Siya ke ram alien adventure episode 11

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The episode starts with everyone sitting down sighing, the party excitement coming to an end. Ram gets serious and says,”So here our last day in this home comes to an end.” Sita nods while Lakshman and Urmila get puzzled. Sita tells them the reason(Ram had told her when they were away.) Lakshman says,”I’ll go and find a new place suitable to live.” Urmila holds his hand and says,”I’ll accompany you. You won’t go alone.” Sita says,”No, no one will go anywhere now. It’s going to be evening, and you must be tired already. The day was really tiring. Take some rest now. Tomorrow we’ll look for a new place to live.” Urmila nods. “I’m very tired. I’m going to sleep.” Lakshman taunts her. “You get tired so soon, look at me, I’m so energized even now.” Urmila glares him for a second and says,”Alright then my energized Sumitranandan, you stay here and I’m going to sleep.” Lakshman nods and yawns the next moment. Urmila laughs and goes inside her hut. Lakshman thinks,”What kind of person is she? Sometimes she fights and sometimes goes away calmly. Anyways, I’m way too tired to sit here.” He goes inside the hut.

Urmila gets afraid for a second sensing someone but calms on noticing Lakshman. “Sumitranandan what’re you going here? You weren’t tired?”

“Nothing at all, just came to check whether my Mila is alright. You must be afraid alone.”

“Soumitra! What do you think of me? I’m not a coward. At least brave than you.”


“Yes, that’s the truth. If you don’t believe me then check for yourself but right now, let me sleep.”

“Okay.” Lakshman sighs and sits beside Urmila, smiling seeing her cute face while sleeping.


Far away. A beautiful city adorned with gold all over , and some greenery in between is shown. Inside a palace, there’s a king seated on a throne, adorned with gold and gems and gold like the palace. The king has a wicked grin on his face, and he looks ferocious. Two of his soldiers are beating an old man. In short words, the king is Ravan, and the kingdom of course, is Lanka. Ravan laughs and gets up from his throne. All the ministers and his family members in the court stand up in reverence for the king. Ravan says,”This is the result of not paying taxes and disobeying the king. Soldiers, take him away and put him in the prison.” His queen Mandodri, a lady adorned with a crown on head, and beautiful features with a beautiful heart walks to him and says,”Swami, look at the old man. He can’t work in this age and his son also died. How’ll he pay the taxes?” Ravan gives her a sharp angry glare and says,”Mandodri! I’m not a fool. I know how to rule the empire and I don’t need your suggestions. Such lazy people don’t set any example for anyone. And soldiers, why is he standing here? Take him away.” Tears drip down from Mandodri’s eyes and she thinks,”Hey lord Mahadev, please help me to save my husband. How to tell him that his proud can collapse his life!”


On another planet far away from the earth, Manthra is lying down unconscious on the bed. Boota Zora says,”Keymon pache baam se monthoar maro jaleb samso chaska bhen tuya lomot har.” (Why should we spend money on keeping her alive for the next few years even when we had no profit in helping her this time?) Other aliens support him. Boota Zora thinks for sometime about Lakshman insulting him, and Ram Lakshman fight with him. He feels that only Manthra can revenge that insult. He finally says he would keep Manthra alive and then make someone else pay the cost in future.


Sita sees Ram lost somewhere. She looks into his eyes and smiles faintly noticing the reason behind his worry. She goes inside her hut and searches for something. On finding it, she goes out and hugs Ram broking his thoughts.


“Siya, you here?”

“Why’re you so worried?”

Ram gives a wide fake smile and says,”I’m not worried at all Siya.”

“I can clearly see that worry in your eyes Raghunandan. You can’t lie to me and you shouldn’t even attempt to do so.”

“Nothing Siya, I was thinking about Bharat and Shatrughan.”

“I knew it,” Sita says smiling. She shows Ram a carving of all four brothers on a piece of rock, and finally manages to make Ram smile.

“How did you know?”

“I always know how you’re feeling Raghunandan. We are one soul, ain’t we?”

“We are,” Ram says hugging Sita.

Sita looks at the sky and sees rain clouds forming, almost ready to rain. A loud thunder noise starts a heavy rain all over the forest. Sita smiles and starts dancing in the rain. Ram says,”No! If you get drenched in rain then you’ll fall ill.”

“No Raghunandan! I won’t! We used to dance like this in Mithila also. And even if I fall ill, nothing will happen to me until you’re there for me.”

Ram smiles seeing Sita happily dancing in the rain, the music of rain dropping and the birds chirping adding to the charm.

Lakshman wakes up from his sleep with a startle. A rain drop had managed to penetrate the hut and drop onto Lakshman’s face. He yawns and turns to Urmila, only to notice that another drop of water was ready to disturb her sleep. He picks up a pot from nearby and holds it over Urmila’s face, but in vain. The loud music of the rain drops was enough to make Urmila wake up. She didn’t look at Lakshman, neither she bothered about her sleep. She shouts loudly,”RAIN!” And steps outside to join Bhumija, nature’s princess and both start dancing together in the rain happily. Lakshman joins Ram and smilingly looked at Urmila, unable to take his eyes off her. Urmila stops her feet noticing Lakshman and walks to him pulling him in the rain from the tree shade. “Come on Sumitranandan, are you afraid of rain? Why’re you standing like this? Come lets enjoy the rain.” Lakshman is unable to refuse her and goes in the rain. Sita asks Ram to join them as well. “Come Raghunandan! Let us enjoy the beauty of nature’s rain here, for one last time, before we go to a new home.

Urmila sighs and says,”We’ll have to leave such a beautiful place and go to a new home?”

Sita holds her hand and says,”Nature is always beautiful and will remain beautiful, whether we live here or go to a new home.” Ram agrees and says,”Whether we go to a new home doesn’t matter, because till we are together, every place will have it’s own beauty, the beauty of nature combined with the beauty of unity.”

Precap:-Siya ram lakshmila in their new home.

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  1. Aman

    Nice ff, hey guys once I told that sisters of sita died in sleep, I found similar information here and see in this link also
    The names of sons of lakshman, bharat, shatrughn might confuse as they slightly differ in various version of ramayan
    but acc to valmiki Ramayan
    names are
    Lakshman – Angad, Chandraketu
    Bharat – Taksh, Pushkal
    Shatrughn – Shatrughati, Subahu

  2. Aman

    In anand ramayan, the sisters of sita entered fire and went to the heaven after the samadhi of brother, I once told before so I am sorry

  3. Aman

    In anand ramayan, the sisters of sita entered fire and went to the heaven after the samadhi of 4 brothers and Sita , I once told before so I am sorry

  4. Aman

    In anand ramayan, the sisters of sita entered fire and went to the heaven after the samadhi of 4 brothers and Sita , I once told before so I am sorry, anyways valmiki ramayan say that they died suhagan so that’s more appropriate

  5. Astra

    hai vanshi.. how r u??? you are an epic writer as usually.. it was tremendously awesome my dear.. keep it up… i love your job… keep writing..

  6. Jayani

    I luv ur description… It just brings it in front of my eyes… Loved d way u described lanka… Nd sita’s wuds were as usual true… Nature is d most beautiful thing dat xisted, dat xists nd it will always xist… Waiting for d next epi di…

    Jai Siya Ram

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