i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 25

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Hi guys.
The next day…
Anjali: khushi wake. its 10 am.
Khushi: 10 mins.
Anjali: come on khushi. I itself woke this much earlier.
Khushi: ok meri sister.
She gets up.
Anjali: coffee.
Khushi: what u want?
Anjali: why r u asking like this?

Khushi: no I heard from ur brother that is arnav that if u do like this something then something she wants from us.
Anjali: yes.
Khushi: tell.
Anjali: I am In love?
Khushi: what?
Anjali; yes.
Khushi: omg.
Anjali: don’t say to anyone. If arnav knows that’s it.
Khushi: then surely I will say
Anjali: khushi. ok we will have a deal
Khushi: what?
Anjali: deal of what they r planning.
Khushi: what planning?
Anjali: wait.
Anjali closes the door.
Anjali: khushi how did u feel when u r in love.
Khushi: excuse me. I have never been madam.
Anjali: I know u love arnav khushi.
Khushi gets shocked
Anjali: nk told me.
Khushi: no he wont tell to anyone. I have that much trust on nk.
Anjali smiles.

Anjali: u r correct , I learnt it from ur diary. Leave it. tell me the truth. .
Khushi: yes.
Anjali: ok. did u not get sad seeing him marrying lavanya.
Khushi: yes. but I had happiness me that my love got his love. It is easy to understand anjali. If u see ur loved ones happy then u will get ur happiness.
Anjali hugs khushi.
Anjali: u r really great. U know no one will have heart like u .
Khushi: ok leave all that. tell about the dealing or else I will tell.
Anjali: blackmailer. Ok. arnav is not married and he too loves u..
Khushi: stop blaberring yaarr. How can he love me yaar . she laughs. Talk sensibly. How can he yaar? she laughs. Don’t make me laugh.
Arnav: why cant i?
Khushi gets shocked.
Anjali: u both sort out. bye.
Anjali leaves cosing the door.

Khushi: r u doing any drama arnav?
Arnav: no.
Khushi: how can u say like that? she laughs. U loving me.?
Arnav: u r happy inside khushi but clearly making it as a joke.
Khushi: no not at all. I am not cracking jokes yaar. telling the truth.
Arnav: ok. I left lavanya. I didn’t marry lavanya.. she and aman got married.
Khushi get shocked.
Arnav: I love u khushi. not anyone else. Please don’t hide anything. I love u from my heart. I want u khushi.
Khushi gets teary eyed.
Arnav hugs her.
Arnav: I cant be without u. I didn’t realize it first I am sorry. please. I love u khushi.
Khushi hugs him tight.
Khushi: did u take these many years to tell this.
Arnav smiles.
Khushi: I love u arnav.
Arnav: I know before itself.
Khushi: but how?
Arnav: I read it in ur diary and nk also told when I asked him.
Khushi: u know.if I die now also I have no worries.
Arnav closes her mouth.
Arnav: don’t ever tell like that. ok. now it is ur beating section.
Khushi : what beating section?
Arnav takes a stick.
Arnav: r u a mahaan?
Khushi: what.
Arnav: like u r sacrificing ur love. He beats her slightly. How dare u speak about Nikhil always. hwo can u dance with aman.how can u just simply sit when I was goingto marry other one.
Khushi starts running inside the room.
Khushi laughs.
Arnav: I am angry and u r laughing.
Khushi: sorry.
She climbs above the bed.
Khushi: u cant catch me mr raizada.
Arnav: oh is it.
He jumps and he falls above her.
They both have an eyelock.
Arnav tucks her hair behind her ears.
He slowly move towards her.
But the door opens.
Anjalai: oh my god I didn’t see. She closes her eyes.

Arnav and khushi get up in embrassement.
Arnav: anjali u.
Anjali: sorry bhaiya but mom and dad r calling us all downwards.
Arnav: no one knows that we both have reconciled na?
Anjali: no one knows.
Khushi: arnav , u could have directly told to me na about this things. why this much dramas.
Arnav: everything isthat raman’s idea.
Anjali: u wont believe dhi. What is that name. haan. This got instigating the jealousy.
Khushi laughs.
Anjali: I only told arnav that this all wont work out and devised this simple and cute plan.
Arnav: for that plan u took bribe also na . my credit card.
Anjali: bhaiya. Wont u do this much for ur sister also?
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: we will do a drama and see what raman is doing more.
Arnav: ok done.
The trio leaves down.
Khushi: what happened mom.
Garima: breakfast. For that only I called.
Everyone get seated.

Raman: arnav u go and sit beside khushi.
Arnav: then lavanya.
Khushi stares at arnav.
Sanskar: she will sit near mom.
Arnav an dkhushi seated together in next next chair.
Khushi thinks. Oh lavanya. Wait I will show u who I am.
Khushi with her leg nails pokes arnav.
Arnav: ouch.
Sanskar: what happened?
Khushi: what happened arnav. did something bite u: she said this cunningly.
Arnav: no yaar. I think so a rat.
Anjali: haan yes. I too saw a rat. There it went.
Swara: what ? she stands on the chair.
Sarika: swara.
Swara:mom. Rat.
Sanskar: come on swara no rat . open ur eyes and see.
Swara: no I wont get down.
Sanskar says in a little tone.
u r just now 5 years swara. Behaving exactly like a child.
Swara: I heard. Don’t speak to me. raman. she calls him .
But raman and ishita both were sitting with an eyelock as they both were playing with their legs.

Swara shouts: bhaiya.
Raman comes to the sentence.
Raman: what happened?
Swara: rat..
Raman: swara, r u a child.
Swara: don’t talk to me.
Sanskar: all had the breakfast na. leave. Let her stand in the chair itsef.
Everyone leaves laughing.
Swara: ok go. She stands on the table. Anyone doesn’t care about me. I don’t know why I am afraid of rats. I am afraid.
Sanskar comes to the dinning hall.
Sanskar: come. get down. Dotn behave childishly?
Swara: no I wont. Don’t talk to me.
Sanskar: waste to talk to u. he lifts her and takes her to room..
Swara smiles like a girl who got her choclates.
He makes her sit on the bed.
Sanskar: in our room no rats r there. Sit.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: ok I will leave.
Swara holds sanskar’s hand.
Sanskar looks at her.
She gets up and kisses him in cheeks.
Swara: thank u.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: if I want to accept ur thanks then ..
He moves to her and kisses her.
Swara hugs him back.

In the other side.
Ishita: I won the game there.
Raman: no cheating. I left the game as swara called.
Ishita: anyway I won.
Raman: no this is cheating. We will play it again.
Ishita: ok fine.
They both keep on fighting.
Ishita gets an idea.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: what. Don’t plan anything. I wont give up this time.
Ishita: oh really? See.
She goes near him and kisses him in cheeks. He stops his leg.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: see I won.
Raman: this is again cheating.
Ishita: I won 2 times so u cant say anything mr bhalla.
Raman: ok fine. I accept.
Ishita: r u having fever?
Raman: why?
Ishita: u r accepting ur an losser. Is this raman bhalla ? pinch me na.
Raman pinches her.
Ishita: ah…
Raman: ok I will go to office.
Ishita: ok bye.

Raman: what ur husband is going and u r saying like ok bye. Wont u say like “ I will miss u” come baack soon” don’t go to office anything like that. exactly behaving as a typical wife like go to office. I don’t know what u wife will do after we all go to office.
Ishita: we will dance on Punjabi songs saying I am free from torture and by the way U only wanted to go. Did I tell u to go?
Raman: then u r telling me not to go?
Ishita: I know u r not going to office as khushi is here. why this much dramas. Instead of showing me the drama go and help arnav.
Raman: yes u r right.
Raman leaves.
Ishita laughs.
Ishita: u r crazy raman.


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