Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 16)


Twinkle went to hospital and was checking her appointments. She checked all patients and treat the one also because of which she was called early.

On the other side in INDIA

The same man and lady was packing their luggage to go to new york.Same man came to lady and called her

‘MOM, we r getting late. come fst with aman(the mental man in previous part).

‘coming beta’

soon they left to airport and there met a man who called them

‘UV sir ……… anita mam…..these r ur tickets?”

they took the tickets then left from there.  THey reache the newyork next day.


Uv and anita book the hotel as the appointment was next day.

On the other side twinkle was informed by her secretry that their is few important appointments on the next day as she was on leave today.

Twinkle kunj and sia they trio went outside for having a fun and also the main reason was siya was leaving for london for important meeting and also she gonna strt her company there…THEY had a great fun whole day while enjoing, watching movies, and going to their fav private place, tht was beautiful lake in park. they returned home late in night and went to sleep as next day was going to be hectic. but not knowing wht next day going to bring for them


Twinkle and kunj first went to see off sia. after leaving sia they went to hospital. droping twinkle at hospital kunj went to his office for attendng few of his meetings.

twinkle came and went to her cabin. She dealt with her all appointments and only one was left. she was waiting for dr. robert to call her. till then she was relaxing and was listenings the music.suddenly some one enter in her cabin. she was lost so she could not notice then someone start tickling her. she started laughing like hell.

‘plz stop….heheheh…..kunj ……stop u idot’

And then he stop and she start hitting him.

‘what r u doing here? u have appointments na. u were lying right?

” no yr i was missing my siyyapa queen and thats why i am here sweetheart” he said while winking.

” u idiot …..tell me properly” she said faking anger.

” are yar jungli.. i finished my meetings so came here to check how patients and staff tolerate u?” he said while laughing.

Jus then a nurse came and inform her that dr. robert is calling her. she went along with kunj to meet him. both enters his cabin. dr. robert was their with a man. he stood to greet them

“hey jas(he used to call twnkle as jas becoz twinkle remind hm of his friend jas. also kunj and robert were good friends becoz of twinkle only)

‘hello doc”

” jas meet him(points towards the man)he is yuvraj luthra . here for disscussing about an important patient to u’

both uv and twnkle were shocked to see each other. Uv was shocked to see her alive while twinkle was shocked to see her past before her. both shared a painful eyelock which was broken by ringtone of Uv phone indicating  a new msg.

twinkle came in sense and went outside immediately ignoring others as she cant stand there. uv rushed behind her. kunj was confused so he too went behind them.

uv stop twinkle by holding her wrist.

“Twinkle plz stop”

‘what the hell…..leave me’

“u…u ….r … ? he said while crying.

” yes i am alive. u were expecting me to die? but unfortunately i am alive” she replied while yelling.

“dont say like this.. plz…we all got to know the truth twinkle….plz forgive me ”

‘oooo so u got to know the truth thats why u are asking for forgiveness. but what about me han who was in ur feet crying to believe me but no u believe that blo*dy and blamed me only. u all blamed me. u all broke me …..spoiled my life…” she said while crying and yelling.

UV hugged twnkle and said” plz forgive me …… i wll do what u want…plzzz”

twinkle jerked him and said” u lost this right long ago mr. luthra”

Saying this she went to her cabin and start crying miserabely. kunj who was listening all this was numb and standing there shocked. he then after sometime went to twinkle cabin where she was crying…….



  1. amazing episode
    eager to know twinkle’s past and her connection with luthra’s
    and kunj’s reaction after that plz post soon cant wait plz and dont end it so soon

  2. Post sooon………… u left in a cliffhanger……

  3. Himanigaur

    Heyy pls post soon… eager to know Kunj’s reaction… don’t end so soon pls… love!

  4. Presha

    Loved it

  5. superb epi
    Kya yr aise koi clifhanger pr chodta h Kya
    chl koi na plz post soon
    or what was this ki next will be last

  6. SSK

    Amazing episode…. Just want to know twinkles past… Plz plz plz post soon n also plz dnt end it so soon ?

  7. Ananya_DSK

    Finally!!! The wait felt like an eternity….! Twinj scenes were so good!! Their friendship was presented really beautifully…. Oh!! Twinkle’s past is back to haunt her.? I can’t wait to know about it…. And Kunj…? He seemed a little too confusing to judge as to what his reaction was on hearing Yuvi’s talks with Twinkle…. Gosh!!! So much of suspense!! I can’t hold in my anxiety anymore… You’ve done a great job! Loved it!!

  8. is this episode 15 or 16?
    if 15, then plz give the link of 14

  9. Twinj2000

    Hey darling long time haan….but I’m commenting again late ??
    The episode was amazing ❤️❤️
    TwInkles past ??
    God knows what must have happened
    I just hope twinj ll be together at end ????
    Next episode is last ???kyun ?
    Naiiiii ??
    But Post soon??
    Waiting ??

  10. yrrr kitne time baad aayi ho aur aate hi humko saza de di plzzz yrrr end mt krna plzzz
    Episode was awesome fabulous amazing dear
    Finally twinkle ka past aayega samne aur plzzz twinj ko alag mat krna plzzz
    post soon dear
    luvvvv u

  11. VeerSharma

    nice episode……….. after reading your ff i became a Twinj fan and now i regret that why i did not see tashan e ishq when my sis and mom use to see it …………
    awesome episode n i liked all the scenes and i like your imagination
    Waiting for your next post

    so plz post soon and get well soon………………..

  12. VeerSharma

    nice episode……….. after reading your ff i became a Twinj fan and now i regret that why i did not see tashan e ishq when my sis and mom use to see it …………
    awesome episode n i liked all the scenes and i like your imagination
    Waiting for your next post
    so plz post soon and get well soon………………..

  13. Awesome Amazing superb
    Amazingly written
    Loved it.

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