siya ram diaries 3

Hi guys I am back with my ff

So all are sitting in a garden and siya holding ruhi and playing then ram saw his siya was playing with ruhi and started seeing her only then laxman interrupted and said lets play a game
So all are very excited
And laxman told the game hide and seek

Then first shivanya got the chance to seek because she the last child and laldi child in the family then everyone started hiding
She caught everybody but not siya then she searched a lot then
Siya was hiding under the trees and shivanya saw her saree and caught her then it’s the chance to seek to siya
She started counting the numbers then started searching and when she started searching no body are there she searched a lot she cant see anybody she searched whole garden but no result but then only in siyas mind one idea flashed
She acted that she got hurt and shouted and everyone came and saw her and worried and she shouted “I catched you all”
Then only one daasi came and told that grandmother was calling siya and priyanka then they both went

Then siya and priyanka came and saw three matas and grandmother sitting
Then they saw siya and priyanka and grandmother told that “AKANTH”means everyone should leave except their family members and all daasis left
Then grandmother came near siya and told that her mother in laws will teach her some thing important and she should learn at any cost so siya accept it
And grandmother asked kaushalya to teach but she refused and asked kaikeyi but she also refused and also asked sumitra but she also refused because they are feeling shy to teach
Then siya and priyanka didn’t understand the situation and asked them why they refused then grandmother told that she will teach siya about pregnancy walk and will tell her about pregnancy and will give her tips also
Then siya was shocked and there is no movement in her body for 1 minute and then she came from the shock and told to grandmother that she wasn’t ready for this so she will not learn
Then grandmother ordered her to learn
So our siya don’t have any other option and then she said ok with sad face

All 4 brothers and 1 sister are sitting and chit chatting
Shivanya catched ruhi and talking with brothers
Here is the conversation
Lax:where is priyanka di and siya bhabhi
Barath:grandmother called them
Ram:now what we will do
Shivanya:bhaiyya I will go and see what is going on
Shatrughan:after seeing come here and tell us ok
Shivanya:ok bhaiyya
Ram;give ruhi to me
Shivanya gave ruhi to ram and went and ram and laxman are playing with ruhi and barath and shatrughan are talking with some soldiers

grandmother is known as dadi
dadi sat beside siya and mothers also sat with her and gave her pregnancy tips
then shivanya came and asked priyanka whats going on and priyanka told her everything and shivanya went
Shivanya came and told that dadi is telling siya bhabhi about pregnancy ang giving pregnancy tips so everyone are shocked and all looking at ram with teasing face and started teasing
Then ram scolded everyone and they stoped teasing
Then laxman told that they all will go and see

Then they all entered and nobody noticed them and dadi asked siya to stand she stood and she asked her to keep her hand at her back bone and told her to move forward and ask her to walk
Then siya started moving and everybody started laughing and she saw them and turned
They all came and told whats happening
siya kept her hand on her forehead everyone looked at her
then shivanya came and asked siya that when she will make her BUA then she blushed and she didn’t respond and she asked again and again then she told everyone that she is having some work so she will go
then shivanya not letting her to go and asked her answer
then she told that she will tell afterwards and she pushed her and thenshe shouted that” bhabhi when u will make me bua”
she turned smiled and went then all looked at ram and ram all went that he is having some work
how was the part please comment

  1. Aman

    Nice ff superb loved it ☺

  2. Nice loved it made my day
    Jai siya RAM

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