SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 3

Nirman tells Aryan about Randhir and Sanyukta and informs him that they three are chosen as a team for his mission. Nirman tells them that their task will start from tomorrow till then they can take rest

Everyone goes to canteen when Aryan introduces himself to every one. Aryan saw Sanyukta and started flirting with him when saw him doing so he got angry and left canteen. While going back Randhir recalled moments he spent with Sanyukta and then Aryan flirting with him, he was lost in his own thoughts when he saw Sanyukta coming towards him . Randhir asked her if she came alone, where is her new friend”ARYAN”. Sanyukta told him that she came to say him thank you as he took her care when she was hurt. Randhir said if she really means it or she is just pretending if pretending then no need and if she really means her word then she needs to give him a coffee treat. Sanyukta happily agrees.

TEAM A: ANAITA and VEER walks towards point B while continuing their cute fight
TEAM B: SONAM says she can’t bare her unger anymore and she quits Amar also quits. Only RIA and KARAN are left. On they way towards point B RIA enjoys natural beauty and KARAN keeps on looking at her

TEAM C: BABY and MIKHAIL moves towards point B when NETRA hurts herself with a hope that Mikhail will help her but all her plans go in vain when Mikhail said her to quit as she won’t be able to continue in this situation because she is not so strong to bear the pain way long till they reach towards point B. She quits

ANIATA and VEER were the first one to reach point B followed by KARAN RIA and BABY MIKHAIL
Volunteers inform them all that only they six re eligible to continue this survival hunt and rest can go back. They six were made to stay at the camp and rest were sent back to St. Louis. Now they 6 will work as a team against other colleges

Randhir and Sanyukta sits and enjoys coffee when Randhir saw other team members also coming he asks Sanyukta if she invited them all so she said no she has not called them. Aryan saw Randhir and Sanyukta so he joins them. He asks Sanyukta that does she has any problem if he sits with them she happily says she has no problem. Aryan starts taking to them Randhir feels bit comfortable when Sanyukta praised him in front of Aryan. While leaving from the cafe Aryan says Sanyukta that he will drop her she agrees Randhir again fumes looking them together

Next day while everyone was having coffee in canteen Randhir sat alone Sanyukta saw him sitting alone and went towards him and asked him if he is okay or not. He says why does she even bother she should go to Aryan he must be waiting for her. She asks if he is in his senses, and why is he getting so mad without any reason. He says yes if I say something then I am out of my senses and if Aryan says anything then she does not have any problem . Sanyukta leaves the place thinking he is not well and angry at something at taking out his anger on her

Sanaya saw all this and she asked Randhir if he is jealous seeing ryan and Sanyukta together. He says he is not jealous and leaves. Meanwhile Sanyukta was sitting in her room with Vidushi when Aryan asked if he can come in Vidushi says she has some work from Parth and leaves Sanyukta asks Aryan if he wants to talk about something important then say else she wants to stay alone. Aryan leaves saying her that he wanted to discuss regarding the task which Nirman sir gave him, he says her that after few minutes come to the lab she agrees. Aryan then goes to the Randhir and informs her to come to the lab as he wants to tell him and Sanyukta about the task
In the lab Randhir avoids Sanyukta and she feels bad


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  1. dude does randir n sanyu knw each othr frm b4 or dey got to knw only wen dey came fr d task??
    its goin good. i like it 🙂
    n does sanaya knw randir frm b4; like she is d bestie of sanyu rite??

    1. Akansha Randhir and Sanyukta came to know each other due to task☺
      And how does Sanaya knows Randhir this you will come to know soon wait till that!?

  2. Awesome

  3. It’s really going good dear !! Keep it up

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Please help me I wanna knw which couple you guys wanna see more!
    Ria Karan, Randhir Sanyukta, Baby Mikhail, Anaita Veer. Please do let me know!

  5. Ishita… I just love sandhir…one getting jealous and other upset for ignoring her…
    Keep smiling……
    Keep going….

    1. Vrutika thanks for your support! :*

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