siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 10

Part 9
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Here the episode starts
Anika leaves oberio mansion
And shitia marriage is going to be held
Shivaay was really depressed he is feeling like something special has gone far from him….
Just then omru comes and says shivaay u didn’t get ready yet its ur marriage today
Shivaay-yaa…….. I m just getting ready
Rudra comes and hug shivaay and said u r also missing anika di…….
Shivaay-n no…not at all why I will miss her we were just friends for namesake see she didn’t tell me anything ,she is happy in her life she wants to marry that langur…that langur
Om-why r behaving like that as if u r going to maary her and she leaves u ….. she has her personal life she can all decision of her life
Shivaay-if she want to marry him then why she run away from marriage and comes in my life… anyway why I m discussing all this its my marriage today and I m happy and goes to change

After getting ready shivomru going to mandap
But om intrupt and says shivaay still u have a tym u can change ur decision I think u should not do this marriage…
Rudra-ya bhaiya om is rite u shouldnot get marry to that lady baba
Shivaay-why should not I get marry
Rudra-becoz u love anika didi
Shivaay-shocked and says its all nonsense
Rudra-but ur kanji eyes r saying that u love anika didi
Om-that why u r getting hurt that much u want to accept all this but in between ur tadi as usual comes and u will not accept all this in ego but let me remind u shivaay that today if u will marry to tia then u will loose all happiness of ur life…….
Shivaay-and let me remind u one thing media is here to cover up the live marriage of shivaay singh oberio and u r saying I will say no on mandap so that our family respect ,business all thing get spoiled
Om-everything is not about respect and business if u do this marriage then u will not be happy ur whole life and u must be thinking ur whole that if u did something today for ur love then the situation may be different
Rudra-bhaiya u always thinks of us and never think of urself u need not to marry that lady baba I want anika didi to become my siyapaa bhabhi ,
Shivaay-u both r getting very much senti and for me my family and its respect is very important he hug both of them and says we should move to mandap as its my marriage and if I will get late then media will think the great shivaay singh oberio ran away from his marriage
Rudra-but I want that u run away from marriage today let add some siyapaa in ur life
Shivaay-why r u talking like anika she always thinks of run away and u both started she never think of her doing she just do what comes in her mind
Rudra-then u should also do whatever coming in ur mind
Shivaay-and rite now in my mind its coming that I should go to mandap and should marry tia
Om-so u will not change ur decision
Shivaay-no ,I will not change my decision
Rudra-then we should do obro moment from today onwards u will become praya dhan ,if anika di will be bhabhi then I had no tension but this lady baba will make u praya dhan
Shivaay-shut up rudra this will never happen and they had a obro moment
Shivaay go and sit in mandap all the while he is thinking about anika
Tia also comes in bridal attire and she is looking beautiful but shivaay didn’t notice her becoz he was lost in thoughts of anika…..

Pandit ask them to exchange garland ,nd they exchange…
Aftersome time pandit ask them to take wedding vows they both stand up and start taking rounds
Shivaay now thinking from their first meeting how she throw water on him,she challenged him ,become his friend then kiss challenge ,then her typical girl wali talk ,her feelings about her would be prince charming that she would kiss her prince charming for whom she will have the feelings
Here pandit says its ur sixth round but shivaay is lost in his thinking
He then thinks how she cried hugging him while going and she kissed him then he thinks he has feelings for me
Thinking all this there 7th round starts shivaay and tia moving slowly slowly but……suddenly shivaay put his hand on his chest and fall down due to pain and get fainted.,,
All were shocked seeing shivaay omru shouted shivaay/bhaiya
And media start covering the situation there but tez ask the media to go from there and om lift shivaay in his arm and took him to his room and ask rudra to call doctor
Pinky,tia ,dadi all started crying that happened to their shivaay,
Pinky-what happened to my heera beta usko kisi ki nazar lag gyi
Doctor comes and chks shivaay while omru were in the same room
Rudra-O what happened to shivaay bhaiya he will be fine na and start crying,
Om-shivaay will be fine doctor is checking him na so don’t cry
Doctor-actually mr omkara I have checked him properly but
Om-kya but doctor is shivaay ok
Doctor-his everything is normal and I m not getting what problem he has

Just then shivaay opens his eyes and guys don’t react
Shivaay-rudra I m fine don’t react now
Om-shivaay that means u r doing acting u know hum kitna darr gye the
Shivaay-so what will I do u both r saying to me don’t do this marriage so I have to do this drama
Rudra-that means u want to run away from marriage
Shivaay-koi shak
Rudra-no shak bhaiya I love u but how will run away
Om-yaa everyone outside waiting for ur curing I think u should meet them first and then run away
Rudra-no O choti maa will do o my mata of bhaiya ‘s planshe will say to complete the last phera bhaiya
Om-but how we will manage it
Rudra-bhaiya now its tym to become super man jump from window and go to ur siyapaa queen we both will manage here
Om-ya we will manage u go and shivaay u leave after some tym we both also leave from there
Shivaay-why u both will come
Rudra-I think om my two bhabhi r in batinda so we have to go
Shivaay-is siyapaa queen ki wajay se pta nhi kya kya krna padh rha h shivaay singh oberio I never think even in my dream that I will do all this drama and run away from marriage
Rudra-till u don’t do any siyaapaa how will we call it siyapaa wali ishqbazi now go
Shivaay hug omru they had obro moment
Shivaay jumps from window and leave to bhatida

Precap-confession tym

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