Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 5)

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Socha na tha…Never thought..Part5
PART-5….Swara and Kartik arrange a cake for Sanskar to celebrate his birthday.
They wish him:Happy birthday Sanskar.
He smiles:Thank you.
Karthik:Cut the cake yaar.I am craving to eat it.’s Sanskar’s birthday cake ,but you are thinking of finishing it.
Karthik gives an embarrassed smile.
Swara notices the dull face of Sanskar.
Swara:Sanskar..why you don’t look happy though it’s your birthday.
Sanskar is silent.
Swara:Understood.Missing Ragini.Right?
Karthik:Don’t worry dude.There is a solution to your problem.
Suddenly Sanskar sees Ragini coming from Swara’s back.He can’t believe his eyes.
He keeps looking at her without blinking eyes.Everyone laughs.Ragini waves her hand at Sanskar.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara:How is our surprise Sanskar?
Sans:Really it was a surprise.Thank you so much guys.
Ragini:Happy birthday Sanskar.
Sans:Just a wish?No other gift?
Ragini:This cake was brought by me to celebrate your birthday with me.
He is surprised:Really?
Ragi:Yes.You thought I will ignore your birthday?No way.
He smiles:Thank you Ragini for making my birthday special.
She smiles.
She lights the candles on the cake.He blows out the candles.She holds his hand and cuts the cake.Then she puts icing on his face giggling.

Sans:Oh no..
Everyone laughs.
Sanskar takes the cake and starts eating it crazily.
Ragini:Oh God Sanskar…are you crazy to eat like this?

Karthik:Hey buddy..don’t finish off the cake fast.Share it with us also.
Ragini:Yes..please Sanskar…
Sans:No way.This is my birthday cake and I won’t share it with anyone.

They all show baby angry face.
Karthik:So cruel you are.

Suddenly Sanskar burst out laughing and puts cake piece in everyone’s mouth making them smile.
After some time..
Ragini:Now I need to go guys.
Sanskar feels sad.
Rag:Don’t be upset like a kid.You are coming to my house only.
Sans:But a short separation is also unbearable for me.
They share an emotional eye lock.
He goes close to her seeing icing on Ragini’s cheek.He wiped it with his lips.
Ragini blushes.They share a romantic eye lock.She goes away blushing.He smiles.

Swara Comes to visit Sanskar.Ragini comes there:Hi are you?
Swara:I am fine.

Actually Ragini..I have arranged another house 4 Sanskar.
Ragini feels sad:Sanskar,plz don’t go….
Swara:what’s this Ragini?its 4 Sanskar’s career.its true that this house was lucky4 Sanskar.but he has 2 change his house.there different producers & directors’ll bring favour 4 Sanskar.
Ragini:ok…if it favours Sanskar’s career I agree with Swara.

Sanskar feels sad.
Sanskar:i’m going from this house,not from ur heart Ragini.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini’s dad Om & mom Naina plan 2 come to India.that eagerly awaited day cumes. Ragini-dadi-shamit go 2 the airport 2 receive them.they were very happy.surprisingly Raj Uncle & devika aunty{their family friends} were there with their son.Ragini is seeing them after many years….
Om:Ragini,can u recognise who this is?
Ragini looks at the guy {their son}.
she was surprised:Laksh!what a gr8 surprise.
Laksh:wow!so u remember me?
Ragini:Yes of course…I remember you Laksh,We were childhood friends.
Laksh:That’s great.I am very happy that you still remember me.

Ragini smiles..

After reaching home Ragini tells Om:dad,i want 2 tell an important matter.
Om:what’s that?
she:i’m in luv.
Om:wow!u r in luv?how did it happen?may be ur luv was at 1st sight..bcoz i had told him not 2 contact u till we reach here.bcoz i was planning 2 giv u a surprise.
Ragini:dad, whom u r talking about?
Om:about Laksh,
Ragini is confused:Laksh?
Om:Yes.You remember the surprise gift I arranged for you.
Ragini:Yes,I was waiting for it.Still I am waiting.
Om:The wait is over Ragini beta.Laksh is the surprise gift u were waiting from me.
Ragini was shocked:no,this can’t happen.
Om was shocked:why?
Ragini:bcoz i luv Sanskar.
Om is shocked.
Om:who is he?
she:he is a famous playback singer.
Om:i’m sorry beti,i can’t agree with u.
Ragini was shocked:is it my dad who is talking like this?i can’t believe this.

Om:bcoz i promised them that i’ll conduct this wedding.plz Ragini…
Ragini cries:no papa,i promised Sanskar that i won’t leave him.
Om:when i told u about my surprise 2 u,if u had given me a hint about Sanskar,i wud’nt have continued going with this idea,but now its too late …it’ll harm my reputation.if u don’t mind ur dad getting insulted b4 others i’ll conduct ur wedding with u want that?

Ragini becomes upset:Papa…
he cries:i beg u Ragini…
Ragini:no papa,i wont allow u 2 get insulted b4 others.i’m willing 2 marry Laksh.
Om was relieved.Ragini was upset.she lost her sleep.

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