Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 5

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Hi ??? missed me? ??? well here I am! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to your comments and now I can’t reply on them. Starlight, Amnaa, Aafiya, Samidha, Aayu, Pooja, Sanu, Dhruti… thank you so much for commenting!! And thank you Starlight for breaking your silence!! Let’s see how your guess turn out in the future ???.

Enough chit chat. Let’s start the story!!

Previously on “Some Colours Of Life”,

After having lunch with Kabir, Kusum went shopping ???. When she came back home, Rajesh was there with a file. Dismissing him, she immediately went to her room with the file.

“Sanchi Mishra”

There was a photograph of the girl.

“Hmm she’s beautiful… let’s see…” Comfortably sitting on a rocking chair, she went through the file without missing a single detail. It made her laugh hard when she read the prank call conversation. Satisfied with the information she got, she looked at a picture frame which had a garland.

“I think I found the perfect girl for our son ???”


……….one week later………..

“Sir, did you find someone suitable for to be your secretary for the next few months?” Ms. D’souza asked her boss one random evening.

“Are you kidding me?” He raised an eyebrow at her in a threatening way that would’ve scared her if she wasn’t used to his moods. “Those dumb girls who came for the interview today, only know how to cake their faces with makeup!! And I’m telling you the truth Ms. D’souza, they act like I’m going to marry them!!”

“Then I’ll postpone my leave until you find someone suitable” she said nodding her head understanding the situation.

Kabir tapped his desk annoyed. He felt bad for her. Not that he would ever tell that to anyone. But he knows that she deserves this leave she asked for. She had worked so hard for months continuously. “I’m just trying to find someone that would focus on work instead of me…” His irritated gaze suddenly landed on a file. “Maybe she can do this. Ms. D’souza, I need you to call someone…” ???


For about a week Sanchi was trying to find a job but her luck isn’t so good. Then suddenly she get a call from that rude man’s company ???. That rude man who refused to let her go to the interview and insulted her because of that stupid little prank!! His secretary, Ms. D’souza called her and told her that she got the job to be Mr. Kapoor’s secretary.

“Ma’am, aren’t you his secretary?”

“Yes I am and I’m taking a leave. So he needs a replacement for the time being. He told you to come to the office tomorrow 9 a.m. sharp”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t apply for this job. I don’t want to work under that khadoos!! Your boss can find someone else!! Good bye!!” She hung up using many adjectives to describe Kabir Kapoor ???.

Not even 5 minutes passed, she immediately got another call.

“Miss Sanchi Mishra?” Came a deep voice.

She wondered who it was that his voice felt so familiar to her like someone close ???. “Yes, I’m Sanchi, who’s this?”

“It’s Kabir Kapoor” came from the other side.

“YOU!!!” She yelled at the phone. “What do you want?” She continuedwith a harsh voice.

“I would appreciate it if you could speak with some respect”

“I don’t care about what you appreciate or not!!” She clearly disregarded what he said. “And you talk about respect? I’ll give you respect no problem! With all due respect, Oh! The Great Mr. Kabir Kapoor, I have no interest to talk to you about anything. So good bye!” She said with heavy sarcasm lacing her voice.

He got so annoyed with the way she was talking to him. No one talks to Kabir Kapoor like this. “Don’t you dare hang up on me…” he said dangerously as if giving her a warning.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Listen up girl. I don’t have any interest to talk to you either-”

“Then why the hell did you call me?” She had cut him off again with sarcasm.

“Would you just shut up and listen?” He asked pointedly.

“Then you just say it and get over with it!!” She shot back.

“You’re going to be my Secretary!” He sounded like he was giving her an order that she has to do.

“Listen up bhai saab…”

**bhai saab? Did she just called me bhai saab? Chiii..!! ???**

“I already told your sweet secretary about your offer. I don’t want the job. So thank you, but no thank you!!”

“Think about it. You won’t get another chance like this”

“I don’t care!”

“You really need a job don’t you? Weren’t you looking for a job desperately?”

“That’s none of your business! Hey! How do you know I was looking for a job?”

There was no way he would tell her that he was keeping an eye on her. It’s not because of something like he’s interested in her. Nope. Absolutely not!! It’s just because he still plan to make the stupid prank caller pay for that call. “If you refuse to take this job I’d make sure you won’t get a job anywhere!!”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Sanchi, beta whose threatening you?” Her mother Jaya asked coming to her room.

“Nothing maa. It’s just Veer. You know how he is…” She covered it up quickly.

On the other hand Kabir heard it too. **who the hell is this Veer guy? ???**

His thoughts were disturbed by her. “Why are you being so annoying? Aren’t there anyone else for the job?”

“There are plenty. But I want you to be here. Besides you get a good job and a good salary in return. So be happy. Tomorrow 9 a.m. sharp!” He hung up on her without listening to her reply. **like she has any choice!! ???**

“How dare he hang up on me!! And he said it like I’d come tomorrow!! There’s no way I’m going!!”

Her day passed with many questions running inside her head. Passing through the kitchen counter, she saw some bills that were yet to pay. Her mother had hidden them not letting her see. Then she heard her brother Sunny tell their mother about school that they have to pay next month. **How Will maa manage all this? ??? This is all Chachu aur Chachi no fault hai ???. Ever since they got involved in chakli business, everything’s falling apart. I’m sorry maa… papa… I know it was your dream to see me as a doctor. But I have to help maa to get out of these problems ???. At least Sunny will be able to fulfil your dreams then.**


Next morning Kabir walked in to his office as usual. But each and every employee who saw him noticed there was something different with him. His usual khadoos face is lightened a bit than normal to everyone’s surprise.

“Good morning Mr. Kapoor!” Ms D’souza greeted as usual.

“Good morning Ms. D’souza, what’s the schedule today?”

Ms. D’souza was staring at him like he’s an alien ???. He asked again and she replied if she was in a daze. “Are you alright? You seem lost” he commented going to his cabin.

On the other hand she forgot to even sit. Why? It’s simple. Throughout her days as his secretary, he was never like this. He doesn’t greet back anyone good morning! He’s not being rude by it. It’s his style. But today, not only he had a somewhat light expression in his face and he greeted her back. On top of that he asked about his schedule before entering his cabin. Normally she goes to his cabin after 10 minutes to remind him Of his schedule when he came. It was his instructions. **What happened to him?? ???**

Everything went perfectly fine but it changed when the elevator dinged at 8.45 a.m. sharp. She wondered who was this sudden unannounced visitor early in the morning when she was greeted by a somewhat familiar girl.

“Good morning ma’am! ???”

**This girl…. where have I seen her before…. ??? oh!! She’s the same girl went crying after facing Mr. Kapoor’s wrath for some unknown reason ??? now why is she here?**

“Good morning, miss….”

“Sanchi. Sanchi Mishra!”

“Yes… Ms. Mishra. It was you I called yesterday right?”

“Yes ma’am!”

**Oh! So Mr. Kapoor want this girl to be his secretary till I come back? But why? He wasn’t pleasant to her that day… So what made he do this ???** She thought to herself eyeing Sanchi. “So Ms. Mishra, what brought you here. Yesterday you stated clearly that you’re not interested in this job”

“I know ma’am but what can I do? It’s either I take up this job or I won’t get a job anywhere!! That evil khadoos didn’t leave me a choice!! ???”

She frowned at her choice of words. **Evil khadoos? And he threatened her to work here? What is he up to? ???**

“Ma’am, will I be able to manage this job?” The girls voice was insecure. “If I do any mistake, I’m sure he won’t let me pass it that easily…”

“Ms. Mishra, for now first meet him. We’ll worry about it afterwards.”

“Thank you! You don’t know how much your words calm me. Just like an older sister!!” When Sanchi saw Ms. D’souza looking at her surprised she said sorry.

Just like the other day she met this girl she still has some unknown thing that makes her like her. “Wait I’ll inform Mr. Kapoor that you’re here” she was about to call him when the phone on her desk rang loudly ☎☎☎. Just then the clock striked 9 a.m. ???. “Hello?”

“Ms. D’souza, is there anyone who came to meet me?”

She was surprised by his sudden inquiry and it made her look at Sanchi. “Yes, sir. It’s-”

“Send her in!!”

If she was surprised earlier then it’s nothing compared to the surprise she got right now. “Ok sir” keeping the phone back she asked Sanchi to go in. **Was I dreaming? He sounded so cheerful and excited? It’s the first time I heard him like this. What’s with this girl? ??? hmm… interesting… things will be very interesting to see ???**

Sanchi opened the door to her soon to be boss. She entered and walked in slowly and stood right in front of the person who she dislikes the most. **he’s smirking like he won a lottery!! ???**

It was obvious from his face that he was indeed in a good mood. **At last… you came! Didn’t you Ms. Prank caller ???** he couldn’t stop himself from smirking victoriously.

“Good morning sir!” She broke his thoughts with her greeting and a sickly sweet fake smile ???.

“I thought you said you won’t come ???”

She just stood without saying anything.

“I thought you would shatter all my hopes by not coming here ??? it’s really hard to find a perfect secretary for me. You were the only one I found good enough!!” Kabir said in a fake complementing tone ???.

She knew he was trying to provoke her to say something in anger. “I’m glad you think I’d be able to do this job. I’ll try my best not to give you any chance to complain. Besides it’s just a matter of 6 months. After that, Ms. D’souza will take over again right? ???” Her sweet tone made him frown a bit but he covers it quickly. **I didn’t even want to see your face again you evil khadoos!! But I’m helpless to take this job because of my problems. Don’t think for a second that I’m afraid of you! I know you’re trying to get revenge from me because of that stupid prank call, but you don’t know Sanchi Mishra!**

“Absolutely! Ms. D’souza will train you for a week before she leave. Good luck! ???” Kabir replied in the same tone. **It may be just 6 months but that’s enough for me. You don’t know what kind of a ball of yern you got entangled in!! ???**

Well he’s right! She’s indeed entangled in a ball of yern named destiny. The moment he made his decision to make her regret prank calling him, he became a part of his destiny. Lest see what awaits for both of them in the future.


For now I’ll stop here. Will meet you soon with another update!! Until then, take care!! Don’t forget to press the like button if you like today’s part ???. Love you ???

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