There Is Something Between Us – Episode 1

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There is something between us.

Episode 1.
Koyal Roy Family: Tanvi(Sister),Monju(Mother), Gautam(Father).
Raj Sharma Family: Suyyash(Father),Aparajita(Mother),Aastha(Sister).
Madhwan Verma Family: Karishma(Mother), Upen(Father), Ishani(Sister).

Raj and Koyal belongs to a rich family, They both don’t have any problem, there are very independent, they do such things, which anybody can’t think or expect, Madhwan is their friend and he always tries that They didn’t do such thingsbut
they never take him seriously there is also a boy named romesh , everyone called him romi, he is just like raj, but romi and raj always learn and are very good in studies, maddy also, madhwan also, but koyal have no interest,

At college.
Everyone are around koyal.
Koyal: friends , i don’t like to learn, so if anyone make me cheat so…
Romesh comes.
Romesh: i do babes but what should i get.
Koyal: what do you want?

Romi: 1 night.
Koyal: done.
Romi: todays night and then tomorrow exams.
Raj comes.
Raj: babes i will make you cheat.
Romi: i say first.
Raj: so what.
Koyal: stop both of you, i’ll spend one night with those, who wins the hand game and the game is Panja larana.
Romi: done.

Raj: ok.
They sits on chairs.
Romi tries hard to win but raj wins.
Koyal: so raj you won i am with you, Full Night hotel at 9 pm.
She goes.

Romi goes angrily.
Madhwan comes.
Raj: maddy.
Madhwan: tu aisa kuch mat karna.
Raj: come on aise chance kon miss karta he use masla nahi he to tu kyu kabab me haddi ban raha he.
He pushes him little and goes.
Maddy: marwayenge or marenge dono.
At Night.
Koyal is wearing blue jacket then black shirt then blue short shirt.
Raj is wearing coat, shirt of White colour.

At room.

Raj comes.
Koyal: agaye.
Raj locks the door.
Raj: no i am in road.
Koyal stands and come and touch his face.
Koyal: it’s not a joke.
Raj holds her tight from belly and kiss on neck madly.
Koyal push him.
Raj wear off his coat and goes to her.
She sits on bed.
Raj comes close, she again push him.
Raj: are u cheating me.
Koyal pull him and lies on him.
Koyal: did you think so.

They both stands, koyal goes near mirror and sees herself, Raj comes from Behind, Raj put hand on her belly and bite her ear.
Koyal(Slowly): ahhhhhhh.
Raj bites little on her neck.
Koyal: ahmmmmm.
Raj takes out her Jacket, She turns.
Koyal: aage Tomorrows night.
Kesa he continue karu.

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