Something about you part 6 (promises)

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Heya guys i m back
Thank you for your lovely comments
I don’t know but still i feel its becoming boring
But don’t wrry i will figure out and make it interesting
So stay tuned
Link of the prologue and other parts
All Parts here

So lets start
~~part 7~~
It was a normal day again past their meet in the garden
Swara was watering the plants upset with something and she was again singing her favorite song
Lavenders green dilly dilly
lavenders blue
If you love me dilly dilly
I shall love you
Just then someone said
“What a beautiful voice you have my dear”
“Pardon me miss i did not mean to disturb you ..actually i did not notice you”
“Oh come on i may be queen but this nature makes me forget everything ..who i am? All worries.. its peace here!!”
“I know mam its heaven here and i must say its a beautiful garden and i love taking care of the plants”
“Dear when i was new here i used to take care of them like my babies but now i have to look after several works…. and i just can’t look after them and i have said sanskar to tell his bride in advance that she has to look after this garden ..i know its silly ”
“No actually”swara says(yeah she is swara) and queen raises her eyebrow
” Yeah it is silly i admit” and they both laugh but swara again becomes sad and starts watering the plants
“Dear u can continue the song for me pls? …i love it..its unique..i am sure it definitely has a story”
“Yeah mam this song my dadi used to sing to me when i did not get sleep and now she is not there but this song always makes me feel her presence”
“Then i must say ur dadi is lucky indeed”queen says and swara smiles
She starts singing the song again
Lavender’s blue,
Dilly dilly,
Lavenders green.

When I am King,
Dilly dilly,
You shall be Queen.

Who told you so,
Dilly dilly,
Who told you so?

T’was my own heart,
Dilly dilly,
That told me so.
“Mom are you okay?”
” Yeah son now i am completely fine …this young lady has a melodious voice that made my heart light
No worries ..just this nature and this song”queen said looking at swara
Sanskar too looked at her and swara just turned her face
“Mom dad is worried for you …he is waiting for you ”
“Yeah son just 1 min u go i am coming”
Sanskar just gave a quick look to swara and went
“So u are his friend!!”queen says
“See swara shocked na? As to how did i know ur name?”
Swara nodded
“That’s because my son loves me very much he says me every details of his life and how can he miss saying about his special friend and yeah whatever differences you have just sort out ”
Swara widen her eyes as to how she reads her mind
Queen chuckles
” I know because the same thing is happening with him he is upset…not replying anything
He did not have his lunch too and everytime you see its not true there might be some other reason”
Swara nods
“Miss singhania my umbrella?”
“Yeah here it is”she opens it
And queen walks from there

Scene 2 evening
“Ohk kavita you take rest”prince says
“Hmm a hot shower would be helpful”
“Yeah bye”sanskar says and was about to go
” Sanskar are you okay?”
“Yeah bye”
He was walking in the passage when someone pulled him and closed his mouth so he can’t shout after sometime she takes her hands back
Both were lost in each other ..swara makes her head down
“Swara ..iiii iii am srry”he speaks
” why sanskar ..why did you do this made me feel special than what was that i will never meet you again”
He cups swara’s face and says
“Swara i know i could not come to meet you for two days and besides i did not get a chance to inform you tooI am an idiot ”
” Its okay I understand….I want you to be happpy ..its okay i will go”swara says
“What if i say i am happy with you?”
” Are i am saying i will go”
“Ohk”and he becomes sad
” Haha i will go to come back again tomorrow early morning or else you have to come to wake me up!!”
“Bye…wait what matlab you forgave me?”
“Ya but you have to do something !”
“I will do anything you just say”
“Say chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandni chowk mein chandi ki chamach se chutney chatai”
“What swaru no please not this you know my hindi is bad ”
“Prince sanskar scared of speaking hindi not bad you stay here i am going”
“Ohk wait … Chandu ki chacha ne chanda ke chachi ko chandni choowk mein chandni spoon se chutney chataiiii”
“Haha sanskar you are so cute there were many mistakes but it was great..believe me!”she said controlling her tears
“Hey you okay?”
” Yeah promise me sanskar
Never ever will you leave me ”
“Hmm let me think ”
“Sanskar!!!!!”swara said being angry
“Never if you make my wife to not being jealous about us”
“Yeah she has to understand or else i will kidnap you prince”
“First time someone will love being kidnapped”
“Acha ohk have to go bye “swara says
“Bye sanskar kisses her on cheek “swara looks on shock
“What you are my friend!!”
Swara kisses him back on his ear
“Indeed” she giggles and runs
After she goes
“How to say swara gadodia that i have fallen in love with you from the first day
This all was just to get close to you
I can’t stay away from you”

A/N:Shocked? Isn’t it
Hope you liked it
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  1. Adishu

    love…… yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeee…… n I’m eager to know what would happen next…. u know I love fairytale n swasan the most… n u combined both…. thank u n love you….. Thank you…..

    1. Helly_18

      I am very happie dear that you liked it …wait for an another episode
      Thank u so much??

  2. Sanskar…love at first sight????!!!!! COOL!!

    1. Helly_18

      Yeah the time swara was in the conference room …. Stay for more shocking epis??

  3. Awesome ??

  4. awesome epi dr

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      Thanks a lot?

  5. awesome

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      Thanks a lot

  6. Super awesome

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      Thank you so much??

    1. Helly_18

      Thank you??

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