Sitara 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishkanya’s create Vishtara to kill Sitara

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Sitara 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Albeli and Surili use their powers to make Vishtara using Sitara’s ansh. Vrinda shares that she has not even a drop of nectar in her. Now she will kill Sitara in no time! She will also become powerful like Sitara once I put my powers in her. She will also be able to finish Sitara then. She transfers her powers in Vishtara who looks exactly like Sitara but has red eyes.

Sitara is sleeping. Viraj helps her sit up and asks her how she is feeling. She says how will a daughter feel after hurting her mother. She is my mother yet I hurt her. I snatched her identity from her. Baba has taught me it is my dharma to punish the evil. I never thought that my own mother will become my enemy. I have yearned for her since childhood and today I was forced to push her away from myself. He takes her with him and gives her the gift (the mother-daughter duo idol). I know that this idol cannot talk but your this mother will always be with you. She wont be able to love you in return but you can tell her just about anything. She wont cheat or make false promises. She will always stick by your side. She hugs him. Thank you for filling this gap in my life. She kisses the idol happily.

Vrinda is falling weak. She asks Vishtara why she created her. Vishtara nods. I have come here to destroy everyone! Now, there would be no Sitara or Viraj! I will ruin everyone. I swear upon Mahamata that I will finish the entire royal family! This time we will win. Vrinda tells her to do just as she says. No one knows it better than me as to what’s right for you. Vishtara folds her hands in reverence towards Mahamata’s idol. She takes the blessings of Vishkanya’s next before going out. Surili and Albeli are pleased with their move. We will certainly win now. Vrinda falls down unconscious. Albeli shouts out in shock.

Sitara thanks Viraj for looking after her and for helping her. Don’t know what would have happened to me if it wasn’t for you! I am fine only because of you. Viraj is about to reply when they see Samrat pointing a gun at Sitara’s head. He says you both committed a very big mistake by killing my love. I will avenge for it! I helped Sitara so much but she cheated me in return! Viraj and Samrat struggle for the gun. A gunshot is heard but no one is hurt. Viraj beats Samrat. Everyone rushes to intervene. The elders scold both the boys. Viraj warns Samrat not to do it again or he will kill him. I saved your life by killing Hariyali! Arjun takes Samrat inside. Surya is watching everything from far.

Surya rubs salt to Samrat’s wounds. Is this how you take revenge? Have some patience and attack when it isn’t expected. Don’t give your enemy a chance to hold his ground. Samrat agrees with him. They shake hands.

Sitara asks Viraj why he did this. He is your younger brother! I dint want enmity between two brothers. He addresses her as his wife in counter argument. She hugs him sweetly. Thank you for accepting me again! He cups her face sweetly and applies vermilion in her hairline as Sajna Re plays. We will start afresh tonight. Tonight will be really special. She tries to say something but he asks her if she trusts him. She smiles as they share another hug.

Vishtara enters in the palace. The plants rot just when she walks past them. Yamini is combing her hair. The mirror breaks as Vishtara crosses her room. She calls it inauspicious. The box of vermilion falls down when she walks past Viraj and Sitara’s room. Sitara starts picking it again but looks tensed. Rani Sa calls out to Vishtara thinking her to be Sitara but she does not stop. Rani Sa finds it strange.

Albeli and Surili are concerned about their sister. Her condition is still critical. They decide to wait and see if Vishtara is able to seek revenge on their behalf or not. They share a hug.

Rani Sa comes to Sitara’s room and is surprised to see her there. She says I just saw you outside but Sitara denies. I am here since a long time. Rani Sa thinks she might be mistake. She notices vermilion in Sitara’s hairline. Sitara shares that Viraj has put it himself. We will start our life once again. Rani Sa hugs them out of happiness. Wish you guys stay together forever! Vishtara looks on. I am here to create a distance between them and to destroy them!

Precap: A spider bites Sitara. She passes out on the floor. Vishtara drags her to a room while she is unconscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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