Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 1 …… by Ru

Chapter 1

Hi my lovely readers ??? missed me??? Hmm ??? maybe you missed me, maybe not. But I missed all of you so much! So here I am with a brand new ff ???. For the 2 intros I gave you, this story got 41 likes and the other one got 32 likes. Only a matter of 9 likes!! Which indicates me that a lot of you wants to read both. I told you I can only keep up one ff but I feel so bad when I read the comments for the other one too. So I have decided to write both. Now happy? ???.

WARNING!!! Don’t expect long updates!

Reason 1 : it’s the beginning of the story. Can’t write long till we develop it a little.

Reason 2 : I gave long updates on my previous story coz I wanted to finish it.

Alright now let’s start with the new story ???.


……….6 months before everyone’s lives change……….

A group of friends are sitting around a round table. They’re playing truth or dare. Last turn was Veer’s. So now he’s spinning the bottle. It stopped right in front of Sanchi.

“Oh no!!” She whined ???.

“Oh yes baby!!” Veer yelled triumphantly ???. “Miss Golgappa… truth or dare? I know you’re a coward so you will just pick truth. Not dare. Anyway so….”

“I’m not a coward!!” ??? came Sanchi’s angry voice.

“Really? Then pick dare!” Veer said sarcastically ??? knowing well it would provoke her.

“Ok fine!! Dare!” As soon as she said it, she regretted for saying it seeing Veer’s grin. “This is cheating! You provoked me to say that!!”

“No can do now my golgappa. You already said dare. So now it’s a dare! Final!” ???

“Haa Sanchi, don’t be a spoilsport ok? Just take the dare.” Pragya, Isha and Garv insisted.

“FINE!! What’s the dare?” She asked glaring ??? at Veer.

“Aww… miss golgappa… you’re glaring at me na ??? I’m getting scared! Please say nicely… say… ‘What’s the dare, bee?’ With love…”

“Veer!! (She was trying her best not to hit his head with the bottle they’re spinning) ok… what’s the dare, bee? She asked in a sickly sweet voice that made him shiver a little.

“Uh.. ok.. the dare is.. you have to prank call someone.”

“NO!! Absolutely not!! I still remember how you made me prank call your dad. He panicked so much when I told him that you met with an accident. I really felt bad for him. He loves you so much and I did a terrible thing! I’m really lucky he didn’t try to find out who called him. And you’re lucky I agreed last time coz I’ve never met your father. There’s no way I’m gonna do that again!!” Sanchi declined.

“But this time it’s not dad!!”

“No Veer… give me another dare but I can’t do this!”

“But it’s gonna be a random number!!”

“What do you mean it’s gonna be a random number?” – Isha

“That means we’re not calling someone we know. We’ll just dial some random number and call a complete stranger!!”

“Now that’s a good idea!” – Garv

“No it’s not a good idea!” – Sanchi

“C’mon Sanchi… it’ll be fun. Just think of it as the last time and do it na…” – Pragya

“Don’t encourage him Pragya!”

“Haa!!! Yeh betaal no.1 is right.” Pragya was frowning because of the name she got. Veer just grinned. “I promise you that this is the last time I’m gonna dare you to prank call someone. Please….!!” He made a puppy dog face that looks irresistible.

“Ok fine!! But this is the last time!!” Veer rejoiced with her words but what she said next, made his face twist in annoyance. “And stop making those weird faces which you think cute. Coz you don’t come anywhere close to cute, you look like a constipated chicken” all are laughing except Veer.

“So whose this time?” She asked taking her phone.

“I told you na, I don’t know. How about we all make up a number?” Veer suggested shrugging his shoulders.

“I’ll start! 2” Pragya yelled.

Isha had her hands over her ears. “What’s the need to yell Pragya? Ok 7”

“Mmm 6”








“So the number is…… 2764391508?” – Sanchi

“Yep!!” All agreed.

“So what should I tell him or her?” She asked again.

Her beloved friends gave her an evil look ???. “You know what to say ???”

**Oh god! One day I’ll be in big trouble because of my so called friends!!** thinking to herself, Sanchi dialed it. She was waiting for someone to pick from other side. The phone was on speaker.

Others were whispering.

“Yaar don’t know whether that number even exist!” – Garv

“Let’s hope so!” – Isha

“Sshhh” – Veer and Pragya

Sanchi on the other hand was hoping against all hopes that no one would answer but she doesn’t seem to have that much luck on her side. Someone did answer the call.

Stranger : hello, this is Kabir’s fiance speaking. He-“

Sanchi : wait hang on, he’s ENGAGED??”

She put on a fake voice of shock and absolute mortification.

Stranger : yes, it’s been couple of months-“

Sanchi : then what about the promises he made to me?

She pretended to be crying towards the end of her sentence, gasping for air incessantly.

Her friends were trying hard not to laugh.

Stranger : may I know what was your relationship with my fiance?

The woman on the other end of the line inquired pointedly.

Sanchi : I-I am… *sob*

She paused to think what to say. Though she didn’t agreed at first to give this prank call, now she was enjoying it. Knowing she had already done something bizarre, she thought why not exaggerate it. Grinning to her friends, she continued.

I am his wife! And… *sob* *sob* I love him so… much! How could he do this to me? How could he cheat on me like this? Even after he knew……

She was sniffing to add the dramatic effect. By now her friends are rolling on the floor holding their stomachs ???. She wants to laugh so badly but she controlled herself hardly.

Stranger : even after he knew what?

The lady on the other side sounded horrified but did our gang care? No! Not at all!

Veer mouthed ‘drop the bomb’. Pragya gave her a thumbs up. Isha and Garv too were making, ‘go ahead’ signals.

Sanchi was going to say ‘even after he knew I truly love him’, but she decided to be overly dramatic with other’s reactions. So she thought to say something different.

Sanchi : even after he knew that I’m carrying his child!! Not just a child. I’m having twins!! Even both of us planned names too. Deepika, Priyanka, Ranveer and Arjun. Two names for girls and two for boys.

She ranted some names of Bollywood stars.

Stranger : I can’t believe he did this to me!!

The woman screeched on the other side.

Sanchi : I feel sorry for you but more than that, I feel sorry for myself! What would I do with two kids now? How would I feed them? How could god create such a disloyal human being?

Sanchi continued her act to cry. But it was getting to much and she can’t handle her laughter. She was going to disconnect the line. Then she heard,

Stranger : I’m going to breakup with him!!

With that, Sanchi hung up and rolled out of her seat.

“??? I can’t- ??? I can’t believe she- ??? she believed you!! ???” Veer started to gasp because of too much laughing.

Pragya joined too. “??? kasam se yaar ??? that girl is an idiot!! ???”

“Haa yaar ??? she could’ve guessed when you said those names as children’s names. ??? but still- ??? still she thought it was true? ???” Isha reasoned.

“Awesome job Sanchi..!! You acted so real. And that stupid girl- ???” Garv couldn’t even talk anymore.

Sanchi was laughing ??? hard too. “Let’s just hope, whoever this Kabir guy is, he is mature enough to explain to his stupid fiance. Otherwise he won’t be marrying soon”

“And hope he doesn’t trace your number and make you pay for this” Garv added making Sanchi’s face paled.

Veer kept his arm on his shoulder. “Garv mere dosth, chill yaar! Nothing’s gonna happen. Whoever that guy is, he’ll either just curse us for getting him in trouble or he’d finally understand how stupid his fiance and call of the marriage himself!”

Isha too nodded her head in agreement. “I personally think those two doesn’t match. But who cares yaar! It’s their problem!!”

All of them had gone home with the hilarious memory of the prank call. Little did they know this silly little prank call would be the reason of many changes in their lives in the near future.


So that is the first chapter. I know it’s not much but hope you’d like it. I have a very bad habit of not giving a precap and I’m still gonna keep that bad habit coz I honestly don’t know what I’ll write next. So you guys can keep guessing until I come back. Love you ???

  1. Wow ru, it’s hilarious, I mean it’s like I am watching a comedy movie. Curious to know what will happen next so please post soon

    1. RuCh23

      ??? thanks for the complement Sami ??? so glad you liked it dear ☺☺☺ I’ll try to post the next part soon ???

  2. Dimple457

    Fabulous……..i had voted for the other one bcz i find it more interesting (just my opinion) nd i was sad at first to know that u continued this one but after reading that u r continuing both i was so much happy??……… thanks for it……nd my mind is changing after reading it nd now i am so much excited to read the other part…… so hope u will post soon?……….curious to know…….btw can u tell me when will u post the other one?…….bye tc??

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Dimple dear ??? glad you’re starting to like this one too!!! I just posted the other story too. Due to my instant approval it’s posted but for some reason it’s not shown in the SDCH page yet. You can find it on my profile for now. Should see in the morning what’s wrong if it still wouldn’t show ???

  3. AAYU

    It was just a perfect start to an awesome story.
    Post soon as we are waiting with hitched breaths to find out what will happen next.
    Love you dear and take care.

    1. RuCh23

      Aww aren’t you so poetic? ☺☺☺ be carefull you won’t be able to breath ??? I’ll post soon dear ??? love you too and you too take care ???

  4. Aafiya

    Superb start… Prank call scene was funny..

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Aafi ☺☺☺ so glad you liked it dear ???

  5. that was hilarious
    loved it
    ur so nice
    thanks for writting both the ffs

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Vanu ??? glad you liked it!! What’re you saying dear? It’s because of you guys I’m writing in TU. So how can I let down half of my readers? ???

  6. It was so funny i couldnt stop laughing…. Update soon

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Amnaa ??? I’m happy that you liked this!! 2nd part is there now. You can read it too ???

  7. Anee

    So so so nice Ru….amazing start….love it!!! post asap.

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks dear ??? I’m always waiting to see your comments ???. 2nd part is already posted now. Check it too!! ???

  8. Ziyarasheed

    Ruch…pls marry me..????
    I thought I was going to miss such roller coaster rides when I read your other update. But thank God you are penning a another track. I’m in love with your writing. Can’t wait for Kabir to step in sanchi’s life. And im damn sure sanchi is gonna pay big for her silly prank. She’s gonna regret it…

    1. RuCh23

      ??? OH MY GOD!! I’m so sorry Ziyu I can’t marry you!! Yep! I’m writing too stories and that’s so not easy. ??? you’re right though. Sanchi’s gonna pay for this. But too bad only she has to pay when it was initially her friends idea. Bit what to do? That’s life. We always get in to trouble because of our friends ???. Next part is posted now. You can read it. And yeah, don’t take the rejection to heart ??? hahaha love you ???

  9. Superb and gorgeous start ruchu………keep it up yaar………. eagerly waiting for the next yaar…….. post soon soon soon dear……

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Anu dear ??? now you can’t stop waiting coz the 2nd part is already posted ???

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