Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 6 – How she start work

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Previously on “Some Colours Of Life”

Sanchi made a prank call to a person because of a dare her friends made. Unfortunately her prank call victim was Kabir Kapoor, who is a famous businessman. While her friends have planned various ways to spend their holiday after finishing college, Sanchi had to find a job in order to help her mother to solve their financial problems. Fatedly she land on Kapoor Industries for a job interview where she learns that it was Kabir who she pranked. Kabir who holds a grudge against Sanchi for nearly breaking his engagement because of that call, made Sanchi his temporary secretary to get revenge.

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For a week Ms. D’souza trained Sanchi. Normally a week isn’t enough coz Sanchi isn’t previously experienced as she hoped her to be. But Sanchi took a hold of the work quickly. One thing Ms. D’souza noticed that her boss is giving a lot of work to Sanchi which isn’t completely necessary. Kabir Kapoor she knew for a long is being different. It looks like he’s enjoying making her do all the work. Throughout the week she watched him keenly and her suspicions got sorted on the last day when he shifted Sanchi’s desk (the secretary’s desk) inside his cabin making an excuse of remodelling the floor.

“It’s the first time Mr. Kapoor is interested in a girl ???. For some reason he’s troubling her but there’s something about her… well, 6 months are there. Let’s see what happens… ???” she said to herself as she walk out of the building to enjoy her long awaited holiday.

The first day after Ms. D’souza took leave was officially Sanchi’s first day at KI aka Kapoor Industries. For her first day, it was quite dramatic.

Sanchi was in the ground floor speaking to the finance manager about the meeting in half an hour. After that she was quickly making her way to the elevator to go to her desk before her boss come.

On the other side, whom she wanted to avoid had already arrived and was making his way to the elevator. He was busy in a call and didn’t notice her until she came in front of him and she was busy in a file to notice him at all. A peon that came from another side had collided with her unknowingly, and she was pushed to the front.

She stumbled to gain her balance protecting her file too but failed miserably. She closed her eyes when she was about to face the floor but she was pulled up by a sudden force. She heard a crash and her file went flying out of her hand. Wondering why haven’t she fallen yet she peeked through her eyelids, only to have a heart attack seeing the person who saved her from falling. Like time stopped for a moment she was looking at her boss completely horrified ??? and he was glaring at her hard ???. But the most surprised thing was that each and everyone that was present on the ground floor had their mouths hung open seeing this ???. Everyone forgot what they were doing, where they were going. Someone’s phone rang loudly getting everyone out of their daze. They got back to their work all the while paying attention to Sanchi who was standing in front of a glaring Kabir ???.

The peon came front. “I’m sorry sir, it was my fault ???” He apologized with his head down.

NO!! It wasn’t his fault sir!! It was my fault!!” Sanchi took the blame not wanting Kabir to fire the poor peon.

**Why does she want to invite trouble for herself? That too on her first day? He’ll fire her!!** That’s what ran in everyone’s heads.

Kabir looked between her and the peon. And then glanced down at the pieces of his phone which slipped out of his hand saving his stupid secretary. Sanchi noticed his phone and gulped in fear thinking what he’ll say. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t yell those dreadful words she was expecting. He yelled something different.


That’s all he said. The moment those words were said, Sanchi dashed  to the elevator and the peon vanished.

A person nearby, picked Kabir’s broken phone. “Sir, your phone…”

“Throw it away- wait a second. Give me that!” He took his phone and paid all his attention to a small black dot on the corner of it. He inspected it with a frown while going to his office.

Inside, Sanchi was nervously waiting for Kabir to come. “Sanchi, you’re finished today ???!! It’s your first day and you already brought a loss to your boss. What if he say he’ll cut my salary coz his phone broke saving me…. oh god!! My salary…. how can I afford to pay him for his phone ?????

Just when he opened the door, she started to type on the computer pretending to be busy. He sat behind his desk keeping the remains of his phone aside. He dialled a number from the land line. “Mr. Saxena, good morning. I found who was giving intel to our rivals. I want you to fire my driver. …. yes …. that’s all”

Sanchi stiffened in her seat. **He’s firing someone? Will he fire me too?** She was staring at him absentmindedly and he caught her staring. He raised an eyebrow at her in question but she didn’t notice.

“Miss Mishra?”

Startled by his voice in the silent cabin, she came to her senses. “Yes Mr. Kapoor?”

“Could you come here for a minute?”

**Oh no!! No no no no no!!! Now he’ll fire me!! ???** thinking about her ill fate to get fired on the first day, she walked to his table and stood nervously her heart beating miles per hour.

She was expecting him to yell at her, but instead of that, he gave her a bundle of files and instructed her to do some work. Mumbling a soft “okay sir!” she went back to her desk. Kabir went out for a meeting. Just when he stepped out he heard a squeal.


Sanchi was squealing in happy clapping her hands ???.

“Did I hire a kid for my company? ??? stupid girl!” Kabir went mumbling to himself.

……….that night his home……….

Kusum came to find Kabir reading a book humming a song.

“??? Hey bhagwan!! My Golu is humming a song? Yeh kaisa chamatkar hai? …… (what a miracle this is?) ……”

“What maa? Why’s that so surprising?”

“Hmm let me see ??? yeah! You’re khadoos!”

“Maa…. that’s mean!”

“But it’s true”

“Okay fine! I’m khadoos! Now happy?”

“Nahi…..! Mera beta khadoos nahi ho sakta!! …… (no….! My son cannot be rude!!) ……” Kusum was acting dramatically.

“And you started your drama ???” he pointed out.

“Ok now tell me why are you happy?” She sat beside him like he’ll tell her an interesting story.

“Nothing special”

“Nothing? How boring! ???”

“Oh I fired my driver today”

“Golu! Why?” She hit him on his head.

“Ow maa!! First listen. That man had planted a listening device on my phone when I kept it in the car. I found that when my phone broke today because of Ms. Mishra today. That saved me from losing a big contract.”

“Oh… that’s the case. ??? yeh Ms. Mishra kaun hai?”

“New secretary”

**Oh…! So you made her your secretary! Not bad my son! ??? Let’s see how long you’ll take to call her just Sanchi from Ms. Mishra ???** She acted like she didn’t know who’s Ms. Mishra. “She did cost you your phone, but in return you had a big profit because of her ???”

“Yeah. Otherwise I’d have fired her too for being so careless!”

“See what I mean? You’re khadoos!!” ???

He just shook his head with a smile. But Kusum’s face turned grumpy ???. “I thought you’re happy because of a girl or something!”

“A girl?” Sanchi’s face flashed before him for a moment surprising him.

“Your life is so boring Kabir. My daily soap is better than you!” She went mumbling how boring her sons life is.

Few weeks flew by with Sanchi working as Kabir’s secretary. And mind you!! That is not a piece of cake at all!! Though Sanchi was glad to have a good job with a good pay, working for Kabir Kapoor isn’t easy. Specially not when he’s holding a grudge against you for something you did.

Workload for her is heavy. She calls Ms. D’souza everyday and to tell her about work and to take her advice for the things she doesn’t know. Ms. D’souza is very surprised to know how much Kabir make Sanchi work. He gives her work even it’s not Sanchi’s job to do them. Even Sanchi knows that. But she doesn’t say a word.

Though Kabir was like that, all his other employees love Sanchi. Why? It’s pretty simple. Everyday they see her with a smile, even with a word she try to help someone. And most importantly, she managed to save a lot of them from Kabir’s wrath. She got in to trouble herself and that’s another story ??? but she always treated them like friends and family. They treated her the same.

On the other hand Kabir is giving her too much workload for a different purpose. That is to annoy her and make her angry. But when Sanchi keep quiet and manage all the work she was given to do, it irritated him instead of the other way around.

“Aren’t you angry with me?” He asked one random evening when she gave him files.

“Why should I, Mr. Kapoor?”

“Coz I make you do too much work even it’s not your job to do so” he said pointedly.

“No” she turned to go back.


She heaved a huge sigh and sat in front of him. “I know you’re doing all this coz you want revenge for that prank call.”

**So she know that well ???**

“That’s why you offered this job to me in the first place. Wait! No. Not offered. You blackmailed me to be your secretary.”

He frowned ???.

“But it did me good. I wanted a job desperately and you gave me that. I needed this. For that, I’m very greatful to you. So no matter how much work you give me, I’ll do them without complaining ???”

Kabir was touched with her words. But he didn’t want to show it to her. So instead he said, “You’re getting emotional on me” rudely.

She laughed off ???. “Maybe I am. But Mr. Kapoor, just because I’m greatful to you, don’t think for a moment that I like you. I still have the same impression on you the very first day I met you ???” she finished with a smirk and walked to her desk.

“I don’t want you to like me! ???” Kabir too added with a smirk when she sat behind her desk. Nodding to him she resumed her work. But unknown to her, he was frowning at her. Even he, himself unable to realize the reason why he’s irritated right now.

Do you know why he’s irritated right now? ??? you can guess! I’m sure you’ll guess it correct! And no! He does not love her ??? yet!!


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