SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 20)

Episode 2

“I think, my nephew will be walking by his birth time. I mean it’s a good sign, he has a great kick. I’d also feel it on my palms. He can set a new record by this. And maybe, he’ll become a great footballer one day.” Tarang quipped after a long pause glowing with his discovery.

Wide room filled with grunt and sigh.

“That’s what you’ve processed through till now? Idiot!” Ragini patted on his head affectionately reaching out for him from her couch.

“Once a dumb always a dumb.” Samir taunt sitting beside him on the same sofa.

“Glad to know that you accepted what you are.” Tarang squeezed Samir into a bear hug faking an emotional look, “I’m proud of you my boy!”

“I’m talking about you, you idiot. And take your dirty hands off of me. I’m not your type.” Samir smirked at him.

“Oh! really! I thought you’re a man. But its OK.” Tarang retorted back.

“So, you are interested in men?” Samir faked an awe.

“Guys stop your nonsense. I’m also here, OK. So, refrain yourself from talking anything unlikely for my innocent ears.” Ragini interjected in between.

“I thought you’re still interested in your chemistry lab partner, what’s her name…ahh…Anny, right.” Samir whispered near Samir’s ear.

“You should keep your wide mouth shut.” Tarang shushed him with a dead glare.

“OK guys, now stop whispering like school girls. I heard you.” Ragini snapped caging two under her sharp glare.

“Ragu Di, ignore him. He’s stupid.” Tarang boggled nervously.

“Yeah Di. Anny was no one…” Samir bit out his tongue meeting Tarang’s angry glare and realized what he has done.

“Anny!!” Ragini gasped in surprise.

“Ragu Di…” Tarang uttered lowly.

“I want an honest explanation ready by tonight, about why did you hide this fact from your sisters? No bluffing, no excuses just the .” She cut him in middle and stood up, “And you’re also required to be in there with a suitable explanation on your part.” she threw a stern glance to Samir, then Tarang and walked off from there leaving poor guys dumbstruck behind.

“Rags, chill. It’ll take half an hour to end my shift. I’ll take a cab. You don’t have to send Lucky here. Spend some quality time together. I’ll be there soon. OK, Bye.” Swara disconnect the call yawning, sticking her eyes on her watch showing 10: 30.

“Swara, you have a visit. Someone is waiting inside the restroom.” A colleague informed her walking through her desk carrying pile of files and papers uncomfortably.

“Thanks Amy. Hey, you need some help?” Swara asked.

“I guess yes but you should go inside instead. Boss’s strict order to send you there asap. I think you have a big shot visitor inside there that Boss’s sense of hospitality has knocked in, finally. So, go before petu comes here to wring my neck for delaying you.” Amy’s playful comment in a distance gave her a quite laugh. Petu was the name they called their boss, in his back because of his round fat belly.

Giving a quick soft glance towards Amy’s uncomfortable posture walking towards her desk, Swara walked out of her desk. Amy was a new recruitment in the channel but with her cheerful attitude she made good bond with everyone there, in a quite short period. Swara was her first friend she made there. With their familiar physical structure, little age gap, playfulness and childishness, they became close to each other.

Reaching outside the restroom she knocked on the door gently before entering inside.

“Welcome.” A thick voice burst out, “I was waiting for you.” familiarity in the voice sickened her to the pit of her stomach.

“What are you doing here Akhil?” She grunted in annoyance.

“I missed you, Shona. I just needed to see you.” He said in a drawl stepping close to her and she stepped back in reflex.

“Stop right there Akhil. Stay in your limits.” She shot shakily, staggering in her move.

“To not touch you, love you, feel you is not there in my limit. Its beyond that.” He snapped intensely. “And why are you walking away from me, hmm? Don’t do this to me Shona. I love you very much and I know you too love me. Still.” His hands grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Leave me you scoundrel. This is not love. Its your lust and stupidity that you’re holding onto something never existed.” Swara barked out angrily.

“You are questioning my love? Do you have any idea, what I have done for you?” He asked shaking her.

“I do know everything. How you used to terrorize my family when they disapproved our stupidity of getting married at that age, for our betterment. How you planned to kill my sister when she fight back your threats and with an awful fate momma papa got killed. And now, you’re harassing me when I’ve cleared it that I don’t want to see your criminal face. I just hate you Akhil Solanki.” She screamed pushing him away.

“We love each other Shona. And I’ll prove you that.” With that his hands cupped her face and pulled her into a forced kiss.

She wriggled in his manhandling struggling to get away but his hold tightened around her more. She felt her bones crushing and muscles giving in after her several trials. His hands looped over her shirt collar to start undressing her, and her tired body once again struggled weakly but then something happened and she left free of his iron grip. Bewildered, her eyes landed upon the reckless creature, molesting her just a while ago, on the floor, his face in a complete shock and eyes staring between her and someone standing in front of her.

“Sanskar Maheswari, get out of this matter. It has nothing to do with you.” Akhil sneered getting up on his feet.

“Your bad luck Solanki. I’m not in a mood to hear you and your disgusting face is provoking me to punch you senseless. I suggest you to run away asap keeping your tail between your legs before I perform every knowledge of drumming I’ve, on you.” Sanskar drawled dangerously low blocking him looking over his shoulder.

“I’ll get back to you for this, Maheswari. Promise.”

“I’m eagerly waiting for that time, Solanki.” Sanskar smirked.

Giving a deathly glare Akhil storm out of there in huff.

A dead silence filled in.

“Are you alright?” Sanskar asked her looking away.

She hummed awkwardly, fiddling with her tattered shirt to hide her upper part. Taking out his blazer, he offered her, turning around.

“Thanks.” She produced a shaky gratitude covering her body and he respond back with a nod.

Another silence pierced as they stood still.

“What are you here for?” As if right sense knocked in her head she asked him curtly.

“I want to talk to you personally regarding an important matter.” After an inside turmoil to have this talk over or not, he spoke heavily, “If you really care for your sister’s well-being, then stop this marriage. Its a trap Lucky is planning on to get back to me.”

“I don’t need to prove you, how much I care for my sister OK. And by the way, why would Lucky do so whatever you’re fussing about? That too, to get back to you? I don’t see any place for Ragini in all this.” Swara dismissed him.

“She’s been dragging in the mess, Lucky and I are having between us. He is using her because he know that she’s carrying my child…”

“Oh just! stop it.” She snapped angrily, shooting daggers at him, “Don’t you dare to intact your shit-loaded name with the innocent soul who’s about to come into the world. Only Ragini has that right. And within this three days, Lucky will own that right too. And I’m very happy that he’s marrying my sister.”

A clear frown entered into his eyes.

“You accept, or not, but we’re having a talk here, about MY baby. And no one can snatch what rightfully belongs to me. And about Lucky, you have many more things to know about him.” He countered in a grave voice looking at her bug eyes burning with fury, reminding someone, “You have same crystal eyes. Did Lucky ever tell you that?”

“What rubbish?” She whimpered confused.

“Kavita Sharma.”

“What?” She, confused.

“If you want to know him well, ask him about Kavita Sharma. And don’t forget to use your buggy eyes to observe him clearly.”

“I think you should take back your coat.” She muttered gruffly, ready to take off his coat, that name still ringing in her ear.

“You need it more than me.” He snapped.

“Then, I should leave now. Goodbye Mr Maheswari.”

She walked towards the door hastily and tripped on her move. In a reflex his hand steadied her grabbing by elbow.

“You and your sister need to learn how to walk.” He comment reminiscing his last encounter with Ragini.

“Shut up.” She tried to walk again shooting him a distasteful look but end up falling back to him, again.

“Told you.” He quipped goofily, helping her to get back on her feet.

“Whats happening here?” Suddenly a voice boomed inside there unpleasantly, thickening the tension in the air.

Their head snapped up towards the doorway, confused Lucky was standing at, staring their way.

“Oh! it’s you. Should I say great to see you again?” Sanskar mocked.

“Whats he doing here Swara? And why are you wearing his coat?” Lucky grumbled unpleasantly, assessing her state keenly a concern seeped in his orbs. “What have you done, you bastard?” Covering a distance he grabbed Sanskar by his collar.

“Lucky, leave him. Its nothing like you’re thinking.” Swara came in between to defend Sanskar.

“What? You are defending him? Really?” Lucky gasped in distaste, his hands still holding onto Sanskar’s collar.

“Easy boy! you heard her right. So get your hands off me. Your habit of jumping into conclusion without knowing the fact clearly, hasn’t change a bit. You still need to get through your hormonal phase, kiddo.” Sanskar mocked at him, jerking out of his hold. “And stop accusing me.”

“You’re still a jerk. The stone-headed-arrogant jerk.” Lucky retorted fiercely then covering a little gap between them downed his voice in an icy tone, “I’m not the one at wrong side. I know you better than you yourself…Sanky.” He hissed.

“You know what, you should stop claiming that you know me any better, Lucky.” Sanskar snapped intently.

“I was really a dumb to be blind about you years ago. But not anymore.” Lucky said through the gritted teeth. “You’ll have to go through the pain of your part Sanky. I’ll make it sure to end this in an even note.”

“You’re still in the darkside, Lucky.”

“Then show me the right side.”

“That you won’t believe.”

“Bullshit!” Lucky flailed his hands in exasperation.

‘Sanskar, don’t run from the difficult situation. Always fight back because it’s when you’re testing through your strength. And you’re not weak, remember that, always.’ A voice from his memory ringed inside his head and something flickered in his eyes, determination, “I’ll prove you one day that I’m not the one at fault. And don’t assume I’ll do it to prove you anything. I’ll do it for myself.”

“Best of luck!” Throwing a stinging glance at Sanskar, Lucky turn around to leave, “Swara, let’s go.”

Dumbstruck until now, staring between the two muscular men in their fierce state to break into fight any moment, finally she came out of her trance. There was only one thing running in her mind, something’s fishy.

“You should give that back to him.” Lucky said looking at the coat she was wearing.

Sanskar was about to say something but Swara snapped in, “I’m comfortable. Lets go.”

“Good morning Anny.” Ragini smiled warmly looking at the young lady engrossed in her work. Her conversation with her brother buzzed in her head.

“Good morning mam. How is the champ?” Anny chirped excited, gesturing at her belly.

“He has became naughty. He started kicking momma. That’s why I’m actually here in a short notice.” Ragini said delighted caressing her belly, “And don’t be formal, call me Di, after all I’m your friend’s sister.”

“That’s great ma…I mean Di. Well, Meera is waiting for you. You know she was little tensed this morning after your call. You called after the day of your routine check up for another. So, she was quite scared.” Anny informed her, glowing with a hue.

“OK. I’ll see you then.”

Reaching outside the chamber, she knocked on the door and entered inside.

“Welcome to Madhvi Gills Clinic.” Meera’s voice boomed chirpily and she came near her in no time to guide her towards an easy chair.

“Wow! what have I done to get provided with such an honor?” Ragini uttered confused, staring at the excited figure walking back to her seat.

“You’re pregnant dear, it’s enough for me to do so.”

“No, actually you didn’t provide me with this facility before, so I was bit confused.”

“Because, champ hadn’t get into action till then. So, congratulation dear.” Meera smiled at her widely.

“How did you know?” Ragini questioned smiling back at her.

“I’ve connections, you know.” Meera winked at her playfully.

“Oh! really?” Ragini fixed her eyes on Meera, intently.

“OK, no dragging. I’ve talked with Lucky, just a while ago.”


“Congratulation, again. I heard that you’re getting married soon hmm.” Meera uttered sappily, “Thank god you’ve taken me seriously.”

She nodded in response, feeling sick squeezing in her stomach remembering about the last night’s events.

“So, how’s your marriage preparation? I bet, media is looking for this grand marriage to cover up.”

“Actually, we’re planning to do it simply. Court marriage, you know. Actually, I can’t take any stressful events going around for a luxurious wedding.” Ragini cleared in a raspy voice.

“You are right dear. You should focus on your health first. Well, when are you going to be Mrs?” Meera asked curiously.

“Its the day after tomorrow.”

His desperate eyes twinkled with delight, seeing her walking out of the clinic. He observed her for a while, sitting inside his car as she walked across towards the parking zone talking in her cellphone, holding her swollen stomach. ‘How could she be so carelesss!’ He looked over the empty road and sighed in relief. Memory of their last encounter rolled over his senses and a sweet feeling of pleasure warmed his palm and spread over his body. A different voice screamed inside him, ‘They’re mine.’

“MINE.” He whispered getting out of his car.

As he was covering the distance between, she stopped in her track as if sensing something. A muffled cry escaped her mouth her hand holding her belly then another hands wrapped around her shoulder and belly, securely. A fluttering course inside her belly and this time a voice broke,

“He kicked.” He smiled enthralled.

Her head snapped up with a jerk and she was out of his hold.

“What are you doing here?” She screamed.

“Calm down. I just want to talk.” Controlling his emotions he uttered thickly.

“But I don’t want to talk. Just get lost. And stop stalking me around.”

“I can’t stop myself, after all, you have my baby.”

“Don’t you dare claim my baby. He is only mine.” She shot boiling in rage.

“Come on. There is no way you can conceive on your own. I mean you’re not some creature to do so and we both know how does it happen. You can’t deny the fact that he’s my child.” He muttered cockily.

“Get back to your real self hmm. Sick Maheswari, just stop hallucinating that you have anything to do with my baby.” She taunt him.

“You know me so well Miss Gadoddia.” He smirked.

“After all, I’ve survived you through.” She retorted back composed.

“We can talk somewhere else.” He grumbled, deprived of his cocky self suddenly.

“Or, you can get your sick head out of my sight before I’d prefer to break it.” She shot in a serious tone.

Stretching his lips in a thin line he let out a small chuckle.

“I’m not surprise that you find it funny. But let me tell you, I’m dead serious.” Saying so she made her way unaware of a car rushing there on her way and in a flash she was pulled into a protective hug. Car zoomed out of there.

“What the…” A curse escaped as his gaze followed the black car rushing in a distance and he embraced her more close, to calm down his wildly beating heart.

He stared at her paled face then belly, concerned. His hands holding her gently by waist sides motioned to caress it. Her terrified eyes shot up to his brown orbs mirroring same emotion. His eyes blazed with the fury suddenly seeing her like that.

‘She would have dead!’ A thought pierced his senses bitterly.

“Thank you.” Her shaky whisper filled his ear and wiggled to get out of his hold but he didn’t budge.

“I’ll ride you back to your place.” He declared.

“I’ve asked Lucky for that.” She reasoned him.

“You are coming with me.” He stressed on the words gravely.

“I said…”

It left uncompleted as he swooped her up in his arms and approach his car.

Car rode in it’s normal speed in a tensed silence. Her head buzzed up with the unexpected riddles. She busied herself looking out of the window shield, avoiding any eye contact with him that will surely lead them to an unsettling argument.

He was no where in a mood to have anything like that in a right sense, she observed.

“I agree, I’ve tortured you a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m an absolute brute. I can also feel. You have to understand, that, I care for you. You have my child. And Lucky can’t possess this feelings for my child. He won’t be a good father to my child.” His car halted with that outside the Kashyap Mansion and his head completely turn to her, seriousness covering his every feature, “I was there for you, not him. He doesn’t care Ragini. Don’t marry him.”

Her heart skipped a beat and warmth seeped in her senses. It took her by surprise that he is the one causing something like that to her.

“Goodbye.” Uttering the word, she slipped out of the car.

She was about to close the door when he thrashed his last weapon completely numbing her,

“Marry me.”

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