Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 15)

Episode 15

A beautiful morning was shown in sarna mansion. Daai MAA was working in kitchen while there was silence in house. All knew that this silence will not remain till long as three was sleeping now after waking up of whole night. As Twinkle came back after so long time so they trio missed their masti and all so now they was doing compensation of previous days.

Daai MAA went to wake the trio pranksters. They were successful in their life but was childish too. She entered a great hall where was a big projector and on the floor a beautiful carpet was there with mattress over it. As she entered her eyes popped up seeing the condition of hall now. The three were sleeping like drunkard on the mattress. On the table there was some eatables scattered . The room was a total mess.

Daai MAA angry called three of them to wake them up but they didn’t show any movement. She jerks them one by one to which they whispered sleepily
” Please let us sleep daai MAA. We just slept now”
She tried her best to wake them up but could not succeed suddenly she smirked seeing something on table. She move towards table and lift the water jug and pour on three on them. Trio shouted
” Who the hell is this?”
Stopped seeing daaii MAA staring angrily to them. They pouted seeing her and tried to sleep again but she said something to which they had to agreed.
“If u all didn’t wake up now I am going to throw ur fav Pani puri, aloo paratha with chutney and chocolate pastries with cherry which I made myself”

“Noooo” was reply which came instantly from trio. As they knew she made world best food.
” Then u should be there in dinning room within 15 mints” said Daii MAA.

Then Twinkle phone start ringing. Which she lifted and
“Twinkle mam!”
Yes me only ”
“Mam it’s me nurse Anaya”
“Yes Anaya speak”
Mam u return from meeting and u have an important appointment to attend now”
“Oh yes! By the way anything serious with patient”
“No mam he is fine but sometimes he gets attack. It will be good if u would be here as soon as possible”
“Ok I will be there in 15 minutes”
” Ok mam”
Twinkle conversation ended. She spoke with disappointment.
“I can’t eat the delicious food (pout) . Gotta go now”
She stand and was wearing sleeveless top with short. She went to her room freshen up and got ready in jeans and top. Then she went downstairs. All were waiting for her to ask is everything okay? As she reached down kunj asked
” Is everything ok?”
“Yes just a case”
Hmm… All cases of neurology are almost serious”
“No need to worry. I will be back soon”
” I will pick u up”
” Ok bye”


Same man was saying to same lady.
M: I have made all arrangements to take him to New York. We r leaving in night. Tomorrow is appointment.
L: beta r u sure he will recover?
M: yes she is best neurologist. She will cure him for sure.
L: who is she? I mean what’s her name?
M: Dr jass . The head told me this name.
L: ok .I will pray God cure my son .


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