Siyappa Queen-RagVeer/RagSan~ Chapter 2-Talent

Chapter2~ Talent

The episode starts with sujata reaching MM holding her back and walking like oldies.

Dadi who is enjoying listening songs laughs as soon she saw sujata walking like oldies. This irked sujata and she tries to stand straight.

“Ap ko hasi ka doura para hai kya sasu maa”, asked sujata fake smiling.

“Smiling is a key to healthy life bahu you will not understand this because you don’t have Beautiful smile like me”, dadi explains while sujata huffs.

“God knows for which deeds HE gives you as my Saas”, says sujata leaving from their.

“The same deeds for which my khotta son marries you and makes u my bahu”,shouts dadi making face.

Scene shift

Shehkar is cleaning kitchen while ragini is sitting on kitchen shelf munching chips.

“Baby boo”,shehkar pouts looking at ragini who is engrossed in eating.

Ragini sheepish smiles jumping from shelf.

“You are my super cool daddy naaa please clean this,you know na i don’t know cleaning do you want  your baby boo working the work she don’t know”,says ragini with puppy eyes. Shehkar melts seeing her.

“Okay baby boo you go I’ll do everything”,says shehkar smiling.

“Pakka SCD”,asked ragini with sparkling smile.

“Yesss”,replies shekar smiling.

“Yayyyyyy you are the bestttttttt no no bestest dadddy i love youuu okay SCD i am going for a movie with parth bye bye”,says ragini hugging shehkar tight and leaving from there.

“Movie”,shehkar repeats and shakes his head.

“Come on shehkar lag ja kam pa ussay pehle teri hitler biwi apni nautanki k sath aye”,he murmurs and cleans the dishes.

Scene shift

Ragini wears simple white t-shirt and blue torn jeans with her loose hairs looking simply gorgeous. She takes her mobile and rushes to her window,she saw the ladder and climbs down. She turns and wides her eyes seeing janki standing with crossed arms.

“Mom”,says ragini stammering.

Janki narrows her brows glaring ragini while ragini gulps the saliva.

“Where are you going like a theif”,asked janki.

“Wo movie”,replies ragini blinking her eyes.

Janki hits her forhead with her palm and speaks,”hey bhagwan aisi beti mujhe hi milni thi kyunn bhagwan kyunnn aisa kya kiya tha mane jo aisi beti mili jo darwaza hone k bawjood apne hi ghar se choro ki tarah ati jati hai”,says janki dramatically.

(Hey Bhagwan why did you give me daughter like her why God why, what did i do that i got her as my daughter who goes out of her own house like a theif even she have door also)

Ragini frowns and then looks up in the sky folding both her hands,”Why Bhagwan Ji why you give me mother like her why God ji why, did my deeds are that much unforgivable in previous birth that you give me a mom like her who only knows to drama drama and only drama”says ragini wiping her fake tears.

Janki huffs twisting ragini ears who burst out laughing seeing angry face of janki.

“Huh siyappa queen kahiki don’t you have shame you are mimicking your own mother”, huffs janki leaving ragini ears who rubs her ears pouting.

“Are you sure you are my mom”,asked Ragini while janki rolls her eyes.

“Raginiiiiiiiiii”,janki glares.

“Just joking MMD, okay now i can’t stay more wolf must be waiting for me gotta go byeee”, says ragini hugging and kissing ragini on her cheeks.

“Come from door only I’ll remove this”,says janki hitting her head slightly with her palm.

“I’ll climb the pipe it’s talent”, says ragini and runs from their while janki shakes her head murmuring “pagal” and goes inside to have a look on shehkar.

Janki goes inside and saw shehkar washing utensils, she bits her lips to stop her from laughing.

“Hi Mr.super cool daddy what’s up”,asked janki eating the chips which ragini left.

Shehkar makes a puppy face seeing janki.

“Jaan”, he smiles seeing janki who smirks.

“Na na pati dev your inocent looks will not work on me afterall i am hitler wife of yours haina”, smirks janki while shehkar starts fake crying.

“Aisi beraham biwi mujhe hi milni thi jisko apne pati ki halat ma taras bhi nai ata”,says shehkar wiping his fake tears.

Janki shakes her head,”jaisa baap wasi beti”, she goes and helps shehkar.

Shehkar smirks and praises ragini for giving him some  acting skills.

Scene shift

Veer who was roaming inside his house go through sujata room and saw her sitting holding her back.

“What happened mom”,asked veer worriedly.

“Dont ask bablu now a days girl have no shame and respect for elders and they are competing with boys now a days Thank God i don’t have any daughter otherwise chi chi i cant even imagine her in that girl place”, says sujata making face.

“Who girl what happened maa and why are you holding your back”,asked veer.

“Dont ask bablu when i was going to temple na then……..”,sujata trails of and explains the whole incident.

“GOD how shameless that girl was i wish i never saw her again and after this incident i decide that i will select bahu for me i don’t want any girl make my inocent bacha fall in her trap”, says sujata while veer makes an irritate face.

“Mommmmm”,he whined.

“See that girl also have bike and here i can’t ride bike also”, complains veer.

“Babluuu you don’t know people who have bikes na hit people and always roam in the city it’s bad that’s why we did not give you till now,once you get married we’ll give you everything beta”, says sujata smiling. Veer walks towards the wall and bang his head lightly on wall.

“Marriage marriage marriage , marriage nai siyappa hai siyappa”, he says removing his specs and leaving the room annoyingly.

Sujata pouts blinking her eyes looking at the direction he left.


Ragini is shown waiting outside parth house sitting on his bike.

Parth comes and looks at ragini horrified.

“No wayyy olafff get down from my jaan now”,says parth and tries to push ragini but before he could ragini kicks his leg.

“Dont you dare wolf otherwise”, she glares while parth pouts.

“Don’t know what sins i have commited in previous birth that i got you as my friend”,murmurs parth wiping his fake tears while ragini chuckkles.

“You must have done some good deeds that’s why you got such a unique friend like mee gorilla”, says ragini starting his bike while parth sits behind.

“Yeah siyappa queen”, says parth and makes faces.

“Now sit we need to go temple first”,says ragini.

“Why do want to bribe BJ before troubling someone”,asked parth.

“Shut up gorilla”,says ragini while parth sits behind praying.

“Agar aj meri jaan ko scratch bhi para ma toh aj tera ram nam pakka siyappa queen”,says parth while ragini smirks,she accelerated the bike scaring parth and then drives it on full speed.


Veer is pacing to and fro on his room angrily.

“Why bhagwaan why you give me family like this one is my dramebaaz mom and other my lazy head dadi and my one n only Hitler father who thinks whole world roam around him huh why you make me born here can’t you change my family then”,says veer looking at the idol keeping infront of him.

“I think i should go and pray for my future in temple only and also i can help homeless people there”,says veer and leaves the room.


Ragini purposely driving the bike in full speeding moving here n there stumbling, parth is horrified sitting on her back and continuously shouting.

“Bachale bhagwan bachale”,parth is continuously praying. Ragini is laughing enjoying his state. She stops the bike with a jerked due to which parth falls down.

Ragini starts laughing loudly getting off from the bike.

“Awww wolf of the twilight how much will you fall”,she teases while parth stands dusting his clothes.

“You’ll pay for it Olaf”,says parth with a dead glare and saw around to find him standing outside the temple.

“When did we reached”,asked parth amused.

“When you were chanting mantars for saving your life just then”,says ragini and walks towards the temple.

Veer reaches there just then and get off from Rickshaw paying him off.

He smiles looking at the temple and walks there.

Ragini stands infront of stairs and close her eyes praying standing there. Veer comes and stands next to her.

Veer closes his eyes folding his hands. Ragini opens her eyes while wind touches her face. She smiles touching the stairs taking blessings. Veer opens his eyes and touches the stairs taking blessings.

He looks at his side and saw no one, ragini goes from there.

Veer smiles climbing the stairs.

Ragini punches parth shoulder smilingly.

“Why didn’t you go up”,asked parth.

“Idiot look at my dress i don’t want to go like this that’s why pray from outside only and besides bj listens everyone”,says Ragini and about to sit on bike when she heard a girl and boy arguing while the boy is trying to hold the girl hand.

Ragini angrily looks towards the boy and makes a fist.

“Atta maaji satakli”,says ragini while parth looks at him horrified.

“Aye paglet stop”,says parth and holds her hand but ragini pushes him.

“Don’t”,she warns and headed towards the boy and girl.

“You cheapster”,shouts ragini hitting the boy hard on his face.

Parth closes his eyes while everyone gaze falls on ragini.

Veer who is distributing food to needy looks towards the crowd.

“Mandir k samne hokr larki cherta hai kamine”,she shouts kicking the boy.

“Ahhh stop stop”,the boy tries to stop but she keeps hitting him.

“Stop”,the girl whom the boy was arguing also tries to stop ragini but all in vain.

“Chi chi did your mother born you for misbehaving with girl haan”,she shouts hitting continously on his chest making fist while parth is facepalming himself.

Veer comes and sees ragini hitting the boy. Her back was faced towards him. He tries to see her.

“Gosh is she have no shame hitting a boy infront of public”,veer thinks and shakes his head.

“M***n she is like your sister don’t think every girl weak”,she says and slaps across his face 4 times.

Parth is about to go to ragini when the girl whom the boy argues stops ragini.

“Stop it i said just stop it”,shouts the girl and drag ragini.

Ragini smriks dusting her hands.

“No need to thank i think this cheapo got to know girl’s power now”,says ragini with a proud grin.

“Shut up”,shouts the girl helping the boy to get up.

Ragini widen her eyes while parth stands besides her.

“Did you just said shut up to me”,asked ragini with narrows brows.

“Yesss do you have any shame see how mercilessly you beaten him”,shouts the girl.

“Oo hello firstly this boy is misbehaving you in public and i by beating him but instead of saying thank you you are shouting huh bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi hai”,says ragini with crossed arms.

“Ms. Helper he is my boyfriend and for your kind info we had a fight and arguing over that but you came from nowhere and start beating him without even listening”,says the girl while ragini widen her eyes and parth looks at her shocked.

“As expected siyappa queen”,whispers parth and ragini bites her tongue.

Ragini looks at the boy who is looking like a beggar and gives him a nervous smile.

Veer who listen this chuckles.

“Gosh i think the girl is brainless she should have listen before beating him”,veer says and tries to see her face walking forward.

“Jeeja ji”,ragini sheepish smiles at him while he looks at her horrified.

“What”,shouts the girl.

“Bhartiya nari ko bachana mera kartawye hai mane wo pora kiya”,ragini says bluntly.

“And moreover being boyfriend also he should know how to behave in public mistakes was yours not mine anyone can mistook it”,explains ragini with a proud face.

She turns to parth and winks.

Veer who is about to saw her face missed due to parth who came infront of her. Veer sighs.

“Bhaag”,whispers ragini.

Parth looks at him confused.

Veer stops as he saw an old man trying to climb up the stairs. He turns and goes towards the old man and helps him in climbing up.

Ragini holds parth hand and runs from there.

Screen splits on RagVeer, Ragini is shown running holding parth hand while Veer is shown helping an old man in climbing up stairs.

“Thank you beta may God make your all wishes come true”, blesses the old man while Veer smiles.

He turns and saw ragini sitting on bike with parth and hurriedly drives off.

“Weird girl”,veer thinks shaking his head.

The crowd starts dispersing.

Veer sees the boy whom ragini beat having difficulty in walking. He sighs and goes towards the boy.

“Should i drop you”,he asked looking at the boy and girl.

“Ummm can you stop the Rickshaw”,the girl says.

“I am sorry bhagwaan i know i make many mistakes please forgive me but please never let that girl come infront of me again”,the boy says looking at the temple with crying face.

Veer stops the Rickshaw and helps the girl making the boy sit.

“Thank you brother, bhai if you have any girl friend or any friend na then behave nicely with them you never know when lady gabbar come and break your bone keep this advice from me”,says the boy while veer nods in return and looks at him with sympathy.

“Lady gabbar”,veer giggles leaving the place.

Ragini stops the bike with a jerked and gets off from it.

“Siyappa queen who tells you to become lady john sena while beating the boy can’t you just control yourself”,says parth also getting off.

Ragini pouts blinking her eyes.

“For the first time i thought I’ll do something good but”,she fake cries.

Parth shakes his head hitting her forhead.


“SCD”,ragini shouts fake crying and stamping her foot.

Screen splits on Ragini fake crying face and Veer smiley faces

To b continued……

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