Siyappa Ishq Ka~(15) Unspoken

~Hazaaro Khwahishein Aisi Ke Har Khwahish Pe Damm Nikley,
Bohat Nikley Mere Armaan Magar Phir Bhi Kam Nikley~

Meher comes back after visiting the doctor with the report still in her hand, she quickly hides it in her clutch seeing Madhvi. “Where have you been? We were waiting for you,” she says. “I went to meet my friend,” replies Meher trying to sound confident. “Eat something,” she says caressing her cheek while she smiles faintly at her and eats the breakfast quickly and goes to her room and sits on the swing which hanged from the ceiling by a rope.

She holds her head in tension and recalls Abeer’s words. “My career is finished.” That’s what he said. “How will I face him? How will I tell him? Oh God,” she touches her tummy and talks to the little life breathing inside of her. “Baby, sorry, I will have to hide you from your father, don’t hate me,” she says and caresses her belly and leans back to the swing closing her eyes. “Sorry Abeer, I don’t know if to tell you or not.”

Just then Abeer comes. “Meher,” he says enthusiastically and she gets startled as she was lost, he comes to her and picks her by her armpits twirling her. “What happen?,” she asks and he puts her down. “We are going to Singapore tomorrow morning, I bought a gift for you,” he tells excitedly and hands her a shopper. “What’s it?,” she asks. “Look for yourself,” he says and she opens it a little. “Meow,” says the kitten from inside waiting for her to pull her out. She smiles and takes her out.

“She’s so cute,” she says and kisses her head. “What will you name it?,” he asks. “Sophie,” she exclaims hugging her. “Ok, nice name, you look stressed, if anything is bothering you, tell me,” he says and she nods. I don’t know how to tell you, but hiding is also not good, thought Meher. He caresses her hair while she was busy playing with Sophie, he goes. Kuber comes there. “Long time no see,” he says and she looks at him. “Again he spent money for you,” he says. “Please don’t see an animal’s price, they are also living things like us, and yes, coming to Abeer’s topic, what have you done for him?,” she says. “You just discouraged him and intentionally encouraged me, you made us away, if you think I am living here for money, you’re wrong.”

She puts Sophie on floor and gives her a ball of yarn to play. Meher admires her and Abeer comes out of the washroom and sees Kuber looking at Meher with anger. He takes him out. “What now?,” he asks. “Why are you pampering her so much?,” he asks. “Because she’s my wife, now get your eyes off us and go,” saying this Abeer goes to his room locking it from inside. He sits beside Meher.

“Are you stressed?,” he asks her. “Actually yes, I want to tell you something, but I am scared,” she says. “Don’t be,” he says and she sighs and was about to take out the report but his phone rings and he goes. “Ugh,” says Meher getting irritated.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    kitten scene was so cute.abeer replying to kuber that because she is my wife was very nice.meher is tensed to tell abeer about her pregnancy. she couldnt tell him the truth yet.hope he won’t react negatively

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