i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 16

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Hi guys so sorry for not posting as I had exams. Without wasting time lets get into the next episode.

A week later.
Khushi Is waiting outside the airport.
Nk arrived.
Khushi: hi nk.
Nk: hi
Khushi: how is laksh? What u both did without me?
Nk: did u ask how is ur bro? u asked laksh first.
Khushi: seeing u I can see how u r nk. Come lets go to home.
In car.
Khushi: whatever they say don’t care about it nk.
Nk: why u r saying?
Khushi: just.
Nk: ok.

They both reached home.
Everyone welcomed them.
At the same day at night.

Raman: sanky give me some ideas na to propose ishu. I am not even getting any idea.
Sanky: hmm. Better close ur eyes and say it in a go.
Arnav: my sister will not accept proposal like that.
Raman: then u give idea na.
Nk: raman, make the place as special as she likes and propose her.
Arnav: she wont like that.
Nk: I am just giving idea na.
Arnav: no need od ur ideas. Thanks.
Raman: arnav.
Nk: why r u speaking to me like that. did u have any enemity yaar. u r showing anger on me as if that I have snatched ur happiness.
Ramna: arnav his idea was nice only. I am going to take that only. Ok bye. I should plan for tomorrow.
Sanskar: hello ramna. Help me na. I helped u na.
Raman: what should I do?
Sanskar: about ur sister. how can she yaar caling me brother.
Nk: that is ur problem right.
Sanskar: right.
Nk tells a plan and that is muted.

Next day was Sunday
Ishita wakes up late.
There was a parcel near her.

It was written as for my Jhansi rani.
Ishita smiles.
She opens the parcel and finds a long cute pink top with jeans with matching accessories.
Ishita smiles as it was her fav color.
She wears this and was ready.
She receives another message asking her to come down.
She goes down.
Raman was waiting with his bike.
Ishita: raman what is this?
Raman: get on the bike.
Ishita sits at the back side.
Raman starts driving.
Ishita enjoys the most but keeps silent.
Raman smiles seeing her antics..

At the other side.
Swara comes out of the room.
Swara: sanky where is raman?
Sanksar: he went out with ishu.
Swara: oh. Ok then I will go to khushi room.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: hmm.
Sanskar: swara can u come to the puja room now.
Swara: hmm ok.
Both leaves down.
They reach to the puja room.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: hmm.
Sanskar: tie me rakhi na. I am ur brother na. u usually tie raman and arnav but why not me when u call me brother.
Swara: vo sanky actually.
Sanky: come on swara. Tie na.
Swara: I cant tie u as.
Sanky: u address me brother only na.
Swara makes a angry expression.
Swara: no I wont. What will u do.
Sanky: I am ur brother na. hereafter I will call u sister. come on sister tie me rakhi na.
Swara: don’t call e sister yaar.
Sanky: come on yaar. khushi is my sister then khushi’s friend is also my sister na.
Swara: sanskar.

Sanky: call me brother sister.
Swara: sanskar in an angry tone. She starts throwing the things over him.
Sanky starts running in the hall.
Swara: hwo dare u call me sister . do I look like an sister to u.
Sanskar: when u call me brother why cant I call u sister. sister sister.
Swara: don’t call.
Sanskar: y?
Swara:because I love u.
Swara then realizes what she said.
Sanskar: what u love me?
Swara: when did I say like that.
Sanksar: say once na swara. Please.
He starts running towards her.

Swara runs forward.
Swara and sanskar bot slips and sanskar falls on swara.
Sanskar: say now once please.
Swara: no.
Sanskar: then I wotn leave u.
Swara: ok. I love u sanky. Not from now from childhood onwards.
Sanky: I too love u swara. U r my world.
Sanskar tucks swara hair behind her ears.
Both have an eyelock.
Khushi comes out of the room to hall to make tea.
Khushi: oh thisis happening ah… she take the picture.
And moves into the kitchen. Then they both get up.

In the other side.
Raman takes ishita to a farmhouse.
Ishita: raman why r we here.
Raman: shoo come in.
Ishita and raman both goes in.
Raman closes ishu’s eyes .
He takes her inside and makes her sit in a chair and besides him he sits.
The room was dark.
Raman ons the display and there was a cute video.
Raman was speaking in that video.

Raman: hi hello. This is raman bhalla here to say about a beautiful girl. this girl is not an ordinary girl but is more special to me . her smile will kill anyone.

Ishita smiles seeing the video.
Video continues…
Raman: do u know . I want to say her one thing. Which I don’t have the confidence to see her eyes and says as I am really scared . whenever I try to say I am lost in her eye. So ishu I want to say that this khadoos, that is thisn raman bhalla loves u a lot. I love u ishita singh raizada. Will u be ishita raman bhalla through out the life?

Ishita smiles and nods her head.
The video offs and raman gets up and ons the light.
Ishita was surprised to see the decorations and amazed to see the architecture as everything was made of pink.
Raman moves opposite to ishita.
Raman: I love u ishita. I love u a lot. I don’t know when I started loving u. I wanted u to be always with my life. Will u be?
Ishita smiles and hugs him
Ishita: I too love u a lot raman. I just wanted u too confess first. I was waiting to hear this 3 words from ur mouth.
Raman smiles.
Raman makes ishita stand and he sits and makes her wear a ring which was made of two letters IR.

In the home.
Khushi was making tea.
Arnav: khushi can u make a tea for me also.
Khushi: sure . why not.
Arnav thinks how she easily accepted.
Arnav: khushi u don’t have any anger on me na. for speaking like that.
Khushi: why should I be angry with u yaar.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi: here have this tea.
Arnav takes the tea and sits in the sofa.
He tastes the tea and spits it .

Arnav: khushi angrily.
Khushi comes out of the kitchen having her tea.
Arnav: why have u put salt on it.
Khushi: punishment for speaking to me like that. how dare u say me to put tea that too for u. am I ur puppet whenever u get angry u scold and whenever u r good u be friendly.
Arnav: it is my mistake. I went and asked a tea from a girl like u na. its my mistake only.
Khushi: yes. now u accepted na. go and prepare ur tea and drink.
Arnav: I don’t know why this cook didn’t come in time today.
Khushi: today she is leave.
Arnav: ok and goes inside the kitchen.
Arnav: omg arnav u don’t know to keep a hot water also na. u na. only knows to speak.
Khushi comes in.
Khushi: move I will make.
Arnav: no need.
Khushi: move mr laad governor. Don’t waste my time.
Arnav moves.

Khushi makes tea and gives him. he immediately drinks the tea,
Khushi moves out but she slips due to oil in the floor and was about to fall but arnav holds her.
Both had a eyelock.
Arnav: can I put u down?
Khushi: I don’t want any help from u.
Arnav puts her down.
Khushi falls in a thud.
Khushi: laad governor .
Arnav leaves

She gets up but her legs get sprained.
Khushi: ouch. my leg. She couldn’t walk at all.
Arnav comes and helps her.
He carries her to the room and make her lie down and applies ointment to the khushi’s wounded leg.
Khushi was in heaven as she didn’t expect this from arnav. I think I should say that I love him and how he is important to my life. i will say him my love tomorrow. I love u arnav.i don’t know u will accept me or not. Eventhough we fight I love u arnav. I don’t know how i am going to say to u.


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  1. Kumud

    The girl would be lavanya anyways nice one can’t wait for the next one and how was ur exam

  2. Veronica

    Arre who is that girl???? Update soon yaar cant wait…. the epi was mind-blowing

  3. Jasminerahul

    Swasan scene was the best.very cleverly sanky made aware confess her love.ishra confession was romantic. Arabi fight was funny.Arnav caring too.wonder whether khushi will be able to confess or not

  4. Ramishita scenes are nice…swasan scenes are awesome…Arshi scenes are superb….waiting for next updates….

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