SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 25)


Hello everyone. I don’t know if you still remember this ff but I’m resuming it from where I left it anyway. A sincere apology for not being able to post it earlier and leaving you in a cliffhanger. I see there is not much activities in the page recently. Try to be frequent and keep our lovely characters alive in those beautiful fictions(Writers and Readers).

The place felt like the remains of afterstorm. Ragini stared at the ajar door. She couldn’t think of where did it go so wrong as to make Laksh lose his calm to the point of flinging out of there like that, then her eyes met with the certain someone. The sole reason of this chaos. She huffed audibly.

“Shona! Go after him. We can’t leave him like that. Anything can happen.” She said looking at her sister who seemed concerned as well.

“As if!” Sanskar grumbled distastefully garnering hateful glares. “What! He wont die. At least not like this.” This time he said more audibly.

The exagerate sigh was when both women thought it best to ignore the man and his rants and mind about the matter in hand.

“I’d go but then what about you? I can’t leave you on your own.” Swara made sure to offend him.

And it did it. Come on, he is still here. And, for crying out loud he is the husband of woman concerned. What does that mean? He can very well take care of Her, he thought shooting glares at Swara.

“Just go and make sure he is safe.” Ragini nodded giving assurance to her sister.

“I’m here…” He tried to make his point but totally cut short by the woman next to him.

“Make sure Laksh is safe and inform me asap.”

Swara glanced between her sister and the man, debating what to do.

“OK then. I’ll give you a call. Take care of yourself.” She said unsure of her decision before swinging out of the door.

“Wow!! I’m so pissed.” He muttered with a humorless chuckle.

“Taru!…. Yeah I’m alright…… ”

She was on a call as he look back at her. This gave him a chance to observe her closely without having to argue or being on the receiving end of her verbal attack.

Her swollen belly looked more prominent, it must be giving her a hard time he thought. He smiled noticing the occasional caressing of her hand and longed to do the same with his hand. But he knew best that he could only watch her like this. The only woman who made it possible for him to do things he never thought. He never wished to have anything so much, until her. Its beyond his knowledge what makes her so damn irresistible. She just pulls him like the gravity even when she hates him. Hurts him. His mind just cant stop thinking about her. And everytime he just feels like going weak on his knees. Her indifference, ignorance and hatred was like a fuel to his desires to possess her more. Only she was deadset on not letting him in her space. But he will make sure to get into every inch of her space and that to for the rest of his life, he promised to himself.

“You guys behave, alright! Lucky is really in no mood. Dont go irritating him even more. Understood….OK bye.”

Again this word. Lucky!!! He clenched his fists. Her concern for that man was like a stab to his pride. He could feel the burning. He suddenly felt the revolt to the word intensely. She was staring at her phone, probably waiting for most awaited call. Come on, its not even five minutes properly that he exited and she is so worried as if he is lying somewhere counting his last breath. Okay maybe it is ten minutes but he wouldn’t have even pulled off from the parking lot yet and even if he did he wouldn’t have made it too far. Afterall Swara is also on his tail. She is taking stress for nothing and affecting her and baby’s health in the process, he fumed. She checked her phone one last time before putting it in her purse.

“You sure care for him, don’t you?” He questioned without looking at her, “But what to do, Its me whom you’re stuck with for the rest of your life.”

She cast a dismissive glare his way. His eyes with a tint of hue, she could see something coming. There was no single moment that went well between them as she thought. So, she try to walk her way out but he stood in front of her soon enough.

“I’m having this heart to heart conversation with you and you are walking out on me.” He uttered every word with a slight edge while maintaining a crooked smile on his lips. “This is not fair dear wife.”

She pushed her way around just to end up meeting with his broad chest again.

“I don’t have to waste my time over some age old brute’s stupidly childish rampage.” She met his gaze frustrated.

“I’m jealous.” This time all phony left his eyes, he came clear with his state of mind and it was downright scary. “You care about him so much. It makes me sick with jealousy. To the point where I can’t think straight.” He bit his lower lip so hard trying to keep himself in check. “You carry my baby around and still worry about him! What do you want me to think? You never care about me at the least bit. Do you even give a shit what you’re doing to me?”

She could perfectly see that he was struggling, burning in jealousy.

“I dont care.” She bit out the words coldly.

He lowered his head in his hands skeptically. She could only feel the shift in the air, which suddenly became more chillier. Her breath stopped when he covered the little gap between them, now more animalistic than ever. He was on the verge, his shaky hands on her belly was a clear giveaway. She jumbed back in fear.

“You didn’t sleep with him, did you?”

“What?” Her eyes flared in shock, his question sure has stunned her without a miss.

“Because if you have slept with him while carrying my baby around, I’m surely gonna kill everyone. And I mean everyone.” He held her chin up to meet his gaze, she could see the insane gravity in them. “So choose your vocabulary very carefully dear wife.”

She sucked in a deep breath, her heart in a frenzy. He didn’t let her look anywhere but him. And there was only madness she could see in those stormy eyes.

“Did you **** him?”

His words felt like knives she could only get hurt every damn second. She wanted nothing more than to escape him this moment and for all. But he had made up his mind already that he wasn’t letting her go without getting his answers. She could only long for the exit, with him in front of her, breathing same space.

“What the hell! Let me leave.” She try to push him off her way only to be held back now with two muscular arms restraining her.

“How hard is it to answer my question. If you keep avoiding it like this I’ll have to make my mind.” His voice held an edge of impatience.

“Just kill me. I’d prefer death thousand of times over this hell with you.” She somehow managed to contain all the hatred she had for him, a drop of tear rolling down her cheeks.

Her eyes were like thousand of thorns piercing his heart in and out, he felt short of breath. Afterall she is the woman who held the power to tear his heart apart bit by bit.

“Is this your way of answering me that you’ve slept with that bastard!”

Desparation was evident in his voice that raise an octave, but like her strong facade she had lost her voice too.

“You surely want to see me go on a killing rampage, dont you?” He pulled her close to his face tightening his hold on her arms as he took a moment to scan her face. “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you see every bloodbath until I come to you.”

She felt the chill seeping in her every bone. His eyes held a dark promise and she was very well aware of his capabilities.

“I never slept with anyone but you.”

As if a hell of a burden was put off his chest he filled his lungs with fresh air. He pulled her limp form in a hug and adjust her crying face on his chest. She leaned in his comfort without any fight.


The door was not locked unlike any other day. To the contrary it was slightly open as if waiting for someone. Swara hesitated to take one more step. He had already thrown her out of this room once and it still was like a big jab to her self esteem. He was always inhuman to her for god knows what reason and right now when he was too disturbed to unknown limit it was even worse to approach him. She pondered some more if she should check on him or not. His behaviour wasn’t least bit likable to be with him for all she care. And when she was already aware that he is in one of his worst mood right now, the idea of going in front of him seem totally idiotic to her.

Suddenly her senses stopped altogether. One moment she was battling with her thoughts and next she was pulled inside in a blur. Holding her breath her wide eyes locked with the first thing that came into her senses only to find that a pair of hypnotic eyes were already stuck on her own like a hawk.

She tried to speak only to get shushed by his index finger on her lips, the mere touch sending shivers down her spine. He was standing too close for her sanity and his unperturbed gaze was too much for her to take in.

“Why are you here?” He whispered just above her lips.

He was drunk. But that however did not change the fact that she was intimidated by him anyhow.

“I…I..c-came…to…ch-check…” She mumbled in a voice alien to her own ear.

A lazy smile crept on his lips as she struggled with her incoherrent ramblings.

“You are too nosy for your own good Sweet!” He blew on her face detaching himself off her.

She felt unnecessarily cold now that his warmth was not cocooning her anymore. Her heart was throbbing on her ear as if it would escape her ribcage any moment. He was standing a few steps away now, his back facing her. Her eyes sneak a few fearful glances at him. She couldn’t gather the strength to move. He didn’t make any further snarky remarks for a quite while as if forgot about her altogether.

“You’re still here.” And his voice pierced the ages of silence again.

He was looking back at her. Her heart skipped a beat. She wasn’t sure anymore what was going on? Why was she here? And a lot more. But somehow she managed to realise that she was here to check up on him.

“I was here to make sure you are alright.” She said looking everywhere but him.

“And what did I do to deserve such graciousness coming from you?” His tone held mockery though eyes glinted with tint of amusement.

She kept avoiding his eyes but when he started taking steps towards her again, blood start to rush in her nerves with double ferocity. He took his former position and lean down to her ear.

“Are you really here to check on me?” He whispered so sensually, her body shook with instant affect then he distanced himself to look at her face. “Why do I still feel like you have another purpose?”

A haggard sigh left her mouth. She understood it very well he was playing with her emotions right now and she would be damned if she is to give it anymore heed.

“Look, I don’t have to do anything with you, alright. Rags was really worried about you that’s why I was…” She paused looking at his bored face then added, “Just forget about it. Think whatever you want.”

There was nothing she could do to make her point. Not to him anyway.

She was about to get out of there but then he decided to held her hand. Although she was not to show any sign of how much he was affecting her but his sudden touch stiffen her greatly.

“Really? I’m free to wonder whatever!” His eyes glittered with mischief.

She felt heat creeping up. Now what’s this? What is his problem!!!

“You are flustered again.” His remark only made it worse, she tried to hide her face. “Are you, by any chance, smitten by me?”

Her heart stopped for a moment and started jumping up.

“My goodness!!! Is that why you are here?” He chuckled still holding her hand.

That moment she wanted nothing more than to run out of there.

“Leave me.” She struggled to free her hand but he was not in the mood to let her go that easily.

“You should have known better than tailing me all the way.” His voice lost all the quirkiness and suddenly darkness consumed it.

He looked scary. She felt fear seeping in her every bone.

“I was worried about you.” She whispered lowly.

“Who gave you the right to worry about me?” He boomed caging her arms in a harsh grip. “I don’t need you nor your concern. Stay the hell away from me. I hate your guts. Don’t act up foolishly. Don’t get involved in this mess because I’m not leaving anyone who comes in my way.”

It hurt her more than she would have imagined. His words were like blunt hits, not once missing. Her eyes felt hot and blurry. His grip only tightened on her arms.

“Stop it Lucky.” Her voice constricted.

“Stop it.” He pulled her up, swaying her on her toes. His voice was a thick wall, eyes a pool of storm. He was on the verge, his restraints thin. Upclose, in this moment also she felt herself wanting to be consumed in his proximity. And suddenly it clicked in her head, she is falling for the man in front of her like a fool she was. “Stop getting in my way. You will only get hurt and nothing else.”

Sudden realisation hit her hard. It felt very wrong in so many ways. She couldn’t fall for this man! He was supposed to be committed to her sister not a few days ago. It was downright impossible.

Her train of thoughts were in frenzy but his next move completely paralyzed for a second. He outlined her lower lips with his thumb and so slowly his head dip down on its own.

Oh my god!!

She can’t let him kiss her. He is bad. Bad for her. Her mind screamed over all the anticipation her body was craving for. And suddenly she found the strength to detach herself from him. He blinked stupidly at sudden loss.

“I know my limit, so stop bulldozing my space.” She huffed then ran out of there.


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