Sometimes Love Is Long Time Coming (Episode 1)

Sometimes Love Is Long Time Coming (SLILTC).
This ff is based on Arshi.

“I don’t want to see your face”Arnav says to Khushi with a angry face.”Please Arnav listen to me”Khushi requests him.

Arnav goes from there leaving Khushi sad.”Why this happens with me only?”Khushi asks herself and cries.

“He removed me from his company just for spilling jiuce on him.”Khushi says while cleaning her tears.

Arnav thinks “I din’t removed her from company for spilling juice on me.I removed her because she is not disciplined girl”

Arnav is walking when he steps on something.A child cones there.He is his niece Aayush.Arnav removes his feet and see s a spinner.

Arnav:Come on Aayush I think I have to stop buying spinners for you.You throw your spinners here and there.Aayush:I am sorry chachu and please buy ne a new spinner of captain america.Arnav:No not this time.

Aayush:Please please please
Arnav:Ok but take care of your spinner.I will buy it today.
Aayush:Thank you chachu.

Aayush goes from there.Khushi comes there and Arnav looks at her.
Khushi:Please give me one last chance.
Khushi:Please please please
Arnav:Are you and Aayush siblings?
Arnav:Nothing and no.
Arnav is going but Khushi comes in front of him.
Khushi:I will not let you go until you don’t say yes.

She sits in front of him.He goes from side.Khushi stands up.
Khushi:Please only one chance.
Arnav stops
He goes from there and Khushi gets happy and starts dancing.She is dancing when Arnav comes their.She stops her dance.He narrows her eyebrows.
Khushi:I…..I was just……
Arnav:I came here to take my phone.
He takes his phone and goes from there.She sighs.She again starts dancing on chikni chameli.

Precap-Beauty contest.

  1. Fenil

    Nice start.
    Funny Khushi and Angry Arnav.
    Cute Aayush and Sweet Chachu.
    Loved it.

  2. Arni

    Amazing start Cedric keep going ?

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