His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 22

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Ragini was about to run down the stairs when Sanskar scooped her up, carrying her in his arms, heading to the kitchen.
Ragini, who by this point have become habitual of him abruptly picking her didn’t squeak this time.
Resting her head on his shoulder blade she peaked up at him. Clutching his shirt’s color with one hand as a habit she complained childishly.
“Why do you pick me up everytime huh?” Narrowing her eyes she wiggled her forefinger at him. “I’m not a child.”
“But you sure act like one.”
“Meanie” She poked her tongue out at him.
Settling her gently on the ground he was about to go to kitchen when Ragini beat him to it.
“And where do you think you are going Angel?” Raising an eyebrow in question he looked at her sternly.
“Umm K-kitchen?” She answered tilting her head slightly in confusion but somehow it came up as a question.
“You will not step a foot in kitchen from now on Missy unless I’m there with you.”
“But what if I want to eat ice-cream when you’re in office? Or I wanted to eat chocolate? Or I want to drink yummy strawberry milkshake? Or I want to drink water? What if I simply want to roam in the kitchen for a while or wh-”
“STOP” Sanskar stopped her from rambling further sighing exasperatedly.
“Roaming in the kitchen. Really?” He looked at her weirdly. “You don’t just roam in kitchen. It’s not a park Angel.”
She looked sheepishly at him.
“Voh. It just came up with the flow.”
“You sure are weird.” But he himself couldn’t help as a small smile appeared on his lips.
So that’s how the lovely couple spent their morning, cooped up in the kitchen with Sanskar cooking breakfast while Ragini sat on one of the kitchen counter with her feet dangling in the air rambling non-stop about her childhood days.
“You will not be sad right?” Asked Ragini for the twentieth time while Sanskar was buttoning the grey coloured blazer he was wearing.
“Of course not sweetheart.” He said scoffing. “You are going for a week only. I’m a man baby I will manage.”

“God! I love you Angel.” He sniffled.
“I love so much Princess. Is it necessary to go? You know I can give you lots of chocolates Angel and ice-cream too. You love them yeah? You’re not going anywhere. One week is too damn long” He said stubbornly holding her tiny hands in his, refusing to let her go.
She giggled holding ‘Pooh’, her pink teddy to her side.
“You promised you wouldn’t cry”
Sanskar looked up, his eyes still damp with tears and tried to play it off.
“I’m not crying.” He said defensively.
Ragini just scoffed.
“Aren’t I right Danny?” He asked his driver.
The driver nodded. “It’s just your eyes are sweating Sir.”
Sanskar proudly patted the driver’s shoulder.
“Very good. That’s what I pay you for.”
Ragini looked at the pair incredulously with wide eyes.
“Now.” Sanskar turned to her with a serious expression on his face. “Remember what I said Angel.”
“Always eat your meals on time. Sleep properly. Don’t go in kitchen and be safe.”
“And?” He raises a brow.
“Oh!” She smiled. Don’t talk to any boys. If it’s important then only if they are ugly.”
Sanskar smiled widely.
“I’ve taught you well baby.”
Ragini grinned and hugged him tightly.
Giving a big kiss on his cheek she got off the car hopping to her house.

Ragini was sitting crisscrossed on her bed looking at the windown after every two minutes. She knew her Cupy couldn’t stay away from her and frankly speaking neither could she. Eating and sleeping together have become a bad habit of their which they both don’t want to get rid of.
Entering the room he crept up slowly behind Ragini who was lost in her thoughts.
“Aah. Bhoot. Bhoot. Bachao. Bachao.”
Jumping on the bed in fright while tightly closing her eyes Ragini screamed on the top of her lungs as she felt a tap on her shoulder.
“Ssh. It’s me Angel.” Sanskar put a hand on her mouth to stop her.
Gayatri Devi, Ragini’s buaji, a strict lady who still abides by all the rules and regulations of her times. She treats Arjun like her own sin but hates Ragini as she considers girls shouldn’t be granted this much freedom.
Hearing the shouts she was about to waltz into Ragini’s room but Mr. Suryavanshi stopped her in mid.
“What happened Jiji(sister)? You here?”
“I heard the shouts so I came to check what this Chori(girl) is up-to?”
“Oh don’t worry. She just saw a cockroach. That’s all. You take rest I’ll check up on her.” Mr. Suryavanshi tried to persuade his elder sister.
She just nodded in agreement and went away. Ragini’s Dad heaved a sigh of relief.
“Cockroach?” said Ragini confused who was able to hear the conversation outside her room.
“Yeah. A handsome cockroach beside you princess.” Mr. Suryavanshi pointed at Sanskar while winking and left the room chuckling.
“Stupid cockroach. You scared me.” Huffed Ragini, her hands on her waist, scolding him.
“I’m a stupid cockroach huh?” Asked Sanskar advancing towards her like a predator.
Ragini who assessed the situation took a step back.
“Yes. Stupid, ugly cockroach.” She stuck her tongue out at him.
“Ugly huh? Wait a minute I’ll show you.”
With that they were engaged in a playful pillow fight running around the room, chasing each other while laughing to their heart’s content.
All his doubts and tension vanished as Ragini’s Dad watched the couple from slightly ajar room door. He couldn’t be more happy. His daughter was getting engaged in one week but the duo will tie the knot only after she turns 24 or 25. It was his wife’s dire wish to spend the last stage of their life at Rishikesh. Though his wife is no more he still wants to fulfill her wish so he will move to Rishikesh after the engagement. Many people would think it is be improper to leave his daughter like that with Sanskar. But their opinion doesn’t matter. He was always scared for his daughter. She is so innocent that he was afraid someone will take benefit of her innocence. But Sanskar is here now with her and he knows he will forever protect his Princess. What’s more could a dad wish for. His daughter’s happiness is all that matters.
“I need to tell you something Princess.” Arjun whispered something in his baby sister’s ear before they could enter the hall, the engagement was held in.
“It’ll be fun to watch.” Thought Arjun with a smirk.

“Angel..” He breathed out as his gaze fell on the most precious person in his life.
Looking not less than a fairy, cladded in an elegant, baby pink sequin dress, she was the cutest little thing he has ever laid his eyes upon.
Walking inside, Ragini’s gaze fell on Sanskar as she shouted his name.
“Cupy!” She called out to him waving her hand in the air with utmost excitement.
Holding the lower half of her dress to prevent any fall she immediately ran to him, latching onto his masculine figure tightly.
“I mwissed yoou”
Pressed tightly to his chest her words came out muffled.
“But I met you yesterday.” He said smiling.
“Too long.” She said pouting and buried her face in his neck.
People awed at her cuteness. Could she be more cuter.
His heartbeat increased when she made him wear the ring. He couldn’t me more happier.
Kissing her ring finger he slid a beautiful Ruby ring in her finger with diamond embedded around it.
“Exclusively Mine” were the exact words engraved on it.
The rest of the night went by in a blur.
Sanskar was about to kiss her on the lips when Ragini covered her face with both her hands.
“Eww! Don’t do that.” She said making faces.
“Why?” He exclaimed.
“B-because boys have cooties.”
“Who told you that?” Sanskar asked angrily.
“Arjun Bhai.”
And there he was. Arjun Suryavanshi snickering at Sanskar’s condition.
“What will you do now Mr. Maheshwari?” He mouthed quietly to Sanskar who was glaring daggers at him.
“It’s really funny to see him all hyper for a kiss.” He thought to himself.
Sanskar looked to be in thoughts for a while before an idea struck him.
His face brightened up instantly while Arjun’s smile vanished.
“I had my shots for it.”
“What?” Yelled Arjun. “It’s a lie.”
“There are shots for cold and fever. So why not for cooties bhai?” Ragini questioned.
“Yeah. Tell us Arjun.” Sanskar said smirking evilly at Arjun.
He stomped away from the scene like a child as Sanskar happily kissed his Angel.

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