SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 2

M extremely sorry but today’s episode will be a short one please consider it.

Unknown Place:

Randhir sees Sanyukta’s feet bleeding he takes out his handkerchief and ties it on her feet. Then in torch light he looks at the whole room and finds a first aid box he then applies ointment at her wound
Sanyukta finds it difficult to walk so Randhir helps her. Randhir brings all the usefull stuffs near Sanyukta and then both start trying to generate electricity

TEAM A: Dia feels tired and she thinks of quitting as they have been walking for hours without water and food. Harry supports her decision, Trumpet too feels they both are correct so all three quits.VEER says to ANAITA that three members have already decided to quit so should we also quit. ANAITA says him that if he wants he can quit but she won’t give up at any cost. She will surely reach at point B. VEER feels amazed to see her determination and they both decide to walk ahead while TRUMPET, HARRY, DIA signals for quitting and soon they found a jeep with volunteers they sit in the jeep and go towards point B

TEAM B: SONAM feels hungry and asks if anyone has something to eat, AMAR says her she has eaten everyone’s head and still she is feeling hungry how strange. They both start arguing and everyone laughs at them. KARAN tells them to have patience as soon they will be at point B. TARA says she cant continue now and signals about quitting. Now AMAR, SONAM, RIA and KARAN walks towards point B

TEAM C: JIGNESH informs everyone that he are moving on wrong direction as till now they were not able to see anyone SUHANI agrees and says its getting dark and it is a scary place its not safe to continue our journey as according to map they are still very far from point B. BABY tries to convince her but she also signals about quitting JIGNESH to joins her. NETRA feels now she just needs to make Baby quit then it would be just she and Mikhail.

Sanyukta and Randhir were successful in generating electricity and they were the first one to finish the task. Nirman informs all the other participants that Randhir and Sanyukta have completed their task and they all can come back.
Sanyukta was very happy. Randhir says they make a good team together she agrees. Randhir tells her he never thought that even girls use their brain and their cute nok jhok starts.
After reaching ISRC Nirman informs all them that as he told 2 of them have been selected but now he tells the final team for his mission will contain total three members two of them are SANYUKTA and RANDHIR everyone gets hope that maybe he/she will be the third person but Nirman introduces them to the third person (He was wearing a black leather jacket and leather jeans and was looking extremely handsome in that attire) Niram tells all that he is the third member and his name is ARYAN. As soon as Aryan saw Sanyukta he winked towards her and Randhir felt bad seeing this.

Netra comes out with a plan that she would injure Baby and compel her to quit. So while walking she pushes Baby and she was about to fall but Mikhail holds her Netra feums seeing them together!

NEXT EPISODE: Aryan flirts with Sanyukta. Randhir gets jealous seeing them together. A new twist is waiting for everyone at point B
Please do let me regarding any chances if you want to see or if you some change in story

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