Siyappa Pyar Da (Ankhi,Arjuhi,Sahil,Virika) Chapter 3

Hi guys! Hope u all doing well. Here’s next part of my ff.

Arohi, Jeevika, sanam and pakhi went to get ready. After half an hour they came. They were looking gorgeous.
Pakhi was wearing sky blue anarkali, sanam was wearing green anarkali, arohi was wearing yellow and Jeevika was wearing blue.

Sanam-wah u guys r looking stunning.
Pakhi-u r not looking less either meri cutie pie.
Sanam- well aisi baat pe shayar araz hai:
Arohi-give omg where I am stuck look.
Sanam-purane zamaane main hot thi
Badi badi hawelian
I am luckiest person in the world
Kioki mere pass hai duniya ki sabse
Khubsoorat sahelian
Trio-wah wah!!
Arohi- sanam that’s enough for now. Let’s go
Jeevika-yeah chalo
They left from there.
Jeevika-where r we going?
Arohi-waha yaha haar saal jaate hain
Jeevika-oh I see

They r seen praying in gurudwara. They’re eyes are closed and heads r covered.

After praying they sat down and took prasad and went from there
Arohi-this is called best morning
Pakhi-haan yaar I got peace internal peace
Sanam- I am so hungry let’s go and eat something
Arohi- bhukad kahin ki and smiles
Sanam- gave her angry look
They were walking and stopped at shop like a restaurant

They sat on a table and waiter came to take their order
Waiter-mam what would u like
Sanam-three samosa charts
Pakhi arohi and Jeevika give her look three??
Sanam winked at pakhi and Jeevika and they understand that she is teasing arohi
Jeevika-three order of a look tiki
Pakhi- three cups of tea
Waiter-anything else??
Trio- no that’s it??
Waiter was leaving…
Arohi-ik minute. U guys r so mean u didn’t order for me
Sanam-yaar I thought u r not hungry. Someone was calling me bhukad right Jeevika
Jeevika-haan right
Arohi-mimics Jeevika haan right sanam ki chamchi Pakhi tum bhi:
Pakhi-okay fine bhaiya do four orders of everything
Waiter ji madam
Arohi-very happy.. u r my best and hugs pakhi.

On the other side Anshuman, ahil, arjun, viren came to gym
A lady greet them gm.
Anshuman greet her back and went inside
They were talkING suddenly yeh arjun kahan reh geya ahil said
Viren- I don’t know. I will check
After few minutes viren and arjun came
Anshuman-where was u dissappeared??
Arjun-bhai wo….h actua…ly
Viren in teasing tone bol bhai is asking something. Bhai he will not say anything I will tell. I was talking to a lady who greeted us on door
Anshuman-give angry look to arjun
Arjhn-bhai just introduction kr raha tha after all we have to see her again
Ahil-haan he is right
Anshuman it’s enough of your introduction now do work for which we came here
Viren-kaam konsa *funny tone plays*
Ahil -gym exercise
Viren-oh okay
They started their exercise.

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