Sitara 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajguru creates Sitara’s kundli

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Sitara 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj stops near the wall in which Sitara has been kept. I wonder why I feel Sitara is around only. Where are you Sitara? How to find you? He begins to go but then stops. He finds the kerchief with the thank you note stuck there. He walks away after a moment.

Nethra’s ankle is twisted. I wish we never find her. Aryan says I wish that too but I wonder who this well wisher is who is helping us. Nethra says I don’t know but I feel that that attack was done on Sitara only. It got failed due to Viraj. Samrat agrees. She isn’t some normal girl. Something makes her stand out from others. My doubt is getting confirmed day by day. Chanda keeps a dagger on Aryan’s neck demanding to know where Sitara is. Samrat and Nethra tell her to let go of Aryan. He hasn’t done anything. She warns them not to take any step further. She hits a vase while which catches Viraj’s attention. He starts walking towards Samrat’s room.

Chanda refuses to believe Samrat or Aryan. I know what you guys do. You kidnap innocent girls. Nethra notices Viraj coming towards the room and alerts Samrat. He manages to overpower Chanda. Viraj notices everyone resting and questions them as to why they aren’t looking for Sitara. Samrat and Aryan lie that she passed out in the corridor. Aryan adds that her BP gets low whenever she gets tensed over anything. She is very concerned about Sitara right now but we are sure Sitara will be found. Viraj says I feel as if Sitara is in the palace only. Nethra offers to come along to look for Sitara. Samrat and Aryan look at Chanda lying unconscious behind the sofa. We gave her the injection on time thankfully or we too would have disappeared from the palace in no time! Samrat suggests taking her to her room quickly avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Nethra and Viraj start looking for Sitara.

Vrinda’s sisters cheer her. Your pain gave your tears so much strength that it melted the land. It has become weak. We can break it using our powers. Vrinda tells them to do whatever they have to. I have to save my daughter at any cost!

Rajguru is reading some kundli. I have sent Sitara far away from Viraj and this palace yet Viraj still seems in danger. This shouldn’t have been the case! His room’s windows open due to strong wind. He notices shooting stars. This is not the time when it happens. It sure is a sign!

Vrinda and her sisters are use their powers to make a way out for Vrinda.

Rajguru wonders why the shooting stars are falling at the exact place where he has hid Sitara. How can these be connected to Sitara?

Vishkanya’s focus their powers on that particular piece of land.

Servant informs the royal family that they searched everywhere but couldn’t find any clue of Sitara. Nethra thanks God mentally. It is confirmed now that Sitara will never return. Kuldeep turns to go sadly but Viraj tells him not to lose hope. We will find Sitara. She will be fine. Nethra seconds him. Rani Sa also reassures Kuldeep. Samrat is happy that their well wisher took care of Sitara. We only have to worry about Chanda now. Aryan agrees. There will be nothing to worry then. Kuldeep wonders if Vishkanya’s found Sitara or if someone found out her truth.

Rajguru decides to make Sitara’s kundli to find out everything about her. He recalls the day and the signs too clearly. Nature gave some sign that day too and the same is happening today too. Is there some message behind these shooting stars? I have to go against my ideals, my words to find out about this secret! He starts making her kundli.

Vrinda remarks that the last line will disappear soon. I have to be with my daughter before that happens. She is getting restless as it is taking too long to get their desired result but her sisters assure her it will happen soon.

Rajguru reads Sitara’s kundli. This is so strange. How can it be?

Vishkanya’s fail in their attempt. Surili says our energies cannot go out as Rajguru has caught them in his spell. I vow to throw his ashes in air just like this!

Rajguru says Sitara’s kundli has the 5 elements. She is the real shield, the end of every problem of the royal family! I thought her to be the one who will destroy the royal family but she is the real saviour of the royal family!

Vrinda refuses to let any reason become the reason of her daughter’s death. I will save my daughter at any cost!

Kuldeep comes to Rajguru’s room. He folds his hands before him. My daughter is nowhere to be found! Hope nothing has happened to her. I know you are upset with me or her over something but please help me find her. Rajguru says you are seeking help from the royal family who you kept in dark for so long. You brought up the daughter of a Vishkanya for 20 years and kept that secret from all of us! You thought it will change the reality? You thought your fatherly love will turn a Vishkanya into a human being? There is no point standing here with a bowed head. You can do penitence. Kuldeep is confused. Rajguru says Sitara hasn’t turned into a Vishkanya as of now. Her powers haven’t bloomed completely yet but if I want, I can make sure she never returns to you!

Precap: Vrinda decides to invoke Mahamata Vishkanya. Rajguru remarks that only he can save Sitara now. She is with me. She will have to die though! Vrinda shouts in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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