SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 2 Part-68: DHRIYA’S ROMANCE

Couple name for Dhruv+Priya= DhRiya(Thank u Riuuuuu?)….

Part 68-

In Medha’s room

Parag:WAH BETA kya naam socha hain??….
Naiya:Yes Dad it’s a very unique and different name, as it has first two letters of Bhabhi’s name and the last 3 letters of Bhai’s name???….
Gaura:We have yet to find Major Virendra, and thank him for saving Meera and Medha….
Meera:Mom, he is right here☺….It was Dharamji that saved us?….

GauRag and Naiya gets shocked and asked many questions….

Dharam:Mom….Dad…Chotti….I said before, it’s a long story and I will tell u 1 day?….

Meera noticed the slight moment of Medha, and knew that she was waking up soon….She carefully lifted her in her arms and passed her onto Dharam….Dharam was excited about holding his child for the first time, but was scared too about the baby’s reaction to him???….And he was right, once Medha’s eyes opened; and seeing an unfamiliar face in front of her- ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!…

The child screamed loudly and tears flowed like a cascade???….Dharam, in a panic; tried to pacify her….GauRag too pacified her….Naiya grabbed the teddy bear, that Dharam brought and held it in front of the baby….Medha lovingly caressed the bears paws and stopped crying for few seconds, but that short lived?….

With her tiny feet, she started kicking into Dharam’s chest….Dharam tried to quieten her, but failed miserably?….Meera, who had stood aside, waiting for Dharam to “ handle”the baby, was losing the patience fast….

The agony of hearing her baby cry, coupled with the repressed feelings of anger towards Dharam; was reaching it’s peak….Meera moved to take the baby from Dharam….

Dharam:Wait Meeru, she will come around just now?!…
Meera:Give her to me Dharamji….CAN’T U SEE SHE DOESN’T LIKE U!!!…

Her words were harsh and it stung like an arrow….Dharam remained as still as a statue, while Meera pulled Medha from him and took her out of the room, leaving everyone shocked???….

After Sometime

In Meera’s room

Naiya comes to Meera….

Naiya:Bhabhi are u alright???
Naiya:Bhabhi why did u say that to Bhai??…
Meera:I don’t know why I said it?….I don’t to what’s wrong with me?!…
Naiya:Bhabhi obviously Megha,I mean Medha would cry, she doesn’t know Bhai….She did the same thing when she saw Mom and Dad, but now she is used to them….It’s natural for babies to do that☺!….
Naiya:Then why were u so cruel to Bhai??…Bhabhi are u blaming Bhai for all that happened in the last year??????….

Naiya tried to figure out the psychology behind Meera’s outburst….

On the other hand

In Dharam’s room

Dharam is shown standing lifelessly, staring out of the window…Meera’s shrill tone was still echoing in his mind….

Dharam(In his mind):There is much more to that single sentence she said….Her outcry was a whole lot more, than just Medha “ not liking me”?….

A hand on his shoulder, disturbed his thoughts….He turns around to find Parag there….

Dharam:Dad, I didn’t even get a proper look at my child???….
Parag:Beta tum samajdaar ho….I don’t have to tell u, that what Meera said, and what’s on her mind; ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS!!…

Dharam nodded….

Parag:Beta I think u should always remember, MEERA LOVES U MORE THAN U CAN IMAGINE!!…Get her to talk to u and tell u, WHAT’S REALLY BOTHERING HER….

He goes from there….


Scene shifts to a Penthouse

It’s shown very luxurious….

A room is shown….Someone is shown sleeping….He wakes up and prays to Sun☀God….His face gets revealed(Yaa he is Dhruv)….He then turns around and looks at a photo besides his bed….It’s of Priya’s….He kisses on her photo?….

Dhruv:Remember what is today??…Wish u were with me today??….Missing u honey??!…

He gets up and goes to freshen up….

After Sometime

Door bell rings….A servant opens the door….Dhruv too comes down and gets surprised….

Dhruv:Mom….Dad….What a surprise?….

KriPi are shown standing at the doorstep….Krishna is in blue shirt and jeans, while Gopi is in purple sari and golden blouse….Dhruv takes their blessings….

Krishna:We are not alone?….
Dhruv:Means??…I didn’t get u??…

Suddenly, KriPi gets apart and Priya is shown….Dhruv gets even more surprised to see her….She is in maroon jumpsuit, round maroon earrings, side puff hairstyle….

Priya:SURPRISE???….Hii jaan?….

He welcomes them in….Priya gets angry with him?….

Priya:After how long we met?, and u saying hey??….
Dhruv:I didn’t mean that….U too know….
(Signs her about KriPi’s presence)….
Priya:Soo what??….Mom and Dad have no issues with it at all☺….

He hugs her….She gets happy….KriPi smiles seeing that?….

Dhruv:Yaa jaan??….But are u still angry on me??…
Priya:Naa I was joking??….

KriPi and Priya laughs????…Dhruv too joins them and laughs??….

They all sits on the sofa….A servant brings tea☕ and snacks for them…

Dhruv:Mom u don’t know how happy I am seeing u back on ur feet?….
Gopi:That was past….Now I am back on my feet?….

Everyone smiles….

Dhruv:U should have told me before, so that I can receive u all at the airport….
Krishna:But then what about the surprise???…Priya was to say u, but I stopped her from revealing it to u….
Dhruv:Ur right Dad?….That’s what I was wondering….
Priya:Surprise is a surprise??….
Gopi:Actually only Priya was to come, but Kri thought we should also come as….
Krishna:As change of surrounding for u….
Dhruv:Even I want that to happen….

Priya winks at him?…..He smiles?….

They continues talking….


Scene shifts to Longview Mall

El Sombrero Restaurant

KriPi and DhRiya are shown having lunch….

Priya:My fav restaurant??….When we were in college we use to come here often??….
Gopi:Ur Dad also brought me here, on our honeymoon period?….
Krishna:And it became ur fav restaurant since then….
Priya:U don’t know there is more to it??….

They laughs….

After Sometime

Gopi gets a call….She goes out of the restaurant to receive it….

Meera is also shown in the same mall….She walks towards Gopi’s direction….

After ending call, Gopi heads back to the restaurant….Meera and Gopi are shown in opposite direction walking….Both crosses each other, but doesn’t see each other….

Dhim taana dhum taana plays

Both of them senses something, and turns around to see one by one….

Gopi:Was she….

Just then Krishna comes to her….

Krishna:Gopu what happened???….Come inside….
Gopi:I think I saw Meera….
Krishna:Who is Meera??….What are u talking??….
Krishna:See no one is there…Come…Let’s go….
Gopi:But I saw….

He takes her inside….Meanwhile, Meera walks out of the mall….


Scene shifts to Balmorhea State Park

KriPi arrives there….They sits on the steps facing the river….

Gopi:So peaceful☺….
Krishna:That’s why I bought u here☺….
Gopi:I like to spend my time with u Kri?….
Krishna:Even I too Gopu?…..

Gopi puts her hand on his arm and admires the river….

Gopi:So pure like our love??….

He puts his hand on her hand….

Gopi:But today in afternoon, I saw….
Krishna:Gopu I brought u here so that u can have some peace, but u starting it again?….

He stands up but Gopi pulls him back….She puts her hand on his arm and rests her head on his shoulder….

Murli ki taano si
Vedon puraano si
Mohan ki geeta ke jaisi tum

Gopi:Kri I am sorry…Now I won’t say that….I will only enjoy now☺….

He puts his hand on her hand….

Tumse hai achchai
Tumse hi sacchai
Tulsi ki sita ke jaisi tum


Scene shifts to the Penthouse

In DhRiya’s room

Priya is shown standing near the window, looking at the moon?….She is in blue short nightie….Dhruv comes in the room and back-hugged her….He turns her to face him….He sees her crying….

Dhruv:Honey, u know naa don’t like to see tears in ur eyes….
Priya:I am sorry jaan, today is the most special day in our life and I??….
Dhruv:U didn’t….But what’s the matter??…

Priya turns and looks towards the moon?…..

Priya:Akash Bhai left us??….After very long we got Jigar Bhai,but he too gone??…..Don’t know where is he or??….I am missing them???….I want a son who resembles them….
Dhruv:I know what ur going through right now….I just hope he is safe somewhere, and comes to u all back….But I want a girl like u….
Priya:But I want son….
Priya:Arey I told naa son….
Dhruv:U were talking about the special day of our???…..
Priya:Yaa?!…How can I forget this day when u proposed me?…..
Dhruv:But u fulfilled it by coming here today?…..

Dhruv cups her face and kisses on her forehead?…..He then sucks on her tears and kisses on her cheeks?….He then moves towards her lips, but she pushes him and tries to go, but he holds her hand….

( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai )… (2)

He kisses on her hand and arms?…..He moves her hairs in front and kisses on her shoulder and neck??…..Giving her a spine chill in her body…..

Aai Aise Raat Hai Jo
Bhahut Khushnaseeb Hai
Chahe Jise Door Se Duniya
Woh Mere Kareeb Hai

She started to lose herself and SURRENDERED to him…..She leaned onto his chest and closed her eyes….She took his hand and placed it on her stomach??…..A cold breeze ran through them???…..

Kitna Kuch Kehna Hai
Phir Bhi Hai Dil Mein
Saawal Hai Kahin
Sapno Mein Jo Roj Kaha Hai
Woh Phir Se Kahun Ya Nahi

He turns her around and cups her face….She closes her eyes….He took her lips in his?and they had a passionate liplock?…..

Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai

Tere Saath Saath Esha
Koi Noor Aaya Hai
Chand Teri Roshni Ka
Halka Sa Ek Saaya Hai

Teri Nazaron Ne Dil Ka Kiya Jo Hasar
Asar Yeh Hua

Breath was needed so they parted ways…..He took her in his arms and places her on the bed….He moved down and ran his finger through her legs and thighs and kissed there??….She moaned in pleasure??….

Abb Inmein Hi Doob Ke Ho Jau Paar
Yehi Hai Dua

He moved up and ran his finger on her face….Again they gets into a liplock?…..He removes her clothes and she removes his clothes….He then kisses on her sensual area?…..He pulls a blanket over them….

( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

The moon? witnesses their love???????????????❤❤❤❤❤…..

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai )… (2)


Meera’s outburst on Dharam….

  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that dharam couldn’t handle the baby and meera talked rude to him.actually dharam is almost like a stranger to her so this reaction is natural. and most of the babies prefer to be in their mother’s arms though they love their father.hats off to you for not showing the baby getting attached to the father so fast just because they share blood kept the situation realistic. but meera shouldn’t have been rude.loved parag consoling the sad dharam.kripi druya restaurant scene was nice.wonder if gopi is talking to someone in the ph regarding meera’s destruction. anyways good that she missed out meera as she may trouble her.druv got a real surprise seeing priya on proposal I wanted druv priya scenes I never thought that you will show their romance as they are not the leads. but surprisingly this was a druya romance was very sensual and passionate. kri gopu scene was very simple soft and romantic. please show more kripi romance.though you showed dheera romance in the last part please show a long romantic scene on them as they have started their life with a new beginning now

    1. Mansi

      U are right this reaction by Medha is natural…It’s natural for babies to react like this…She will get attached to him but naturally….Even more than her mother??there is more to it behind Meera being rude to him…It’s justifiable too….Glad u loved Parag consoling the sad Dharam???

    2. Mansi

      Nope it was a normal call….Both didn’t saw each other but felt it…Though they are not the leads, but are part of it??so how can I not show their romance???Glad u wanted DhRiya scene??so this must have been a treat to u???yeah sure will show more KriPi romance??

    3. Mansi

      Yeah DheEra romance will be shown soon???they have entered a new phase in their life now???

    4. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy??

    5. Mansi

      U didn’t told me about the banner…Did u liked it??????

    6. Jasminerahul

      it was a lovely banner

    7. Mansi

      Awww??…Thank u Jazzy???

  2. Svetlana Kapoor

    Hii Manz diiiiii???How are you??I hope you are fine???

    In love with this part❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    So beautifully written by you didu?????????????????????????????????????????????

    Ohh no Dharam didn’t handled medha properly n Meera got angry n talk rudely with him????I know it’s quiet natural for her to react like this???Meera should understand this?????

    Like Dharam I am feeling there is more to it….Right????..

    Loved how Parag came n consoled Dharam?????he is the best Dad???????

    KriPi gave a survey to Dhruv n even brought Priya with them on DhRiya’s proposal anniversary day????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Priya pretended to be angry on Dhruv n he got scared????????????????????????????

    Good Meera n Gopi didn’t saw each other???

    Their restaurant scene was amazing??????????????????

    KriPi’s park romance was mind-blowing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤with murli ki taano si song???????????????????

    DhRiya’s romance was very very hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt with beautiful song❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????‍❤‍?‍?

    Precap is interesting????

    Update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Hii Svetu??…..I am super fine?how are u???Yeah u guessed right there is more to it???Glad u loved Parag consoling Dharam???he has always been best Dad to both Naiya n Dharam???

    2. Svetlana Kapoor

      Good to know that diiiiii??????I am too fine????????I am in love with ur one Parag n every males in ur FF?????????????????as u are the only one who has given them strong dialogues n strong roles to portray?????????????????????

    3. Mansi

      Good to know that Svetu???Glad to know that u are in love with Parag n every males in my FF????for their strong roles??

    4. Mansi

      In my FF I have given equal importance to both male and female???here males have a strong n effective roles to portray unlike serials where they just stands there doing nothing????????Meera n Parag have a great bonding??

    5. Mansi

      Glad u loved this part????

    6. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu??

    7. Svetlana Kapoor

      My pleasure???????????????

    8. Mansi

      Yeah will update soon ? Stay Tuned??!!

  3. Very nice update mansi. Loved how Dharam tried to pacify Medha. But it is obvious for babies. She saw him first time . but Meera’s reaction meant rude to Dharam. She is really upset with him . mansi u showed very little part of DHEera . I was expecting more …. Precap seems interesting. Meera’s outburst on Dharam is bcz of that video clip only as she was not expecting this from him . how can he think that Meera would love someone more than him .she loves only loves him . plz plz plz update soon.

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved Dharam pacifying Medha???yeah it’s natural for babies to react like this….As Dharam said there is more to it….As this part was on DhRiya’s romance???In the next part there will be more DheEra??

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi??

    3. Mansi

      Yeah will update soon ? Stay Tuned??!!Let’s see?

  4. Superb mansi.. waiting for next updatte.. btw who is akash ?? wasn’t it aryan..

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby??Glad ur waiting for next part???yeah it’s Aryan only?it’s typo error?

    2. Mansi

      Yeah will update soon ? Stay Tuned??!!

  5. Svetlana Kapoor

    Bit Priya wanted to say Aryan Bhai right??????She is so emotional n loving towards her Bros but if only Jigar understood that?????

    1. Mansi

      Yaa Svetu Priya wanted to say Aryan Bhai only?it’s typo error?….She loves her both Bros like anything??

  6. Svetlana Kapoor

    Banner is so so beautiful?????they are looking so cute????????????loved it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Yeah they are indeed cute????Glad u loved the banner???❤❤❤❤????

  7. Svetlana Kapoor

    Wanted to say di more than DheEra I am loving DhRiya????n their romance???????Only u can write like this???????????

    1. Mansi

      Really Svetu????it really means a lot to me????Awww so sweet of u?????

    2. Mansi

      Glad to know ur loving DhRiya n their romance???

  8. Svetlana Kapoor

    U didn’t even gave a hint about the surprise di☹☹☹☹☹☹now can’t wait to know what it is??????????????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Think….Think….U all will be surprised to know it???

    2. Mansi

      Glad ur waiting for it?????????

    3. Mansi

      Can’t give a hint??it’s a very very big surprise???

  9. Svetlana Kapoor

    Loved DhRiya’s nok jhok❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤it was very cute n funny?????????????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Glad u loved DhRiya’s nok jhok Svetu????

  10. Svetlana Kapoor

    KriPi’s scene reminded me of the same scene in the serial???????????????hats off to you for that✌✌✌??????

    1. Mansi

      When I was writing it I too was reminded of that scene only for KriPi???????Awww so sweet of u Svetu????

  11. Svetlana Kapoor

    Ur DP is the same as the banner❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤loved it just loved it????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Yeah it’s same as the banner?????Glad u loved it Svetu????I love them a lot????

  12. Svetlana Kapoor

    Love you diiiiii?????????????????

    1. Mansi

      Love u too sweetheart??????

  13. Riana

    Sweetest Episode…….Dheera are sooo childish…Meera said harsh words and dharam took it…how funny !…????????…Expectingggg some romantic scenes of dheera in near future…Btw Manuu when Dheera will celebrate there anniversary…waitingggg for the sequence…?????????….

    Kripi scene was sweetly romantic whereas DhRiya scene was ???????????????????…Expected this only from you…?????….And yah Manuuuu….There Night was Naughtilicious & sensuous…??????????❤️??❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????….

    MeePi scene was really shockinggg…as gopi is evil here…very soon she will catch meera if knows about meera’s whereabouts…??????????????….Thankgod they didnt came …god grace…???…

    Precap is totally amazingggggggg….But Meera’s outburst wish it to be nok jhok moment…?????????????…

    Banner is wonderfulllll i loved it….It recalled me of Indraverma & Gayatri of ETRETR….????????…


    Updt soon….?????

    Love you a lot…????
    Take care…?

    1. Mansi

      As in their is more to what Meera said?yeah will get romantic scenes of DheEra soon???A very very big surprise is waiting for u all???Awww so sweet of u???????yeah Gopi is only pretending in front of her family, but on the bright side she wants revenge?u will love the next part??It’s ok sweetheart….Don’t say sorry….I can understand that?

    2. Mansi


    3. Riana

      I am not eagered for the surprise as i know there will be a blast in episode which will make me sick….Lol…but dammm happy that you will give us surprise…???????

    4. Mansi

      ??Ur not eager for the surprise….Nope this is not that kind of surprise….U will love it???it’s in the FF only????

    5. Mansi

      U mean to say Indravadhan n Gayatri from ETRETR right??Glad to know it recalled u of them??I love them a lot???Glad u loved the banner???

    6. Riana

      Yah King Indravardhan …??

    7. Mansi

      That’s what I was thinking?King Indravadhan???

    8. Mansi

      Love u too sweetheart????same 2 u???

    9. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riuuuuu???

    10. Mansi

      Yeah will update soon ? Stay Tuned??!!

  14. Niyati

    Amazing one di. Post soon.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Niyu??will update today???Stay Tuned??!!

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