Sona Mohapatra SLAMS NCW for closing case against Anu Malik

My oh My!! There has been a lashout by Sona Mohapatra once again and I think every girl will stand by her side on this one. Yesterday we read the news that Anu Malik’s #MeToo accusation case has been closed. The National Commission for Women (NCW) closed the case “due to lack of communication/substantial evidence sought from the complainant”.

Actress Sona Mohapatra who was raising her voice on her social media handle, was infuriated and took to her handle once again for slamming NCW for not having any concern for women who were traumatized by Malik’s actions.

Have a look at what she wrote:

According to Mumbai Mirror, NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma said: “Responding to a complaint, we wrote to the complainant. She said she was travelling and whenever she returns, she will visit us. We waited for around 45 days. We had also asked for some documents, but after that she never responded. The complainant had informed us that there are more women who have complaints against Anu Malik and we told her that they can also file a complaint with us but none of them have responded yet. This is not a permanent closure of the case. If the complainant comes forward or brings more evidence or submits any kind of document, we can reopen it.”

Mohapatra, who has been a strong crusader of the MeToo movement, took to Twitter to slam the commission and Sony TV. She even tagged Smiriti Irani ji in her post to gain more momentum. In a long post, she wrote that the statement of the NCW chairperson about lack of communication was false. “I collated multiple testimonies painstakingly and mailed it to them within a few days of them asking for it.”

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