siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 13 [LAST PART]

Part 12

Hii guys how r u all guys nowi m here with my new episode hope u all like it and thanku u all the love u have given me by ur valueable comment thank very much for this,and keep commenting like this plz…….

Here the episode starts …
Rudra shows pics of shitiaa marriage to anika and she gets sad and a jaleous also,
Kanishka sees omru and signals them to go out but both of them don’t understand while om is just staring her,
Kanishka-these both r duffer not even understanding my signals I have to do something ,so she says omkara
Now om was cloud 9 he immediately say ji….. kanishka
Rudra-O control ur emotions he slightly said to him
Kanishka-omkara and rudra I think u both haven’t eaten anything so come with me I will take u to lunch becoz after that functions will start becoz today only is her marriage so come with me
Om-I can go anywhere with u…..
Kanishka-excuse me….
Rudra-didi he means to say for lunch and all three leaves the room,
Now only shivika in the room
Shivaay-anika tia is looking the most beautiful girl ,in pics
Anika-thinks beautiful,from which angle she is beautiful ,she is no,1 cheepde ,chudail,my sutan

Shivaay intruptes says u didn’t say anything
Anika-ya universe ki dukaan is looking good she said with fake smile and try to pretend that she don’t care about her,u know billu ji daksh also said to me that I m very beautiful and he loves me a lot,
Shivaay-going close to her do u love him?
Anika-shocked by her question and says what do u mean I love him or not I mean excuse me first u tell me u come here without any invitation card u r the great shivaay singh oberio can never go without invitation and u come in my marriage just for having food ,oberio mansion has lacking of food , u come here to eat,like beshram baarati,[she said all this to change the topic]
Shivaay-claps and says well done miss siyapaa queen u have done phd how to change topic and I m here becoz u r my friend and its ur marriage so I have to be here ,and friends never get invitation they just come . and the main thing I left my suhagraat becoz of ur marriage ,
Anika-ha then why r telling this to me I stopped u to celebrate wedding night with that universe ki dukaan or kuch kr bhi lete toh kuch maza nhi aata ,[she said all this becoz of her tongue slip]
Shivaay hold her by waist and ask then with whom I will get that fun…..
Anika-gets shocked listening him and try to cover up….wo..wo…
Shivaay smiles on her nervousness and says even sherni also know how to nervous I m glad to see this and he says I m not becoz of u I m here becoz of kanishka,
And I like kanishka…………

But anika interrupts how can u say this that u like my di ….. I mean she is my sis so according to this she must be ur sis also ,u boys r very much cheepde u get married to that universe ki dukaan ,or muje apne peeche pagl bna diya and now u r after my di…..she said all this in one go…
Shivaay-what did u say I make mad u after me?
Anika-try to cover up billu ji don’t try to change topic if u see towards my di I will play kanche of ur kanji eyes u get that
Shivaay-holding her by shoulder relaxed batinda ki sherni u get hyper I just said I like kanishka for om u didn’t even listen and start showing me ur tadi by the r u jaleous?
Anika-about to say something but soumya comes and says anika di get ready for ur sangeet
Shivaay sees her and says soumya u here
Soumya-bade bhaiya and hugs him
Anika get confused and ask u know each other
Shivaay says yes and said to soumya u didn’t tell us anything and left the house I mean u didn’t think of om,me,dadi and all
Soumya-bade bhaiya rudra doesn’t want me to stay there so I left
Shivaay-u know very well he is a duffer and he said all this and u left and did marriage with reyaan
Soumya-shocked and bade bhaiya I didn’t get married to reyaan ,I m only married to rudra
Shivaay-but rudra told me this now I m realizing that my brother is really a duffer but soumya u r intellingent u can handle all the situations then why r behaving like him
Soumya-but bade bhaiya …….
Anika-can anyone tell me whats going on and what u both discussing…
So shimya tell her everything ,and they decide to unite omishka and rumya

Sangeet function
Anika comes down wearing a beautiful royal blue lehanga she is looking very beautiful and shivaay cant take of his eyes from her,
Omru control bhaiya
Shivaay-why ,and why r u focusing on me u both also have ur lady love so focus on them
Just then kanishka and soumya comes and omru just stare them…..
Kanishka is not happy with this marriage but she try to pretend that she is happy so om goes to her and ask what happened kanishka…..
Kanishka-nothing om….i was just
Om-u can tell me without any hesitation
thing happen to me should not happen to my sister I loose the tendency to trust anyone…….
Om-kanishka the broken trust gave us experience to move ahead that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t trust anyone we should trust becoz sometime the bad thing happened becoz the new good thing which going to happen is in waiting line and the may be the good thing may give u more happiness than the what we expected
Kanishka-ur talks like a philosopher but I like it
Om-thank u and u don’t worry about this marriage becoz it will not happen
Kanishka-what but how?
Om-u will get to know
Here on the stage reyaan and soumya to dance
Rudra gets jaleous and he goes on the stage he gives angry wla look to reyaan and he moves back[as reyaan know soumya loves him slightly angry on rudra but if didn’t give them chance to come close then their misunderstanding never sort out]
Soumya where r u going reyaan
Reyaan-about to say something but before that rudra holds soumya hand and start dancing on song hua hai aaj phli baar
Reyaan sees them and smiles

Rudra and soumya talk while dancing
Soumya-why r u dancing with me ur image get spoiled
Rudra-becoz u r my wife and u cant be wife of reyaan becoz I didn’t give divorce to u….
Soumya-but that day u said to me I m nothing to u then what happened now…..
Rudra-sumo u always used to call me duffer u always use to say that I cant be serious and when I did the stupidity u didn’t even stopped me else stopping me u left the house……
Soumya-why r saying all this to me
Rudra-becoz I cant see u with anyother becoz u r my wife becoz u r my sumo becoz I love u I love my pehlwan sumo… u get that and this tym I m very serious
Soumya-by listening all this get teary eyes and tightly hugged him and says I love u too cry baby
Rudra-but I not crying today I become intelligent person….
Soumya slightly hits him and smiles

Shivaay to anika
Unka patch up hogya
Anika-ya their lovestory also completes
Shivaay its turn to omiska love story
Sangeet and all function finishes….
Its tym to anika get ready in bridal attire……
Kanishka makes her ready just then she says di om wants to talk to u something important so he is waiting in ur room and I forget to tell u about this
Kanishka-ok I will go and she leaves
Anika bs di accept the om’s proposal all thing get fine
Kanishka comes in her room sees om standing near window she ask om do u want to say something…….
Om says ya I have to say something to u…….
Shivaay go to anika room and says come with me becoz when om will propose kanishka u have to do some shifarish….
So shivika listening all their talks hiding outside the room
Kanishka-om say what do u want to say….
Om-kanishka I don’t know how to say becoz I don’t know how to impress girls but I m saying all this in a simple way that I love u very much
Kanishka-gets shocked and says om u know what r u saying I mean u know I m divorced I cant think of anything else….

Just then anika enters and says di say yes to him becoz he is very nice man plzz…….
Kanishka-anu what r u saying have u think of daal ji
Anika-di for once keep dara singh a side and think of urself and ur happiness
Om-I know kanishka u don’t trust anyone but atleast give a chance to ur self and trust me for once u will never regret of ur decision plz….
Shivaay-ya kanishka plz say yes else he become baba ji he already has long hair if u don’t say yes then he will become devdaas plz
Kanishka-om truly speaking I also have some feeling for u but I never think that u also have that feeling for me I know my trust keep broken but this tym why don’t know my heart is saying to trust u ,I also give one chance to this realtion
Listening this om hugged her tightly and says thank u kanishka
Seeing all this anika had a tears in her eyes of happiness and she leave from there
Shivaay also go behind her……
Shivaay –anika why u come here?
Anika-what do u mean by u come here today is my marriage and after sometym I need to go to mandap
Shivaay-so this tym u don’t have think of running away…….
Anika-no why will I think of this ?
Shivaay-so u r going to marry ….then meet u in mandap…..and leaves from there
Kanishka-come to her and hug her and says I m very happy today but sad for u anu I know u r marrying that langur but he is not of ur type atleast think once again and I know very well that u love shivaay …..and u r not accepting this
Anika-di its my marriage and u r saying this to me and today u know I m very happy …so u don’t worry about me and hug her
Kanishka-u just stay here I will just come,
Baarat comes daksh eyes searching for anika
Rudra –bhaiya ,me and om get set with our dulhania and u didn’t tell anything to anika
Om-ya shivaay lets go else it would be late
Shivaay-omru I m thinking that mandap is there then me and anika should marry here only
Rudra-bhaiya nice joke if u don’t tell her everything how she will marry u?
Shivaay-this is possible u just go to our dulhe raja and give him this juice then all thing will be solved…..
Om-shivaay what in this
Shivaay –u just wait and watch
Rudra goes to daksh and says dulhe raja this is the special juice made by us for u special
Daksh about to deny but he forcefully make him drink …….

After sometym daksh went to washroom and shivaay locked the washroom from outside [guys he has added jamal gota in juice]
Rudra-bhaiya u become very intelligent staying with me ,
Shivaay-no I just become the siyapaa king now I go to mandap and sits in place of him and marry her covering my face with sehra
Om-but shivaay u didn’t tell her anything
Shivaay-she loves me but she is not saying becoz she thinks that I m married to tia……
Om-then just tell her
Shivaay-if I tell her then she will again run away from marriage with me and I don’t want this so lets go in mandap…
Shivaay sits in mandap covering his face….
Kanishka go to anika room to take her …….but she is nowhere just then kanishka got a msg from anika that di u r right that I m in love with billu ji toh kya hua we cant get married but we will always be friend and I don’t want to marry that langur that’s why I run away I know this tym u r very happy with my decision….
Kanishka gets happy then she thinks kanishka u have make sad face anu run away again….
She gets down and slightly go to daal ji and says anu is not in room…..
Shivaay signals omru to come to him and ask what happened
Rudra –bhaiya u just wait hum pta lga ke aate h
Om-call kanishka a side and ask what happened
Kanishka –u know om today I m very happy anu run away from marriage now she did not need to marry that langur she said this pointing toward shivaay….
Om in shock anika run away again
Kanishka –why r u shocking that much
Rudra comes and said what happen O
Om-anika run away from marriage rudra in shock cupped his mouth
Omru goes to shivaay ,and he asked what happen
Om-shiv…shivaay wo..wo….
Shivaay -say na
Om-wo anika run away from marriage

Shivaay in shock what the wuck he is going to uncover his sehra but rudra hold his hand and says bhaiya don’t pick up this else aapki o my mata ho jaegi…..
Shivaay-what her mom has eaten while giving her birth she always run away…..
Rudra-bhaiya r u sure bhabhi loves u or she run away with someone else …..
Shivom-shut up rudra
Just then shivaay phones ring and the name flash anika
Anika-billu ji I need ur help and I m here tell him some address and says I run away from marriage I don’t want to marry that langur
Shivaay-u just stop there I will just coming there…….. and cuts the call
Shivaay-rudra u just open the door of that langur and I m going he leaves from there with a bhana of washroom
Omiska and rumya also leaves and daal ji says sorry to all of them……
Shivaay-reaches to anika…
Shivaay says what do u think of urself why u always run away I mean …..
Anika-why r u hypering u were saying to me not to do this marriage and now instead of being happy u r showing anger
Shivaay-becoz I was sitting in the mandap ………
Anika-but why were u sitiing in the mandap………
Shivaay-becoz I love u…. I want to marry u………
Anika shocked listening this how can this be possible how can u love me u r married and u cant betray universe ki dukaan

Shivaay-I didn’t get married to tia and tell her everything what happened on the day of shitia marriage
Anika-get shocked and says shivaay r u ok I mean do u have fever u did all this siyapaa for I mean how can this be possible
Shivaay-what do u mean I didn’t all this I become siyapaa king for my siyapaa queen I added jamalgota in that langur juice and lock him in the washroom sit in the and here what I got to know u ran away from marriage ,,,waah ….is there anyone jiski lovestory itne saare siyaapa ho …….
Anika listening all this hugs him tightly and says I love u billu ji………
Shivaay-I love u too my siyapaa queen………..
Just then omishka and rumya reaches and sees them hugging and says love birds meet finally…..
Rudra- bhabhi hats of to u ,u make my bhaiyaa bagoda dulha and siyapaa king…….
All laugh
After some day daal ji agreed and pinky also and all the three couple get married happily and on the marriage the full concern of shivaay is on anika that she should run away from marriage again………..and they all happily live with each other

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