Siyappa Pyar Da (Ankhi,Arjuhi,Sahil,Virika) Chapter 2

Hi everyone!! Hope u guys are doing well. So here next chapter….

A small house is shown. House isn’t big it has one bedroom, small living room, bathroom and a small kitchen. Walls are painted in white. In hall a pic of Golden Temple is hanging on wall (Guys in my ff characters have punjabi background).
Four girls are sleeping on a bed. They have a cute smile on their faces which can make anyone’s day. They are more beautiful than angels. they were sleeping peacefully. Suddenly their sleep got disturbed by sound of alarm.

Aww…please stop this noise someone said in kiddish tone.
Another girl woke up who was not less than a princess. She turned off alarm and smiles when she saw her frineds.
Suddenly she screamed guys wake up. Hurry up!!!

Hey yaar why r u screaming let us sleep. A girl said and she put pillow on her face.
Yaar today is very special day. How u guys can behave like that.

What’s special today?? someone asked in sweet voice…
So u guys don’t remember today she said in sad voice. Actually I was joking nothing is special today!!
She was about to go when she voice of giggling.
Trio said at the same time how we can forget that??? We remember everything!!! we were just teasing u..

Oh u guys were doing drama haan she said in angry voice. Arohi was it your idea plan and she pulled her ear…
Arohi- pakhi chod na yaar it’s huring…
Someone said in sweet voice pakhi u now na no one else can make plans beside arohi… Am I right Arohi?
Arohi- u are absolutely right Jeevika. U know only arohi can do this. She patted on her shoulder(Funny tone plays)
Someone said in teasing tone yeah jeevika these kind of stupid ideas can only come into Arohi’s mind.
Jeevika- Haan yaar sanam. Jeevika and sanam give hi-fi to each other. ( funny tone plays)

Hahahha it’s not funny Arohi said in angry voice
Pakhi- stop it now it’s enough guys today is special day so don’t spoiled your moods.
Yeah yaar today is really very special day… jeevika said

Flashback is shown:-
Sanam, arohi and jeevika was sitting in their house.
Jeevika- yaar we left our village and came to Delhi what we’ll do here?? How we manage our expenses
sanam- don’t worry we’ll find a way. Don’t get sad
Arohi- Yeah it’s new city for us. We will meet new peoples what ek promise karo pehle
jeevika and sanam- said at same time promise??
Arohi- yaar kuch vi ho jaye koi hamari dosti ke vich nahi aayega. Three of us was friends, we are friends and we’ll always stay best friends. None of us will make new friends.
Jeevika- right arohi we grown up in orphanage and we don’t know who we are and who r our parents.
sanam- yeah we will not make new friends. We r enough for each other. No one can between us and they trio had a group hug.

Days were passing. sanam was trying to find a job but she couldn’t find any job.
One day house owner came to ask for rent.
Houseowner- I need 3 months rent in advance in two days otherwise u guys can leave this house.
Sanam- aunty we r new here give us sometime how we will manage.
House owner I don’t care she said in strict voice. Just two days and she left from their.

Sanam was thinking how I will manage I have to pay Jeevika and arohi’s fees too and rent.
Jeevika- who was on door listened everything. sanam don’t worry we’ll manage.
sanam- what we’ manage she was trying to hide matter.
Jeevika- I heard everything and I decided that I will not go to college
R u mad?? U even know what u r saying? Sanam said in angry voice
jeevika- sanam I know what I am saying it’s matter of few months once we will settle down I will start going to college.
Sanam- But jeevika
Jeevika- please. I know how u worked hard. I know u don’t work in any office what work at restaurant as a chef.
Sanam- was shocked how u know
Jeevika- I saw u once. Dpn’t worry u will find a job and I decided that I will give tuition to kids.
Sanam- as u wish tumse koi jeet paaya hai and they both hug

Days passed. Jeevika was giving tuition, sanam was working at restaurant and arohi was staying at home and taking care of thier food and expenses.
One day houseowner came to them and told them that one more girl will stay with them.
Trio tried to make her understand that they can’t adjust with someone else but she was not ready to listen anything. They didn’t had any option but agreed unwillingly.

Next morning a girl came to their house she was wearing a light blue anarkali. her hair were open and she had smile on her face.
As she enter trio were on door
Hey!! I am pakhi your new house mate. I am so excited to stay with u.
Trio- didn’t respond anything and left from there.

Pakhi- went to room.
sanam- oh hello with whom permission u came to our room
Arohi- yeah it’s our room we don’t share our things with anyone. Did u get that??
Pakhi- got scared and she was about to cry
jeevika- guys stop she got scared and offered her water. R u okay??
Actually we r not use to stay with someone else. From childhood we grown up together.

Pakhi- it’sokay. I can understand. I will not stay here if u guys don’t want. I don’t now anyone here. I came here to find someone one who rejected me and doesn’t want to see my face. But I am ready to accept that he moved on his life and I am still waiting for him. Her eyes were filled with water.
Arohi- hey yaar we r sorry. We din’t mean to hurt u.
Sanam- Haan sorry yaar. I think u can be our friend. U r just like us simple and sweet.
Arhi and jeevika humse dosti karogi
Pakhi- haan off course.
sanam- u have to follow some rules if u want to be our friend

Arohi- u will never hide anythibg from us
Jeevika- u have to share your secrets with us.
sanam- u have to bear our nakhre
U will know us more. do have any condition
Pakhi- no I am so lucky that I got three friends at same time.
They had a group hug.
Fb ends.

Their eyes were filled with water. There was a silence for few minutes.
Pakhi was one who broke the silence. Hey guys what’s plan for today. Are we ging to do something special she asked in excitement.
sanam- well we didn’t plan anything. But we will surely do something fun’
Arohi- guys we will definitely make this day special than ever. We will eat, dance and will do a lot of masti
Jeevika- yeah sounds cool!!!
Pakhi- guys kuch plan krne ki zarorat nahi hai jab hum sab saath hai to sabi moments special hi hinge na
Sanam- right pakhi meri jaan…
Jeevika- okay baatein baad main karange pehle ready to ho jaye.
They laughed and had a group hug!!!!

Hope u guys r enjoying it!! Let me know if u guys want me to change something in my FF. Please do comments and share your views!!!!

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