Sonali Phogat disrespects food, Nicky calls her a fool

Bigg Boss-14 contestants have started to develop special respect for food after Bigg Boss undertook the rationing in his own hands. But in the recent episode Sonali Phogat was seen wasting food. Although Arshi reminds Sonali of limited ration for house mates but Arshi chose to ignore her and in a fit of rage throws the food in the dustbin.

This action of hers irked Rubina Dilaik and she said ‘Inka ‘VIP nature hai, usko adjust kar rahe hain, iska ye matlab nahi hai ki wo ann ka anaadar karengi. Please apne ghar pe jaa kar ye sab karein (She has a ‘VIP nature’ we are adjusting with her, But that does not mean she will disrespect food. She can behave like this at her home, not here).’

The housemates were angry at the act but Nicky took it one notch up and said, ‘Aap besharam ho ke khana fenk rahe ho? Yahan pe ann nahi mil raha, aap fenke jaa rahe ho. Isliye mai aapko bolti hu bewakoof (We are not getting enough food and you are shamelessly throwing it away. This is why I call you stupid).’

  1. 100nalli

  2. The show is stooping to new lows , instead of Big Boss 14 entertaining viewers we are shown prolonged fights buy housemates over petty issues . The paratha story and fighting went on for nearly 1 hr and with most of the time housemates trying to seek TV time by joining the arguments . is this the the only important thing achieved in the House in the last 24 hours . What a poor performance by the producers of the BIG Boss . No wonder TRP ratings are the lowest .

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