stucked in an awkward position. He keeps looking at her. She too looks at him for sometime but comes to her senses fast. She does magic and her dress change back to her normal dress. But Rakshit is still staring at her. Drishti gets surprised and moves her hand before him.

Drishti: Hello, Rakshit sir? Hello? Earth to Rakshit sir? Can you hear me?

Rakshit lets go of Drishti and looks at a different way.

Rakshit: Kya hua, aise kiyun lekar aya mujhe yaha?
What happened, why did you brought me here like this?

Drishti: Ye puchne ki humare agla step kya hoga? Apne socha kuch?
To ask you what is going to be our next step? Did you thought anything?

Rakshit: Hmm, socha to hai.
Hmm, I’ve thought something.

Drishti: Kya?

Rakshit: Aj raat ki engagement mein media bhi honge, main duniya k samne humare shadi k barein mein announce karunga.
Tonight on our engagement there will be media, I’ll announce about our marriage before the world.

Rakshit looks at Drishit, she fakes a smile.

Drishti: Nehi nehi, don’t worry. Main gussa nehi karungi aur nahi koi light burst karaungi. Kiyunki kya hai na dunia k sare lights bhi agar for du tab bhi jo gussa thand nehi hoga aisa gussa karke fyda kya, aur aisa bhi to nehi ki apko mere gusse se kabhi farak para hai. Matlab iss baar apne to dimag namka cheese ka istemal bhi nehi kiya, I hope apko pata hai ki dimag namka koi cheese hai, bhoot log bhi istemal karte hai. Ap bhi kijiye kabhi kabhi. Itna mushkil bhi nehi hai.
No no, don’t wory. I won’t get angry and burst any light. Cause the thing is even if I burst the last light on earth still my anger won’t be calmed, so what’s the point of getting angry like this, and you never care for my anger anyway. I mean this time you didn’t even use your brain at all, I hope you know that human have a thing called brain, even ghosts use it. You should try using it. It’s not that tough.

Rakshit: Wo tumhara problem hai, dimag istemal nehi karna. Agar karte to pura plan sunne se pehlei tana marna suru nehi karte.
That’s your problem, not using brain. If you did then you wouldn’t taunting me before hearing out the whole plan.

Drishti: Ap boliye na apka “master plan”, main sun raha hu. Ap hi to boss hai. Jo bolenge wohi karunga.
Please tell me about your “master plan”, I’m listening. You are the boss. I’ll do whatever you say.

Rakshit takes a breath and starts again.

Rakshit: Humare dushman sref gharwalo ko shadi k baat bolke hume fasane k koushis kar raha tha. Hum uske iss baat k jawab mein pure dunia ko batyenge shadi k barein mein, ye baat abhi bhi secret hai. Party mein hi sabko pata chalega. Humare dushman ko bhi. Achanok ye chal se wo jada soch ne k waqt nehi payega, humare shadi todne k liye fast kuch na kuch karne ki koushis karega aur…
Our enemy just informed the family members about the wedding and tryed to trap us. Now we will answer him by telling the whole world about our marriage, this thing is still a secret. Everyone will get to know at the party. Our enemy too will know this there. By this sudden attack he will not get much time to think, he will try to do something fast to stop our marriage and….

Drishti: Aur wohi uska galti hoga, hum usko pakar lenge. Pata hai. Bahut bar bol chuke hai ap. I hope ki apka chal ulta na par jai.
And that will be his mistake, we wil catch him. I know. You have saide this a lot. I hope that the table doesn’t turn against you.

Rakshit: Nehi hoga, aur ye tum raat k party mein hi dekhoge.
It won’t happen. And you will see it on tonight’s party.

Drishti: To pehli bar mujhe intezar rahega kuch anhoni hone ka.
Then for the first time I’ll wait for a mishap.

Drishti was about to go but then she stops and looks at Rakshit for sometime. Rakshit notices this.

Rakshit: Aise kiyun ghur rahe ho?
Why are you staring like this?

Drishti: Ap bhi to ghur rahe the. Maine kuch bola?
You were staring too. Did I said anything?

Rakshit: Par tum aise ghur rahe ho ki maine kuch chori kia hai.
But you are staring such a way as if I stole something.

Drishti: I understand ki sabko lagta hai ye love marriage ho raha hai, par bahar apne kuch jaidai natak nehi kia?
I understand that everyone thinks this is a love marriage, but didn’t you overact outside?

Rakshit: Tumhe lagta hai maine bahar acting kar raha tha?
You think I was acting outside?

Drishti: Agar acting nehi tha to kya tha?
If it wasn’t acting then what was it?

Rakshit takes a step towards Drishti and gets close to her.

Rakshit: Bataun kya tha?
Should I say what was it?

Drishti keeps looking at Rakshit for sometime, he keeps looking at her.

Drishti: Koi jarurat nehi hai.
There is no need of that.

Drishti turns and runs from there. Rakshit tries to hold her hand but it slips as always. Drishti runs away, Rakshit keeps looking at her going in a sad face.

At night

The party have started in Shergil house. The hall is decorated beautifully. Guests have started coming. All the Shergils have dressed up and came to the hall. Drishti’s father is here too. Rakshit looks around for Drishti that’s when he sees her. He again gets mesmerized seeing her and keeps staring at her. Romi comes and pushes Rakshit a bit.

Romi: Bhai, abhi break lagaiye, sare guest agaye hai.
Bhai, hold it for sometime, all the guests are here.

Rakshit comes to his senses and goes with Romi. Drishti sits beside Pari.

Ash: Bhabi, ye media ko apne bulaiya kya?
Bhabi did you called the media here?

Mahima: Nehi, maine nehi bulaiya. I think Rakshit ne bulaiya hai.
No I didn’t called them. I think Rakshit have called them.

Ojaswini: Acchai to hai. Sabko pata chalna chaie ki finally humare Rakshit shadi kar raha hai.
It’s fine. Everyone should know that our Rakshit is finally getting married.

Mahima: Sahi bola tumne Ojaswini. Aj sabke sath hum humare khusi batenge.
You are right Ojaswini. We will share our happiness with everyone.

Rakshit stands in the middle of the hall. Spot light falls on him and the whole room stays a bit dark. One of the reporter asks him.

Reporter: Mr. Shergil, aj yaha is party ka main reason kya hai?
Mr. Shergil, what is the main reason of this party today?

Rakshit: Aj main yaha ap sabko mere life k ek bahut zaruri faisale k barein batane k liye bulaiya hai.
I’m here to announce a very important decision of my life today to you all.

Rakshit looks at Drishti for once, then he goes on.

Rakshit: Main bahut jald shadi karne wala hoon, aur aj raat iss party mein main engangement kar raha hoon.
I’m getting married soon, and tonight in this party I’m getting engaged.

Another reporter: Kaun hai wo lucky girl?
Who is that lucky girl?

Rakshit: Lucky to main hoon, ki wo meri zindagi mein lucky charm banke ayi hai aur ab meri zindagi ban gayi hai, Drishti Sharma.
I’m the one who is lucky cause she came to my life as a lucky charm and now has become my life, Drishti Sharma.

Rakshit points at Drishti and another spot light falls on her. Everyone claps and flashes of the camera starts. She smiles and gets up and slowly comes to Rakshit. She holds the hand Rakshit forwarded toward her and he pulls her close to him slowly. The reporters keeps taking pictures and they poses. Drishti talks to Rakshit in a low voice and with a smiley face so that other doesn’t understand what they are talking about.

Drishti: Ap kuch zada nehi kar rahe hai?
Aren’t you doing a bit too much?

Rakshit: Main jo bhi bola wo jhoot nehi….
Whatever I said wasn’t lie….

Drishti: Wohi rukh jaiye aur uske age maat jaiye.
Stop there and don’t go more ahead then that.

Rakshit sighs and poses for the photos. A few moment later he again starts speaking.

Rakshit: Sabko ekin dilane k liye bolna parta hai, kiyunki sabko to yahi lagta hai ki ye love marriage hai.
To make everyone believe I’ve to say such thing, cause everyone thinks that this is a love marriage.

Drishti: Par overacting karne ka kya jarurat hai?
But what’s the need of doing overacting?

Rakshit: Excuse me?

Rakshit looks at Drishti being a little furious and Drishti smiles mischieviously. A little far away from them, Daksh was standing and seeing everything. He keeps looking at them for sometime then looks at someone else and signals something. Then he looks at them again and this time have a smirk over his face. Mahima and Ash comes to Drishti and Rakshit with the rings. They both wear each other the rings and everyone claps. They looks at everyone and smiles. Everyone comes one by one and congratulates them. When all the rituals are done, everyone is busy in chating or eating, Romi takes the mike and comes in the middle of the hall.

Romi: Guys, aj mere bhai ka engagement ho gaya. Matlab Rakshit bhai, ap bhi gaye.
Guys, today my brother got engaged. It means, Rakshit bhai, you are gone too.

Everyone laughs, Romi laughs too. Rakshit sighs and waits for the disaster he is planing.

Romi: Nehi seriously, maine to umeed hi chor dia tha ki Rakshit bhai bhi kabhi shadi karenge. Aur aj dekho, hum sabki khadoos Rakshit Shergil ko pyar hogaya. Abhi bhi ekin nehi horaha hai. To ab waqt agaya ki iss boring se party mein rang dene ki.
No seriously, I had lost hope that Rakhsit bhai will get married some day. And today, our very own rude Rakshit Shergil has fallen in love. I still can’t believe it. So now it’s time to make this boring party a bit interesting.

Everyone claps and cheers.

Romi: So ab humare couple drikshit ek dusre ko apni dil ki baat batayegi sabke samne, par ek chota sa twist hai. Wo apni dil ki baat bolenge gaana gake.
So now our couple drikshit will tell each other about there feelings before everyone, but there is a little twist. They will speak their heart out by singing.

Everyone claps again. Rakshit tries to stop Romi but he doesn’t listen, instead winks at Rakshit and give the mike to Drishti. Drishti seems a bit puzzled, about what to do with it.

Romi: Come on di, be a sport, Rakshit bhai bahut accha gate hai. Unke samne harna nehi.
Come on di, be a sport, Rakshit bhai is a good singer. Don’t lose before him.

Drishti: competition hai kya?
Is it a competition?

Romi: Kuch aisai samjhe. Now get on the floor.
Think this something like that. Now get on the floor.

Drishti comes between the hall with the mike and looks at everyone. Then she looks at Rakshit. She slowly tries to say something on the mike but no sound comes out. Drishti looks around again and then looks at Rakshit, he seems a bit worried. Spotlight is over Drishti, other places gets dark. She closes her eyes and starts singing. This time her beautiful voice is heard clearly from everywhere. Everyone gets mesmerized, let alone Rakshit.

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Drishti opens her eyes, music starts. Rakshit comes towards her. She keeps singing.

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Dehleez pe merey dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Drishti stops singing, the music goes on. Rakshit was walking in circle around her till now. He comes close to her and takes the mike and keeps it at a side. He holds her hands and starts dancing. The music changes a bit. Rakshit starts singing this time and they keeps dancing, everyone looks on.

Shayad kabhi na kehe sakoon main tumko
Kahe bina samajh lo tum shayad
Shayad mere khayal mein tum ik din
Milo mujhe kahin pe ghum shayad

Jo tum na ho… rahenge hum nahin
Jo tum na ho… rahenge hum nahin
Na chahiye kuch tum se zyada tum se kam nahin

Jo tum na ho… toh hum bhi hum nahi
Jo tum na ho… toh hum bhi hum nahi
Na chahiye kuch tum se zyada tum se kam nahin

Drishti and Rakshit keeps dancing and music keeps playing. Drishti talks to Rakshit in a low voice.

Drishti: Itna kuch kar rahe hai, abhi bhi kuch nehi hua.
We are doing all these things, nothing happened till now.

Rakshit: Kaas ye insan Pari k jaan k piche nehi parta.
If only this man wasn’t after Pari’s life.

Drishti smiles poorly.

Drishti: Kaas.
If only.

Rakshit’s Pov
Kaas ye sref mere jaan k piche hota. To main khud mar jata par usko pakar ke tumhe khud se dur jane nehi deta. Tumhare paas rehne k liye sare khatra apni sar pe leta. Kaas ye sach hota. Kaas tum humesha mere sath hote.
If only he were after just my life. Then I would have let myself die but never catch him to let you go away from me. I would have faced all the danger to keep you with me. If only this could be real. If only you would stay with me forever.

Rakshit keeps staring at Drishti while dancing. Drishti starts singing again.

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

The dance goes on, Rakshit sings.

Aankhon ko khaab dena
Khud hi sawaal karke
Khud hi jawaab dena teri taraf se
Bin kaam kaam karna
Jaana kahin ho chaahe
Har baar hi guzarna teri taraf se

Ye koshishein toh hongi kam nahin
Ye koshishein toh hongi kam nahin
Na chahiye kuch tum se zyada tum se kam nahin

Jo tum na ho… rahenge hum nahin
Jo tum na ho… toh hum bhi hum nahin
Na chahiye kuch tum se zyada tum se kam nahin

Drishti and Rakshit starts singing together at this point.

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise jeena                                      Jo tum na ho…
Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum                                           Jo tum na ho…
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena                                              Jo tum na ho…
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

And slowly the music stops and their dance too. They stays in that position for sometime.  Everyone claps. Drishti and Rakshit let go of each other and goes a different way.

Chiranjeev was standing at a side looking at Drikshit. Riya and another person from office was talking behind him.

Riya: Rakshit sir shadi kar rahe hai, wo bhi Drishti se? For real?
Rakshit sir is getting married, that too with Drishti? For realn

The other person: Jo horaha hai, tumhare samnei to ho raha hai. Abhi bhi ekin nehi ho raha hai kya?
Whatever is happening, it’s happening before your eyes. Can’t you still believe it?

Riya: Par manna parega, Drishti hai bahut chalak. Pehle chalaki se office mein job liya, fer wo job transfer karke yaha Shergil house mein liya. Ab sidha ho raha hai Mrs. Rakshit Shergil. Sab kuch plan karkei ayi hai.
But I’ve to accept, Drishti is very sharp. First she took the job at office by tricking, then she transfered that job here in Shergil house. And now she is being Mrs. Rakshit Shergil. She had planned it all very well

Chiranjeev gets frustrated hearing all this, that’s why he tries to go from there but accidently he bumps into a waiter and all the foods from the tray fall down, and also Chiranjeev’s spactacles. Everyone notice goes there.

Chiranjeev: Sorry, maine dekha nehi. Galti se hogaya.
Sorry, I didn’t saw. It happened by mistake.

Riya: Agar dekhne ki koushis karenge tab to dekhenge. Pata nehi kaha se ajate hai ye log.
If you try to look only then you will be able to see. I don’t know from where these type of people comes.

Chiranjeev tries to take his glasse, which was beside Riya’s shoe. Just when he is going to take it, she kicks it to a side. Drishti takes the glasses and comes to them. She hands over the glasses to Chiranjeev, he wears them. Drishti comes face to face with Riya.

Riya: Hello Drishti, congrats on the engagement. Tum apni fiance ko chorkar yaha kya kar rahe ho? Kahi jab tak tum yaha ho tab tak koi aur unko leke vag na jai.
Hello Drishti, congrats on the engangement. What are you doing here without your fiance? What if someone elopes with him when you are here

Riya smiles. Drishti’s face has  no expression.

Drishti: Papa hai ye meri. Maafi mango apni batamezi k liye.
This is my papa. Say sorry for being insolent.

Riya: Ooh, to ye tumhare papa hai. Acutally merai galti hai. Mujhe samajh jana chaihie tha ki aise middle class buddha admi sref tumharai rishteydar ho sakta hai. Waise uncle apse ek baat puch na tha. Drishti ko fraud karana kya apne sikhaya ya aunty ne?
Ooh, so he is your father. Actually it’s my mistake. I should have understood that this middle class old man could be related to you only. Well uncle I wanted to ask you something. Did you taught Drishti to do fraud or it was aunty?

And a sudden noise makes everyone shock. Riya is holding her cheek and it’s bright red. Drishti starts speaking in a high voice now.

Drishti: Had mein raho apni.
Stay in your limits.

Riya: Had to tum bhul gayi ho. Mamuli emplyoee the office k jisne company k sath fraud karke sare important info bahar jake sell kia. Sabko pata hai.
You are the one who is forgetting your limits. You were just a normal office employee who cheated the company and sold important information. Everyone knows that.

Rakshit comes there.

Rakshit: Kya ho raha hai yaha?
What’s happening here?

Drishti looks at him, she is furious.

Drishti: Apne bola tha, jab meri koi galti nehi hai to ap mera naam clear karenge. Sabko sach batayenge. To aj humare engagment pe apki employee mere papa k samne mujhe doshi bolke insult kaise kare rahe hai? Ap kitne bedil ho sakte hai aur. Apne jo bola wo kiyun nehi kia? Ap ki koi bhi baat ka koi matlab hai ya nehi?
You said, when I’m not at fault you will clear my name. You will tell everyone the truth. Then why did in our engagement your employee is making me the culprit and insulting me before my dad. How can you be so heartless. Why didn’t you do what you said? Does anything you said is real or not?

Next: Drishti says I’m breaking this engagement and throws her ring.

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