Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – ff (Episode 2)

Episode 2

Night ??
Kunj was laying in bed and was staring at the ceiling and then went to flashback

One and half month before :

Kunj Came to India for official meeting. Kunj was returning from office to hotel. It was a dark night. In middle of road he saw a girl was walking. He gave horn many times but no response.Being angry he moved out of car and stepped towards the girl.He reached near her and called out but still no response she was just walking non stop.then he jerk her and turn her towards him.He was shocked at state of girl. Her hair was messy and eyes blood red. Her lips were bleeding from side and she had expression less face. Her state was like someone rape her.kunj calmed down and being concerned asked her
K :hey. What happen?are u fine and what r u doing here at this hour of night?
G: (no response)
K : (jerked her again )Hey I am talking to u. What happen?

But this time girl push him hard and start running on the road. Kunj ran behind her .he was a little far from her when on that road a high speed truck hit her . He shouted and ran towards her. He put her head on his lap and tried to wake her up but she was unconscious. He immediately took her to hospital. She was taken for treatment. Next day kunj had flight back to New York. But he doesn’t want to leave her in such condition .when she gain conscious he asked about her parents and any relatives but she didn’t speak. Police advise kunj to go back to New York.
They will find her parents and handle her to them. Kunj was in dilemma whether to leave her or not.
Then daaii MAA called him to ask for his arrival and at that time he told her everything. She said to take her along with him and when police will find her parents they will handle to them .kunj agreed at this and told police the same .

Police also agreed as he was powerful bussinessman of New York. While leaving the nurse handed him some things of girl. One was locket between them. It was butterfly shaped locket .he opened it .one side there was pic of girl with name written “Twinkle”
2nd pic was of boy that was blurr pic. Kunj took her along to New York.

*Flashback ends*
Till that day to now police didn’t find her parents. They think that she might live in other city.

Author’s note: thanks my all dear friends for such a beautiful response. Do comment like this guyzz ??. Hope u will like this one also and if u want epi regularly then it will be a lil short and if u want long then next epi will be after 2 days.tell me what u want guyzz and again a great wala thanks .
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