Something about you Episode 3 ( swara’s brave move)

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heya guys
i m.back
missed u …
nd haa srry for posting late
truely enjoyed at my cousins wedding nd den damn tired for a dae so thought to post it todae as now i m completely fine
enough of my bak bak
nd i m really srry that i was not able to reply to d comments..
here is d link of prologue
click here
part 1
part 1
part 2
part 2
so lets start


prince’s pov
it was a normal day
i was bombarded with the war strategy stuff so to relax myself i came here to do archery
i was continuing my work my game just then i heard a low sneeze
it could be barely heard… i quickly shifted my gaze to left and right side of me and then finally back of the bush . what i saw made me shock!!
it was a scarf type of thing
i had to interrogate the guards as to where this came from … and if this was of our enemy’s than it can cost us way harmful
but what question i was getting was a different thing
it looked like it was of a lady …

oh come on sanskar it may be an enemy lady intruder!! my mind alarmed me
i quickly called a team of officers and made possible they search each and every corner as he might be still in the palace
this were the most loyal officers as i had to keep it a secret .the intruder may be someone appointed by us in the palace
i have to call a conference
no sooner i called mr wesley and told him to call a conference on urgent basis
nd i left the garden in a hurry
swara’s point of view
“oh god !! my scarf i left it there and i sneezed matter soon i left from there
but how can i be so careless

uff my mind will soon blast wid blood all over me
“swaru chill… no one will find it and if anyone would have seen you they might think you as a maid only…so chill”
“yes you are right …swara breathe in breathe out”
“yes thats d spirit my lady nautanki”
and soon resumed their work and parted
“miss gadodia!!” mr wesley said as he came in the room
where i was working

i bowed in courtesy
” mr wesley!!”
“miss gadodia there is a need of a maid in the conference room and i would have send any experienced maid but you have to learn many things so you have to be there with miss carter”
“ohk sir” i could just say.
conference room
swaras pov
we were working while miss carter was giving me instructions
actually loyal members were only allowed in the conference room but i have to learn everything here
but how can they trust me so easily
i think they might not be watching any crime serials hu.h..just then i heard prince saying something
“dad it would be good if we attack the enemy’s kingdom they are getting too close”prince said
i could not wait for king’s reply

i dnt know but i replied
“sir. it would be rather good if you just not show what are you doing i mean like you just pretend to attack them but in real you are not and then you can get close to them and make them loose by attacking from the other side” i said
uff shit what i have done
all the while i was saying it facing the prince looking in his brown eyes
all were shocked
king got angry
“you.. how could you even speak in this matters..

i m warning you just concentrate on your work
and for your this action your half salary may be cut”
i was shocked
” no sir i beg of u
pardon me ..believe me it was all a mistake but pls don’t cut my salary .i am in need of it”
“ohk i will look in this matter” he said
i looked towards the prince exoecting him to say something but he did not say anything i was wrong
was he the one ideal?
i quickly left the place
not caring what the people are murmuring
i came out if the conference room
end of pov

“how could they do that ..i know it was my mistake to intrude but prince he did not say anything about that matter
i thought as he helps poor people being a kind prince he would help me
but no.. he chose to stay quite ..why it always always happen with me
i pray they don’t cut my salary
and going to prince he’s never gonna be my ideal from now ” i said to myself
swara wiped her tears and just then mr wesley came and ordered her to continue her work

“mr wesley i know i should not have intrude in that matter .and believe me it was unconsciously done but please i need the money”
” miss gadodia there is definitely your mistake but your opinion was good i liked it but your timimg was wrong you don’t have to say anything in this matters especially when you are in conference room… here your opinions does not count so better continue your work ”
i nodded and murmured a thank you and just left to my work
but was it the end
i mean picture is remaining guys

coming up:

u seem to never notice me ,then why all of a sudden this change in your way of approach towards me in special prince ?”
“miss for intends and purposes i am soon to be the king of belgium and i would really like to know the real you because you seem to amaze me nd its been likely two times”prince said in authorative but polite tone

he continues
“the time u being praising me behind my back seemed very much interesting and your great move in the conference just got me shocked ,so … ”
next part would be a big one with lot of drama and and something
i will be introducing new character though
and swasan’s life would take a new turn

stay tuned lets see how they fall in love!
bye frnds

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