You are my soul (Episode 3)

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hiii guys

I am sorry

I am back  after a long time sorry for being extremely late

After a month

Annika pov

finally!! today is sunday I am going to meet my darlings they are also my family . Today I must spend a lot of time with them. After having hectic week in the office it will be soothing to hear their laughter.

Annika goes to the orphanage in her scooty she receives a call from shivaay

Ani- hello shivaay

Shiv- ani are u free today

Ani- no shivaay i am going to meet my darlings

Shivaay- ani are u committed??? why u did not tell me???? do u know that boy fully???what is his name???

Ani- god stop it I am going to meet children in the orphanage not to meet my lover

Shivaay -if u want u can come with me

Ani -hmmm ok will wait down in 15 mins

Shivaay -ok done

Annika picks shivaay and they go to the orphanage

Seeing annika a lot of children hug her and kiss in her cheeks

Riya- didi did u bring chocolate for us????

Annika puts her hand on her head

Ani – oops i forgot

Shivaay – annika wait i will buy and come

Ani turns to him and winks .Shivaay is confused

Ani – here is the chocolate

All the children grab their chocolate and eat happily

Shivaay pov

Annika is different from other women .She is selfless and does not care about what others think . She makes every moment of my life beautiful .My mom advised me not to see status , money , beauty in a life partner but quality. I am sure annika’s husband will be the happiest person in the world . Why can’t it be me???


Shivaay was disturbed from his thought when annika called him

Ani- shivaay where are u drowned in thoughts

Shivaay –  nothing was just thinking how u understand these kids because u can understand their pain only when u face their situation

Annika breath hitched. she looked like blood was sucked from her face .when she opened her mouth to answer we were again interrupted by a women

Ani – hello shastri aunty

Shastri – hello beta

Ani – aunty this is shivaay my friend from office

Ani – shivaay this is shastri aunty caretaker of this orphanage

Shastri – ani beta can u talk with u alone for 2 minutes

Shivaay – you go annika

Shivaay pov

Annika and Shastri aunty spoke for a few minutes and came back .but there was a tension in her face

Shivaay – what happened ani any problem??

Shastri – nothing beta just….

Annika- aunty i will take care don’t worry

Shivaay – ani if u consider me as your friend tell me the problem

Annika – using my own words against me ah??

Shivaay chuckled

Shivaay – ok jokes apart what is the problem

Annika – actually this orphanage was owned by my uncle Raman before dying he wrote this orphanage in my name because he had faith in me that i wont sell this orphanage .but this area rowdy wants to buy this orphanage and build a multiplex here .when he approached me i refused his offer because it was not good for the kids future .he challenged me that he will buy this orphanage within three months .Using his influence he stopped our funds and if this continues then the government will seal our orphanage and send them to different places which is a total nightmare.

Shivaay – ok then i will provide all the funds

Ani – are you joking it is not a matter of thousands how will u provide??

Shivaay – i meant my uncle can help with the funds

Ani – no shivaay only when u own it u can provide the total funds

Shivaay – then i will buy this orphanage

Ani – no i can’t do it . i know you are my friend but i cannot trust anyone with this .

Shivaay – ok how about 50 50 partnership deal???

Ani – i think that will be fine .but before that talk with your uncle whether he is willing to do it ??

Shivaay – i will take care of that .then we will do the further process tomorrow

Ani – ok deal partner

In shivaay house

Shivaay – badepapa

Tej – yes shivaay

Shivaay – actually badepapa i am planning to buy a orphanage with 50 percentage partnership

Tej – that is a good work of charity . but i feel you have some personal interest over this deal ???

Shivaay -nothing lets see how things plan

Tej – so who is that girl ??? just tell her name

Shivaay – annika

Janvi – nice name

Shivaay – badema when did u come

Janavi – when u were in dream world pronouncing her name . shivaay i want to meet her

Shivaay – U can come but u should not create a scene saying you are my bahu, u only should bring happiness in our house and blah blah

Janavi – I am not a drama queen

Shivaay – You are my sweet drama queen

Tej – ok ok we will meet her tomorrow

Next day


Janvi – why is your dream girl taking a lot of time to come

Shivaay – here she is come

tej and janvi are shocked seeing annika



Annika signs in the documents and the officer calls Shivaay to sign in it . Shivaay looks at Annika and sign the document. after completing the process they leave the place .

Annika – so now we are partners

Shivaay – yes partner

Annika – shivaay i am going to stay in the orphanage for a while

Shivaay – its fine annika i will go in my friends car

Annika – ok bye shivaay

Shivaay – bye


In the orphanage

Annika – i am soo happy

Shastri – yes beta all thanks to shivaay it is possible only because of him

Ani – true he is good person

Shastri – thank him beta . he has put a full stop to all our suffering

Annika calls shivaay

He recieves the call and says hello when she was about to answer someone hits on her head and she falls down with a thud on the floor ……

bye guys meet u soon

thank you Sukeer,Ananyagour,mona,Nikita_jai29,ItsmePrabha, diya for all your support



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