Sitara 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sitara’s last night in the palace

Sitara 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitara turns into a giant mongoose and attacks the snake.

Downstairs, Lakshmi, Padmini and Yamini give gifts to the girls. They are shocked to see the mongoose and snake fight. The kids run out of the house while the servants hide behind pillars in fear. Mahamata turns into the little girl when Sitara lets go of her. Sitara also comes in her real avatar. Sitara tells Mahamata she dint want to attack her but you forced me. She ties her using some branches. Mahamata frees herself and shoots daggers at Sitara thus giving her multiple injuries. Sitara falls down hurt. Vishkanya’s smile thinking they won. Vrinda tells her sisters not to be happy. We cannot trust it till the time Sitara breathes her last.

Mahamata takes Viraj downstairs with her. They suddenly lose their balance and fall down. Lakshmi shouts in shock but Yamini and Padmini don’t leave her. Mahamata drags Viraj with her in front of Sitara’s eyes. Lakshmi shouts for help. Vishkanya’s leave. Sitara requests Devi Ma to help her. Devi Ma appears there in the avatar of a small girl and heals Sitara. Sitara folds her hands in reverence and gratitude as soon as she opens her eyes. Sitara turns into her Vishkanya avatar shocking her family members. She picks Ma’s trident and dips it in vermilion. She goes after Mahamata.

Mahamata is just outside the palace. Vishkanya’s stand in a corner and look on. Sitara tells Mahamata to stop. mahamata lets go of Viraj’s hand as she turns her attention to Sitara. Sitara tells her she cannot take Viraj anywhere till the time she is here. Sitara throws the trident towards her. Mahamata shouts in pain. Vishkanya’s look on in shock. Mahamata disappears. Vrinda screams in shock. Sitara tries to wake Viraj. Vishkanya’s leave.

Viraj gains conscious. He asks Sitara if everything is fine. She nods. Everything will be fine in future too. Vishkanya’s have lost and left! He heaves a sigh of relief. I dint worry about this much anyways as you are here. You are my lucky charm. How can something happen to me anyways? Our relation is different than the normal relations. Generally husbands take care of their wives but you take the entire credit here. She smiles. The only thing that matters is that we and our family is safe and together. He hugs her. Servant tells Sitara that Rani Ma wants to meet her. Sitara takes leave from Viraj.

Sitara tells Rani Ma that Viraj is out of danger now. He wont turn into a Vishpurush ever. The poison is weaning out of his body. We forced the Vishkanya’s to leave. Their Mahamata was the only danger but now she is wounded too! She wont attack us ever again! We prayed from our hearts in navratre and now Kanjak is also done successfully. There wont be any problem on the palace now. You all can live in peace. I completed my promise. I will fulfil my last promise too. I will leave today itself! Lakshmi says I was so wrong about you. You are not just the protector of this family but also an ideal DIL! I am helpless though. I have understood that no one can love Viraj as much as you do. No one will be able to protect him the way you can but I still cannot stop you. Sitara cries silently. Lakshmi says it can be a really big danger for Viraj if anything goes wrong. Sitara nods. I reassure you I will leave tonight itself. Lakshmi tells her she need not leave today. Spend your last night with Viraj. You can go tomorrow morning. Sitara thanks her and hugs her.

Viraj looks at Sitara as she gets ready. Put a kala teeka to save yourself from my eyes! She tells him it can never happen. She rests her head on his shoulder. He calls himself the luckiest husband in the world. I always pray that I get you as my wife in my every birth. She looks at him emotionally. We will surely meet in next birth but forgive me for this one. Our lives, paths and destinations will be different from tomorrow! Humesha Tumko Chaha song plays as they share some romantic moments. Sitara gets emotional.

Precap: Sitara comes to Vishloka where Viraj is tied by the Vishkanya’s. Vrinda asks to willingly sacrifice her life if she wants to save her husband. Sitara accepts her condition. Vrinda stabs her twice using her dagger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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