Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 9)

Before starting epi
Quick note: I am changing Sia from 14 years to 20 years. It is necessary for bond between them

Ice cream fun with friend ship proposal and cute bedroom scene

Episode 9
Later whole day both twinj were preventing to meet each other gaze as they were feeling hell awkward for morning scene. But somewhere kunj was happy at all this while Twinkle was having no response about scenes just remember something from past.
Like this days passed they were having cute nok jhok with each other but having fun also.sia and kunj as usual continue fight while Twinkle used to admire them. With passage of time Twinkle start getting out of trauma and she was forgetting all that but not completely somewhere she was doing comparison of her past and present and she was happy now. Twinj bond was getting stronger day by day and they become best friends. But kunj never asked her about her past as he know it would hurt her.

Three months later ?
A room with pinkish decoration was shown. There was someone lying on bed covered with blanket. then two person were shown entering the room having smirks on their faces. They moved towards the bed and slowly slid the blanket revealing heavenly beauty inside she was none other than Twinkle (u all have guessed off course). One person have jug of water in his hand and other was sliding the blanket. Then with the count three they pour water on her face and shouted
“Good morning Twinkle”
They were none other than kia(kunj and Sia).
Twinkle woke up with a jerk and when she saw both of them she shouted
T.: Uuuuuu…..I won’t leave u now….
Saying this she started chasing them with pillow in her hand and hit them. They have a cute pillow fight and after when they get tired they trio fell on bed when Twinkle spoke
T: u both will never change. U know I love sleep and u both did it intentionally (making a pout)
Kunj and Sia both pulled her cheeks from either sides and spoke at same time
K/S : becoz we love our beautiful friend
T: awww….I love u too
They shared a group hug. Then after kunj and Sia went to there room. Kunj to get ready for office and Sia to get ready for college as her vacations got over. Twinkle also went to freshen up.
After a while trio were doing breakfast while teasing each other. Then kunj and sia left while Twinkle was at home. She too wanna study and was seeing Sia with desire and dream in her eyes. Daai MAA notice her and understand her problem and thought to talk to kunj about it.


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