siya ram diaries 2


Ram siya and ram’s brothers reached ayodhya in the morning and everyone are happy and matas welcomed their new bahu
There is a twist that is siya can sleep with her husband only not with her mother in laws
After coming siya changed her clothes dressed up and came down and asked favorite dishes of all the people and started cooking

All the four brothers sat on the bed and started talking then laxman smelled something tasty food item smell and asked his brothers whether they are getting smell or not but all of them getting the smell then one daasi was roaming and barath called her asked her who was cooking the food and what item
Then daasi answered that siya was cooking the food and she is cooking chole masala curry and every one are shocked then shatrughan ordered her to go started teasing his bade bhaiyya and another two brothers also accompanied him because chole masala curry was favorite curry of ram

All matas sat there and talking then siya came and told that all dishes are ready then matas are shocked that all dishes are ready very fast then one daasi came and told that siya cooked all the dishes very fast and served it on the table then all the matas appreciate siya and told her that there is more 1½ hour left for the lunch time and siya didn’t understand what to do then her sumitra mata gave her the idea to keep all her things,clothes,jewerlley,etc things in ram’s room because she should stay there only from today so she gave her an idea and also told her to take daasis help.
Then siya nodded and came to her mata’s room to take her things because when she came she kept all her things in her mata’s room because she dressed up there only then she took her some clothes in a tray and behind her ,two daasis were there carrying some more clothes in a tray and started walking. Ram’s room was in second floor and all other three brothers rooms were also in the second floor. she don’t know the way and she saw her kaushalya mata coming and asked her then she told that she will show ram’s room and she also went with her

Ram scolded his three brothers for teasing him and all stoped and started talking about their childhood Then somebody knocked the door and barath said come in .Ram was slightly lying on the bed and barath was standing near the window and other two brothers were sitting on the bed .then suddenly door was opened and everyone saw kaushalya siya and daasis .

In this my fanfiction siya or matas were not wearing heavy customes or jewerllery but only wearing simple jewerllery and simple light weight sarees. AND in this we cam see that siya was wearing saree in an Indian style .ex: mouni roy aka shivanya/shivangi of naagin serial will wear saree in an Indian style without veil like that only siya will wear the saree
For better understanding ladies of tamilnadu wear sarees ,like that only please don’t get confused.

Siya was wearing a nice designed red saree and wearing long designed mangalsutru and very big black jumkis and long ear chains and bangles which are nice designed and are mixed with gold, black and red .she was wearing each hand 2 dozones and kept her pallu only one step and pinned it and leaved it and her left hand fully was covered with her pallu and is catching the tray and she left her hair completely on her right side and kept sindhoor .Ram was seeing her only not even blinking also and laxman shouted in his ears slowly “RAM BHAIYYAAAA”
Then ram came out of his world and saw his mother and kaushalya told him that siya will keep her things in the cupboard/shelf/almara then ram said ok and then siya asked kaushalya where she should keep her things then kaushalya asked ram to tell and ram told her address and kaushalya ordered her other three sons not to trouble siya and she left off and siya started her work.
Then laxman started talking with her and asked her for help but she refused because she is having daasis to help then laxman asked siya some questions like when she learned cooking, what is her favorite dish, colour and so on and while doing her work only siya answered all his questions and ram got to know about her
Then the setting of her clothes was over now jewerllery so again she went took the jewerllery in the tray and came and started keeping then all setting of her things,clothes,jewerllery etc things over everything is done and saw her brothers in laws are going and she asked then where they are going then laxman answered that “bhabhi actually our friends came to meet us so we are going “she said ok carry on so they closed the door and silently went siya didn’t even noticed that room door was closed and saw her husband in washroom and she once looked her things and kept her hands on her waist and took a deep breathe and ram came silently and hugged her from back and she started running he catched her hand and leaned near the wall and kept his two hands on the sides because he don’t want to give any chance to his siya to escape and siya started moving him but he is not moving and suddenly she shouted and ram was shocked and started scolding her and siya was laughing then everyone came and asked her why she shouted and she told that she was a cockcroach and everyone started laughing and went .
But ram was angry and siya was laughing then siya went to ram and started talking
Here is the conversation
SIYA: wt happened ????
RAM: nothing
SIYA: are you angry with me???
RAM: No why I will be angry with you.. I am not
He said in a sad voice
Then siya came closer and saw his eyes and kept a kiss on his cheek and went, then ram catched her hand and pulled her and kept a kiss on her neck and they started looking into eachother and then only a daasi came and called them for lunch
Siya and ram came and sat and siya asked laxman about their friends then laxman told ”sorry bhabhi I lied to u no one came “siya said why u lied then laxman said”bhabhi we want to give u and bhaiyya some privacy time so thatswhy we lied and went off” then siya and ram both blused and then only matas called everyone for lunch

Then all are sitted and matas started serving and dasharath and laxman, barath,shatrughan started appreciating siya and ram appreciated her through his eyes and the lunch was completed and matas and siya also had luch and came out of the room

Guys again there is a twist in my story ram is having one elder sister and two younger sisters
Let me tell you clearly kaushalya is having 2 children one is santa and one is ram
And for kaikeyi in my story there are 2 children one is barath and one is priyanka
And for sumitra in my story there are 3 children they are twin brothers they are laxman and shathrughan and one is shivanya
In this my ff there are three more characters are extra one is priyanka another is shivanya and another is ram’s grandmother that is dasharath’s mom
So in ayodhya there are four rajkumars and three rajkumaris
In suryawanshi family first santa was born then ram then barath then priyanka then laxman then shatrughan then shivanya
And priyanka is married and having a girl child which she is of 2 years and after her daughter was born her husband went to another countries to complete his work so priyanka would go to her in laws house when her husband used to come and visit and when her husband went to another country she used to live in ayodhya and shivanya used to live with in grandmother in another rajya
I hope that you all understand

After having lunch everyone sat and suddenly some noise came and everyone looked and surprised it was shivanya,priyanka and garandmother and baby
All are very happy to see but siya was surprised
And all brothers hugged their sisters and took blessings from grandmother and kaushalya started introducing siya to them and then siya took blessings from grandmother and hugged priyanka and shivanya and hugged baby also
Priyanka’s baby name is ruhi
Then all brothers,sisters,siya came to the garden and sat on the carpet and started playing games and talking

So friends how was my ff and I hope that you all liked my new sisters twist in the story and please read and please comment and I will update the next part soon.

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