Siya Ke Ram 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram seeing a lotus flower in the river. He sees the lotus and turns to see Sita. Sita writes Ram on the lotus leaves and drops the lotus in the river. Ram smiles getting another lotus. Sita sends more lotus flowers. Ram smiles getting different colored lotus. He walks to Sita and sees writing his name on the flowers. He says Sita….. why all this…. She says so that Raghunandan’s name is known in world’s every corner. He takes the stick and writes Sita’s name on the lotus, saying Ram’s name is meaningful when Siya’s name is before it. He writes Siya before Ram and makes the word SiyaRam. Siya ram…..plays………….He drops the lotus in water. She smiles.

Surpanakha says what did you say Ram, just Sita is there in your life, and no one else, what will you do this, your Sita will become my brother’s Daasi, my heart fire will get calm when I see Ram restless for Sita. Raavan gets ready. Sita tells Ram that he is a blessing for her life, they both complete each other, but if they both get away then…. Ram stops her from saying and says the thing which is not possible, why to talk about it. she says if any external forces separates us then… Ram says this will never happen..

Surpanakha tells Raavan that he has thought right revenge. Mandodari tells Raavan this will not be right, it’s a mother’s, daughter’s, and sister’s insult, what is Sita’s mistake, your fight is with Ram, why are you punishing Sita, don’t do this. Raavan says your foolish talks are increasing, focus on your work, don’t interfere where you are not needed. She asks him to stop, the decision taken by bad intentions becomes a reason of ruin. Surpanakha asks are you favoring Sita, and not me, am I not a sister or daughter or someone, did you not hear it, Raavan is making Sita his Daasi, I will not let anyone become hurdle in this.

Ram says if this happens, I will do anything to reunite with you, because Ram has no identity with Siya. Sita says even I can’t imagine my life without my Ram. Raavan is leaving. Vibhishan stops him and says getting victory by insulting a woman is not right. Raavan says its not matter of right and wrong, Rajya works by fear, if Ram is not punished, everyone will get free of my fear, which I won’t let happen, you focus on your puja, this is above your understanding. He leaves.

Vibhishan says I will pray to Lord that he gives you senses, but I m afraid what you are going to be will be the start of entire Asur kul’s ruin. Bali comes back to his Rajya. Bali asks where are you hiding Sugreev, you have stained brother’s relation, come out, you will get punished for your cheat today. Sugreev, Roma and Tara hear Bali and get glad. Bali shouts Sugreev….

Sugreev says its Bali’s voice… Roma says yes, but how is this possible. Bali says see I m alive, no one can kill me, whoever tried to kill me are dead, today you will also not be alive Sugreev. Sugreev says Bali is really alive, this is not an illusion, Roma… Bali is alive. He runs to meet Bali. Tara and Roma also go out to see Bali. Roma tells Tara that Bali is calling. Tara says yes and is overjoyed.

Sugreev opens the palace door and gets shocked seeing Bali. He gets very happy and runs to Bali. He says I can’t believe you are alive. He goes to hug Bali. Bali kicks him. Bali asks did you get shocked or sad seeing me alive, I thought you are my younger brother, but you are my enemy. He beats Sugreev. Sugreev asks how can I be your enemy, you may be mistaken. Bali steps on Sugreev and says you think I m senseless, you have shut the door of the cave so that I don’t return alive, you sat on my throne here, this was your plan. Sugreev says no, why will I do this. Tara and Roma come there and get shocked. Tara stops Bali from hitting Sugreev. Tara says it was not Sugreev’s mistake, he was very sad. Roma says Mayavi cheated you. Bali says stay away, Mayavi may have cheated, but not bigger than Sugreev’s cheat. He beats Sugreev. Roma asks Bali to leave Sugreev. Sugreev gets beaten up and falls down.

Sugreev calls for Hanuman to help him. Hanuman is doing Dhyaan at the Anjana mountain. He says I feel my friend Sugreev is some trouble and rushes. Bali says Sugreev’s end is definite today. Sugreev gets up and stumbles. Bali shouts to hit Sugreev. Hanuman comes and holds Sugreev. He flies away with Sugreev. Bali shouts Hanuman, how long will you save your coward friend, the day I get Sugreev, it will be his life’s last day. Roma cries.

Chatayu tells Ram that you have made entire Dandakaranya and Panchwati free of Asurs, the villagers and Rishis are living fearless, but this place had Raavan’s control, he will get this news and he will surely attack with his double power. Raavan and Akampana are on the way in his air chariot. Chatayu says Raavan does not know any ethics, I m surprised for what is he waiting till now. Raavan says I asked Brahma for a blessing, I can’t be killed by any Devta, Gandhar, Yaksh, Pashu, Jeev or Jantu…. Brahma asked me what about humans…. He laughs and says do you know what I said to Brahma, I m not afraid of any human, today a human has dared to challenge me….

Sita tells Ram that she feels some negative Asur power has entered Panchwati. The birds fly away. Sita says these birds’ speed and fear proves that something bad is going to happen soon. Ram and Laxman look on. The animals too start running, as Raavan’s air chariot lands in the jungle. Raavan smiles. Ram tells Laxman that Sita’s prediction is right, we have to be alert, some danger is really close.

Raavan and Akampana proceed in the jungle. Laxman says I will go and see. Ram says stay here and be alert. Ram goes out and looks on. Raavan and Akampana stand at the mountain end. Akampana shows Ram’s hut to him. He says but Lankesh, this time is not right for Sita’s kidnapping, those two Sanyasis will be alert, fighting with them will be against planning. Raavan says I don’t look back after I proceed, I will do Sitaharan today. Akampana says but they both have many powers and Divyastra, fighting with them won’t be right, you can do Sitaharan by cheating them. Raavan looks on.

Ram asks Chatayu why is he worried. Chatayu says I have seen Raavan in Panchwati. Akampana tells Raavan that there is just one way, Mama Mareech can walk on that way. Raavan meets Mama Mareech and tells the Sanyasi’s name Ram. Mareech says ask Surpanakha to forgive me. Raavan puts his sword on Mareech’s neck. Mareech agrees to help Raavan and says tell me, what do you want. Raavan says Ram……

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very nice episode. It’s good they are showing siyaram love scenes before sitaharan. They should show such scenes as much as they could. Big rocks float by ram’s name, those were just lotuses and even they carried Sita’s name. Why hanuman didn’t tell the truth to Bali?
    I didn’t know ram knew raavan was present at panchwati. And if they were knowing then they should be more careful. Why they have changed maarich and how many uncles did Raavan had?

    I couldn’t comment about yesterday’s episode. It was also fabulous. Raavan came to know about ram’s greatness. And he was not shocked hearing that ram had broken the shiv dhanush. I thought he would think about it.

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  2. What is meant by sitaharan? Please could someone explain? 🙂

    1. Sitaharan means abduction of sita……

  3. Wah ! Awesome waala episode ! 🙂 The siya-ram lotus float scene was awesome. OMG just 1-2 days then ravan will kidnap sita ! Feeling sad abt it ! 🙁

    Wanna share one good news , today is our very beloved and loving urmila aka Yuktii kapoor’s birthday !!

    And the brothers and sisters living in Tamil nadu or Chennai pls be safe, as flood alert have been given ! Pls be indoors and stay healthy, wanna just tell as I too live in chennai 😉

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  5. Missed todays epi too…….hope the epi was awesome excited for upcoming episodes…. Hope they dont drag it anymore….

  6. True malvi sitaharan s gonna cum soon. Can’t bear 2 see ramsita parting. Nyc epi ……

    1. Yes di, I won’t watch that episode ! 🙁

  7. Happy bday 2 our sweet loving yukti kapoor

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    1. Sure di will do ! 🙂

  9. today’s epi was truly awesome. are new comers not welcomed here ???
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    1. Vaidehi dear visit yesterday’s page we welcomed u y r u feeling like that ha???? Can u introduce itself plss???

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  11. Nice episode

  12. Priya di have faith in god nothing will happen …. plz be safe

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  13. Nice episode.superb ashish

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  16. Good episode…but Sitaharan scenes coming soon, can’t bear them???

    Is it true Malvi that flood alert has been given??? I didn’t know…l ll pray that the floods don’t come and situation doesn’t become drastic like last year…
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      I m glad to know u r doing well too…and here are the links…

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