His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 21

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“How will I go back now?” Thought Ragini pouting sadly placing her chin on her hands examining her surrounding.
Sitting on the pavement under a street lamp her gaze inspected the street which was empty of any occupant.
Seeing the clear blue sky with a gentle breeze flowing a brilliant idea to walk back home by foot occurred in her mind instantly and here she is. Sitting here lost with her cell phone dead all thanks to her horrible sense of direction.
“I swear you are my enemy from last birth. I mean how did you end up out of battery whenever I need you the most?” She chided her phone narrowing her eyes at it scolding as if it was a person rather than an object.
His emotions were all haywire as he sped through in his car frantically looking out the car’s window for any sign of his Angel.
His inner self condemning him for being the reason his Angel was hurt. He angrily banged the car horn as his anger riled up further with each passing second. It was all his fault. He let her in harms way again for the second time. God forbid if he even found a single scratch on her.
Aryan Sabrawal, feared gang leader of the most dangerous gang of Mumbai turned to his second in command after shooting the gang member of his arch army. His glare hardens when he saw him holding tightly to a young girl with his hand covering her mouth.
He cursed under his breath. “An eyewitness.”
He stalks over to the girl threateningly.
“Who the hell are you?”
The second in command uncovers her mouth but still stands close in case she tries to run.
But Aryan is hell shocked when the girl before him grins widely at him unfazed by a large man standing beside her and even a more dangerous man glaring hardly at her.
‘Is this girl mentally sane?’ He thought to himself.
‘Rather than screaming in horror or fainting like a sane person would do after witnessing a murder she is smiling at him. Is she bonkers or something?’
“Hi. My name is Ragini. Who are you? Will you be my friend?” Ragini asked excitedly forwarding her hand for him to shake.
His scowl deepened further if that was even possible.
“Yup! Definitely a nutcase.” His conscience interjected and he agreed instantly. ‘Who in their right mind would ask someone whom you just witnessed killing in front of you to be your friend anyways.’
His hand went to the gun in his waistband but his grip faltered for some reason. Don’t get him wrong. Killing definitely is his favorite thing to do but even he feels slight bit guilty murdering someone innocent.
Postponing the thought for a while he narrowed his eyes at her while asking, “What did you saw?”
She pouted then began her story with her eyes wide like an anime character.
“Well, I got lost on my way home when I saw Mr. Snoopy. I was about to go to him when he ran away so I came here following him.”
“Now who the hell is this Mr. Snoopy?” He asked irritatingly.
“Mr. Snoopy is the cutest puppy ever. See.” She pointed behind him and indeed there was a puppy.
After petting the puppy for a while as all the gang members stared at her weirdly she came back to Aryan again.
“Please be my friend. Only you can help me in completing my bucket list.” She said with her best puppy dog eyes.
“And what it has to do anything with your bucket list?” Asked a confused Aryan.
“First accept my friendship then I’ll tell you.”
He reluctantly accepted her hand shake.
“Now tell me.”
“I want you to jump off from the cliff with me.” Aryan looked at her horrified. His eyeballs almost popping out of their socket due to shock.
It was comical to see a ruthless gangster in such a condition.
“Yeah.” She shrugged as if it was nothing. “You boys are really stupid. Let me explain it to you. Just like in movies when the police chase the gangster and his girlfriend they both end up near a cliff and then jump down together in the underwater flowing. I also want to do the same.” She explained exhaling a long breath.
“But you are not my girlfriend.” Aryan tried to make her drop her palns.
“Silly. Girlfriend means a girl who is your friend. So” She raised an eyebrow at him.
“I’m telling you beforehand boss. This girl is either a psycho or she broke out from the mental asylum of Agra. You know when you were killing that dude I saw her running from here before she stopped abruptly looking at me then waved. Can you believe she fu***ng waved at me.” His second in command said looking at Ragini as if she was an alien from another planet.
“Look. I’m going to drop you to the main road. From there you will head straight to your home and to answer your question I am never going to jump with you from the cliff. Thank you very much but I want to live some more.”
Before she could speak further he cut her in middle. “No but-vut. Come on.”
He didn’t have a heart to harm someone so innocent as she reminds him of his deceased little sister.
She was sitting on the passenger seat of Arjun’s car narrating him the whole incident who saw her standing on the main road. Both were heading to Sanskar’s mansion.
Initially Arjun was concerned for her but as she proceeded her story further his facial features contorted in a strange way.
“Are you okay bhai?” She asked worriedly.
Arjun could not control it anymore and burst out laughing.
Now she understood he was trying to hold back his laugh.
“Let me rephrase Ragu.’ began Arjun.
“First you got lost then you followed a puppy where you ended up meeting some people whom you thought were shooting a movie or something with fake guns. And to top it all off you asked their leader to jump off from the cliff with you?” He asked and Ragini nodded confused what was wrong in that.
Arjun could not take it and laughed harder which annoyed her immensely.
“Meanie” She sticked her tongue out at him.
“Now go. Sanskar was really worried about you.” With that Arjun drove away.
Ragini was engulfed into a bone crushing hug the moment she stepped into the mansion.
Sanskar hugged her as if she is his last lifeline.
He was silent the whole time as both feeded each other like usual. After bandaging her burnt hand he carefully carried her in his arms walking steadily as if afraid to jostle her.
Entering his room he laid her on his chest as Ragini felt asleep on him after briefing him about the little adventure of hers as Sanskar smiled adoringly at her. Cocooned protectively in his muscled arms, he tucked her head under his, rocking her back and forth like a baby staring constantly at her fragile frame afraid if he looked away His Angel will disappear into thin air.
The feeling of being numb is far more terrifying than feeling anger and strong waves of pain. And that was exactly what he was experiencing at the moment. His mind was blank like a white sheet of paper.
His Angel is his light. His only Solace from his past who enlightens his dark world with a bright, innocent smile of hers, her eyes twinkling like stars.
He was afraid. Afraid of losing the only person dearest to him. His Angel and Only His.
As if she read his thoughts, she mumbled a meak ‘Yours’ in her sleep before burying her face in the crook of his neck.
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  1. Sreevijayan

    Aweee..my ragu is such an innocent girl..GOSH..i loved d scene btw arjun nd ragu…nd ny doubt dt i love dis ff? Am crazy abt it

  2. Akankshanna

    Awesome…..Tariif Karun kya uski jisne tumhe bnaya…….. Amazing Raguuuuu​….

  3. Superb. Aww ragini is the cutest. I love how always you describe sanskaar emotions so perfectly

  4. Innocence overloaded… Love your ff..

  5. Sindhura

    Ragini is seriously nutcase

  6. Naz_Temish

    Loved it…Indeed it is a good way to escape from such situations,be a nutcase????………….sanskar’s care was touching….keep going on

  7. Follybraverl

    True love find its solace for sure………. Awesome like usual don’t know what to say it is more than a ff for me…

  8. Lovely7


  9. amazing dr

  10. Shrilatha

    Awesome yaar but why am I feeling that now devil will come face to face with other devil…love triangle????

    1. Rakhi

      No dear.. I mentioned in this part that she remind him of his deceased sister.. Aryan was involved for this part only

  11. Dharani

    Awesome ragini asked for friendship with a gangster oh god how innocent she is?

  12. awesome

  13. Awesome

  14. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

  15. Richa19


  16. Gosh this Ragini is seriously an unique piece specially made for Sanskaar.She is sooooo innocent that even a gangstar couldnt hurt her.Your ff is a master piece dear.Loved it to the core

  17. Ragini ragini how can a person be so innocent yaar

  18. Riyanjali


  19. Adreen18

    Amazing keep going

  20. Asra

    as usual fabulous dear…omg our ragu asked friendship from gangster and she told him to jump from cliff….Ohhh my cutie ragu…love u dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  21. A.xx

    amazing and i swear there is no-one in this world like our rags xx

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