Sitara 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Viraj and Sitara share some sweet moments together

Sitara 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj and Sitara bicker cutely in their room. They end up refusing to talk to each other over a glass of water but the strings of her blouse open as they turn their backs to each other. He apologizes to her and fixes it. Baahon Ke Darmiyaan plays. Sitara smiles when she isn’t facing him. They look awkwardly at each other. She smiles recalling the night they came close. The situation is same today but everything has changed. He falls asleep and rests his head on her shoulder. Sitara caresses his head but shifts a little because of which he wakes up. He says sorry to her. She says it’s okay and pretends to be unhappy. She tries to remove her earrings but it is difficult with one hand. Viraj looks on as she manages somehow. He rests her head on the sofa. Viraj thinks to avoid drinking water or he might have to go to the loo. She asks him if he said something but he declines. They are having trouble staying awake and look towards the bed. They decide to sleep on the bed. He is having trouble opening his Sherwani. They share an eye lock as she unbuttons it from the top. She also opens his wristwatch and keeps it on the side table. He keeps a pillow between them. She does the same. They pull the blanket together. Their heads touch as they try to lie down. They share another eye lock. He looks at her as she lies down. She switches off the lamp and looks at him.

Hariyali is trying Viraj’s number but he isn’t picking her call. Surya tells her that she will keep pacing angrily and Sitara will snatch everything from her. Hariyali asks him what he has come here to snatch. He says she doesn’t have anything to give to me. She is sure there is some evil intention behind his calm appearance. No one helps anyone without a reason. You will do the damage soon if you are pretending to help Sitara now. Did I say something wrong? He denies. I will get what I have come here for but you will lose Viraj very soon. She shouts after him as he walks away.

Windows open up because of strong wind. Viraj wakes up because of the noise. He has a smile on his face when he looks at Sitara but he is concerned about the windows at the same time. He tries to wake her up but she speaks in her dream in fear. He hugs her to calm her down. Hariyali peeks at Viraj from the window and notices him patting at Sitara’s head holding her close. She looks at the parrot and then at her cat.

Sitara wakes up and looks at Viraj. I am sorry. I saw a bad dream. He nods. It’s okay. We have to close the window. Hariyali is still standing behind the window. She sends her cat inside when Viraj and Sitara get up. The cat jumps on Sitara by mistake and runs out of the window. Viraj wonders how it came there but Sitara suggests closing the window first. Hariyali flees from there.

Vrinda tells Hariyali she is right. Even I am worried about the parrot. They all are curious about the parrot. Hariyali is certain there is something strange about that parrot. Vrinda decides to kill it asap.

Next morning, Sitara wakes up. She notices Viraj sleeping on the edge of the bed and worries that he might fall down while shifting in his sleep. She calls out to him but he is in deep sleep. She tries to pull him up but gets pulled towards him instead. She falls on top of him. He wakes up and they share an eye lock.

Precap: Viraj reaches out for the box of flour but ends up spilling it on himself and Sitara. Hariyali catches hold of the parrot and covers him with a towel. Sitara is inside the bathroom while Viraj is holding the holy thread from the other end. Sitara feels suffocated. Hariyali leaves from the room with the parrot. Viraj hasn’t seen her at all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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