Siyappa Ishq Ka~ (11) The Betrayal Of Childhood Friend

~Zindagi Bhar Koi Saath Nahi Deta, Ye Jaan Lia Hai Ab,
Dost Bhi Us Waqt Yaad Kartey Hain Jab Vo Khud Tanha Hote Hain ~

They go downstairs for pooja and sees Meher’s mother and bua there having a fight with Kuber and Abeer and Meher looks at each other in disappointment. Meher goes down the remaining stairs. “What happened?,” she asks. “Don’t live here, come live with us, they will torture you, we don’t want to lose you, c’mon,” says Meher’s mother and starts to pull her towards the exit gate but Abeer stops them. “Mummy ji, I know you are finding it difficult to trust me again, but soon I will return Meher’s happiness, we have started patching up, everything is becoming fine, please don’t take Meher, I promise nothing can harm her,” says Abeer trying to convince her.

“You said this before too, but you left her,” she replies. Meher cries not caring about her make up running down her face. Abeer sees this and shows it to her mother. “See, she’s crying, don’t do this to her,” says Abeer. “Meher, what you want? Tell us?,” asks her mother. “You always say that everyone deserves second chance, and I want to do that, infact I have given him another chance,” says Meher. “You got so much insult because of me, Maa, bua, don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself,” she says in tears.

Abeer wipes her tears with his handkerchief. “I told you not to cry, mummy ji, please don’t take her, please?,” he asks pleadingly. “Ok, but this is your last chance,” she says and glares at Kuber. “Dad, I need to talk to you in private,” says Abeer and they both go upstairs to Kuber’s room. “Creating a scene in front of guests? Hmm? You’re humiliating my Meher? What has she done? What?,” asks Abeer angrily. “Because of her, you got away from your dad, because of her bua my brother died,” replies Kuber. Nisaar comes there and stops seeing Abeer. “Dad it’s enough, do you know what fathers do for their sons? They protect them, they love them, what have you done for me by the way? Wherever you go, you just break relations,” says Abeer. “And unfortunately I am also the one who caused your divorce with Meher,” says Nisaar standing at the door and Abeer is shocked to know that his own friend is the betrayer.

“Seriously? Wow, just wow, you’re a very good friend, indeed the best friend one can have,” says Abeer and approaches him. “Sorry,” says Nisaar and gets a slap by Abeer. “Now what sorry? You are my friend and following his orders,” says Abeer teary eyed. “I never thought that you will do this to me, why you did this? Tell me?,” he asks holding his collars. “I needed a business and uncle offered me to work with him, he asked me to do this,” tells Nisaar lowering his eyelids. “Is she just my wife? Ain’t she your friend?,” he asks creasing his eyebrows. “You are a very good player, thanks for showing me your true face,” saying this Abeer leaves wiping his eyes and goes downstairs and stands beside Meher. “You ok?,” she asks holding his hand. “Am fine,” he says passing her a fake smile. “Abeer please hear me out,” says Nisaar. “Just get lost,” he says in a low voice but angrily. “What happen? Did you both fight?,” asks Meher. “Leave all this, let’s perform pooja,” he says and takes her to the small mandir in house. They hold the aarti plate and does the pooja.

After a long pooja, the guests leave including Meher’s family and Nisaar. Abeer and Meher go upstairs holding hands. He closes the door as they enter the room. “What has happened? Why did you talk like that with Nisaar?,” asks Meher curiously. “That’s because he misused my trust, and yours too, he joined hands with papa to break us apart, papa is so bad, I am also very bad, I am his son, his dirt,” he says punching the wall and Meher turns him towards her. “No Abeer, you’re really good, you’re accepting that you did bad to me, now you’re not a loser but a risk taker, don’t say that again,” she says and he cries pinning himself to the wall, she holds him, he puts his head on her shoulder and she rubs his back.

I can’t believe it that Nisaar is the one who broke us apart, Meher thinks to herself and gets teary eyed.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    poor abeer felt betrayed by his dad n friend.his confrontation with them was well written.loved meher comforting him

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