SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 4

Aryan tells Sanyukta and Randhir that Nirman wants them to know each other perfectly so that they can bring out their best in the task. Aryan tells them that their next task will be in a village and they will leave for the village tomorrow. He asks them that they can go out for lunch so that they come to know each other nicely. Randhir says to Aryan yesterday we had coffee together so what is the need of having lunch today. Aryan tries to convince him but he refuses so he tries to convince Sanyukta but she denies saying she is not feeling well and leaves.
Meanwhile when Randhir was returning to his room Sanya stopped him saying he knows that he can trust her the same way he trusts her brother(Sanaya’s brother was Randhir’s very good friend but he met an accident and is no more) Randhir says her that yes he can trust her but if there would have been something he would have told her but there is nothing and leaves.
Sanyukta feels sad by Randhir’s behaviour Sanya asks her why she is so sad. She tells her the reason then Sanaya asks her if she likes Randhir she refuses saying that Randhir is her good friend and it hurts when a friend ignores you without reason. Meanwhile Aryan asks Randhir he has some problem from him because he never talked with him, Randhir refuses and tries to avoid the topic but Joy comes n says he n Parth has planned a boys outing and even Nirman is not in the campus so they can surely have fun Aryan agrees to their plan and some how they three get successful in convincing Randhir to join them.

Ria was extremely happy and she thought of calling Sanyukta and informing her she calls her and Sanyukta picks her call Ria tells her that she got selected for the survival hunt and she is very happy. Sanyukta says she is very happy for her. Ria asks her if she is sad something happened she refuses and says she is just tired. Anaita requests Ria to keep the phone on speaker as she also wants to talk to Sanyukta. Anaita sys sanyukta that her voice seems so sad as if her boyfriend was ignoring her and she is sad about it.
Ria asks Sanyukta that it had been 2 long days since they met and she wants to talk to her so can she come to meet her as from tomorrow their cell phones will be taken away and they will going to some other place.Sanyukta agrees and asks Ria to msg her location
Karan, Veer, Mikhail were talking and having fun when suddenly Veer asked what is love Mikhail asked him why is he asking about love suddenly he says because he never understands this topic and wants to know about it. Baby was sitting all alone so Karan walks up to her and asks her to join them she hesitantly agrees.

All the boys were enjoying their car ride when Randhir got a call of Sanyukta he avoided it Aryan saw this and asked her to pick her call Randhir told him its his choice if he wants to pick the call or not. Once again Sanyukta calls him but he does not picks the call. Then she calls Aryan and he picks the call instantly. Randhir feels bad seeing this and he said to himself (jb ussi se baat krni thi to muje q phn laga rahi thi). Aryan says her okay on the phn. Randhir asked him what she was saying Aryan said she was asking if I was with you when I said yes she asked why u din’t icked her call then she said tht she is going to meet her sister nd has taken permission from Nirman sir and wanted to tell them so tht if they try to contact her regarding any task she will hardly be able to attend the call as usually there is no network at the place she is going.


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