Sony TV’s Ishq Par Zor Nahin to go in for a Leap!!

There are only a few shows which are able to hold the attention of the viewers. While we read about TRPs of the week every week but many a times we wonder, how are these shows even sustaining their spots. One of the shows which has a good narrative and is managing good viewership if Ishq Par Zor Nahin. Lot of things are going on in this Sony TV show lately where the current track has indeed several mega moments for the viewers to enjoy. But the show is now all set to take a leap and that too very soon.

That’s right. The viewers need not worry as a leap is usually a long one and means a change in cast. But here in the case of Ishq Par Zor Nahi, the leap will be of six months and nothing much in the cast will change.  After Ishqi (Akshita Mudgal) calls off her wedding with Mayank, the leap of six months will be enabled. Reports suggest that Ishqi and Ahaan (Param Singh) will move separate ways and their reunion will only happen after the leap in an interesting way.

The show, as we know is about Ahaan and Ishqi primarily where they are polar opposites of each other who still fall in love.

  1. Pranjal Singh

    Nooo 😭😭

  2. What does this mean?? Is it going off air for 6 months?? Please I really hope not..

    1. It means in serial the time will move 6 months ahead. It is like 6 months later in serial time.

    2. Show gonna take leap not going to off air

    3. No, The show is not going off air it will have a time leap in the story of the show

    4. No it just means that they are going to show the story with an ‘after 6 month’ story. The show is not going off air it is just taking a 6 month leap in its story.

    5. No they are gonna show a leap of 6 months like in the start of the ep or somewhere in between they are gonna be like 6 months later and then the story continues.

  3. Vandana Nikhra


    1. Ohh thank goodness.. I thought the serial wld go off air for 6 months..phew!!!!!

      I love this show and will be extremely mad with Sony if the stop this serial.. if they need to cancel any shows they should choose from the many that they have going on which aren’t good at all..

  4. What the fudge? Why? Leap is unnecessary.

    1. I agree! What the fudge!

    2. I think it’s necessary. I can’t to see how they are going to meet up again

    3. Please don’t change the characters. We love the characters we have right now. Especially the main leads and the supportive main leads. Ishqi, Ahaan, Karthik and Sonu with their aunties and uncles.

  5. It would be interesting to see how they meet again!

    1. Yupp really excited

  6. Kshirin yadav

    I hope so after the leap show doesn’t lose its TRP unlike akshita old show bhakarwadi lost after 7 years leap

    1. Wow!! Really excited

  7. Samaila

    Are you kidding me? 😔😔

  8. I hope that after the leap they met soon .😊😋

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