Hii guys so because of the huge fan following of cabir I have decided to make him an integral part of my ff.and guys thers one change..nandini will not live with her aunt but will in hostel.
So here is introduction of cabir
Cabir-cabir is a naughty cute guy..mama’s boy..manik’s buddy..his first impression will make you think he is naught begda guy but give him time and you will find a brother in him..this is cabir if you are bad he is your dad…if you are good he is better..

Its raining heavily… the rain is slashing on the windows of the bus as nandini murthy is sitting comfortably on the window side seat admiring the beauty of nature….soon city arrives…..MUMBAI..the city of dreams..nandu is bemused,amazed and excited to see the striking lights, haughty and tired people and heavy rains of mumbai…
Nandu thinks wow yr this is gonna be great!leaving alone in Mumbai.i am gonna be them most successful and happiest person ever….
Bus stops…nandu gets down..she looks around..due to rains trafiic is at a standstill…people are waiting for buses under shades..some eating samosa and some drinking chais…
Nandu thinks ohh what a scene!!how masi used to make garam garam pakodas during such rains at home…ohh my mouth’s watering..I havent even eaten anything…
She goes near a chai tapri and orders chai…the rains are still splasing..thundering ….nandu takes the hot mug and feels its warmth…[ohh how nice it feels yar!!]…she drinks it..its awesome nice warm and welcoming in this cold atmosphere…
Nandu finds the address sheet from her bag.[.so this is the address of hostel..hope its in a good is good but still aiappa!you know na I alwz wants a shant secure place..
She asks taxi driver……a girl also comes there….
Girl-hey I want to go by this taxi..
Nadnu-[little confused] but..i ordered it…you can go by other..
Girl-[looking at the sheet in nandu;s hands]hey one minute..i am also going to the same address…are you going to Mumbai university girls hostel?
Nandu-ya..that’s great…we can go together..
Both sits in the taxi.
Nandu-hii I am nandini
Girl-I am nawya naveli…iknow my name is little hatke..[grins]I am from bihar..want to become singer…going to rock the college..
Nandu-[laughs]nice intro..actually me too came for sinigng..nice name navya..
Navya-[laughs]ha ji!actualy I am ike this only…rockstar navya..
Both of them chats…..two unknown persons from far places meeting in a taxi… an unexpected by lovely friendship it is….

A tall preety girl wearing a beautiful black one piece l and arrogant haughty handsome guy no other than shanya and randhir are sitting in a coffee shop…
Shanaya-sheikhu!i am hungry
Randhri-I know…that’s why you are here[laughs]
Shanaya-oho shekhu…talking with you is waste of…
Randhir—shh!ldnt talk then…eat fast I am bored..
Shanya-I am used to are always bored..[smirks]\
A girl comes there..
Girl-Excuse me…can you tell me where this college is located?i am new here..
Shanya-[takes the paper from her]its in andheri dear!you can go by bus..
Girl-thnx but I never asked how to go..
Shanya is taken aback..
Shanaya-[smiles weakely]ok..actually we too are from same clg…
Girl-see you soon then..
She left…
Shanya-it was weired..
The girl comes back..sits beside shanaya..randhir throws shanaya a look..
Girl-hi I am vidushi kumar…if we are from same college..then we can go will save my money and time.
Shanya-[selfish]ya afcourse…

Sannyukta enters a garden…she is wearing salvar kamiz..specs..and having 3 books in her hand..
Sanyu thinks
Wow peaceful place..kaustuki smart hai..nice place to read..
She sits on a bench..nearby a guy is listening songs..sanyu starts reading novel…the guy looks at her..
He thinks[ padhau..fool]..he gets up …sanyu is sitting moving her legs…suddenly the guy who was walking straight toppled on her legs and is about to fall
Sanyu-[ohh shit]hey sory sory
The guy looks at her..he is yet rude thinks sanyu…
Guy-looking at sanukta[is it your hobby to do this?
Sanyu-[taken aback by this unexpected question]what??no I mean I am sory..why are saying that..
Guy-[smiles]anyways miss this is garden not library..
Sanyu-I the way..i said you sorry..
Guy-afcourse..[he picks nearby book of sanyu and tears it]
Sanyu-[terrified]how dare you[she grabs it back from him]what the hell you think of yourself?idid not do it could you?
Guy-[laughs]TIT FOR TAT.
Sanyu-oh really…[she snatches ipodfrom cracked..she throws them in nearby water puddle..
Sanyu-tit for tat..[she smirks]
His anger evaporates cz of the smart answer of sanyu
Sanyu-I am not like other girls to bear all this..[but she too smiles]
Boy-by the way are you in this college ora road romeo?[smirks]
‘manik hey manik’a girl comes running towards the boy…she is wearing a branded shirt and shorts and is extremely beautiful..her shiny long hair…bag..goggle…sanyu looks at her…she thinks[typical]
Girl-manik what are you doing her?[looks at sanyu]
Manik-aliya you here?are I was just..
Aliya-who is she?
Manik-she[he looks at sanyu..your name he thinks]
Sanyu-I am sanyukta.
Aliya-okok…you know manic?
Sanyu-nope.we met just now.
Aliya-great!by the way I am aliya…gf of manik.[she holds manik’s hand affectionately and smiles]nice to meet u..
Sanyu-ohh nice aliya…you look gorgeous.
Manik-nice introduction[laughs]
Sanyu-your bf is too rude[grins]
All of them laughs…

Nandini and navys reach hostel…they both looks at.its a posh building..its very close from the college..
Nandu-nice one.i like it.
Both of them enters.
Nandu to the receptionist-hii I am nandini murthy…my uncle and aunt came here yesterday to book my room…
Receptionist-tell the name again…[snandu tells all details]..
Receptionist-ok.your room is on 3rd 78[gives key]
Nandu-thankyou mam…
Nadnu to navya-see you soon dear.bye.
Nadnu enters her room..she liked was nice room with and terrace…
Nandu thinks-wow yr thankyou uncle awesome room you have chosen!!!i see someone has already allotted the other bed[looks on the other bed…books novels clothes and luggage bgs are kept there..]she seems intresting to me..ayways I can adjust with anyone…

Precap-a boy is playing guitar…..a tall girl with curly hair and rather haughty look ls looking at him…[nice guy]she thinks….

so guys.this is it.hope you all likes comment guys..thankyou…tc all see you soon with next epi..sory if it was boring..

  1. Sindhu_Varma

    I just loved it..!!!
    Hey which year u studying ?
    Actually i used to have a dream to study in aims but my life took a u-turn nd I backed of ?

    1. hey friend..i am glad you liked it…i am in 2nd year aiims mbbs delhi….

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    Nice start.
    The update was good.
    Waiting for ur next update.

    1. thnx for reading dear.i will update next epi soon…

  3. Hey u r too good yaar druv… Superb… Liked everyone’s entries.. Gr8 epi?

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    Sanyu and manlya scene was so cute! Nice intro lol.
    Navni be hatke always 😉
    Oh I loved it totally!
    Continue soon! 😀

    1. thnx dear..i am very happy that you liked.thnkyou somuch….

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