Sitara 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sitara introduces the mystery guy as her friend to everyone

Sitara 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

No one wishes Rani Sa intentionally. They pretend to have forgotten her birthday. Viraj and Samrat pull her leg on small things. They hide their smile seeing her look at them. Rani Sa thinks to remind them of her birthday. Seems like they have forgotten it. She asks Yamini about the date. You said you wanted to donate something to the orphanage. Yamini says I had to do it on 24th. It is 21st today. Rani Sa smiles for a moment. Arjun greets them. Today is a very special day. They cover up saying that their new business started today only. How can we forget it? Arjun is confused. Viraj takes him aside to discuss about business. Sitara smiles looking at Rani Sa. Forgive us for pretending to forget it but we will surprise you very soon. I have made a special cake for you today. I am sure you will love it.

Sitara is making cake for Rani Sa. She reads out the recipe loudly when the parrot comes in. She tells him that she used to make this cake every year for her mother but I only got bitterness from that relation. Rani Ma taught me what motherly love is. I hope this can bring sweetness in our family once again. Vishkanya’s are watching her from the window. Albeli says Sitara does make good cakes. Vrinda says I don’t know about that but this time the cake will kill them both. They wont be killed by our poison but from some other poison. She shows the fruit to her sisters. Surili is curious about it but Vrinda advises her to focus on the outcome. They will die once they eat the poisonous cake. This fruit is very special. It will do its magic and wont leave any trace behind. Both the DIL and MIL will die after eating this cake today! Sitara notices a shadow outside the kitchen and goes outside to check. Meanwhile, Vrinda mixes poison in the batter while Sitara is away. I will see how Sitara will save herself now. She hides hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. Sitara comes back inside. I wonder who was outside. I forgot what I was doing. Vrinda is hiding in the cupboard. She peeks at Sitara. Hariyali comes there holding her cat. Do anything to please anyone but I will stay in this house in the end. Sitara tells her that there is no tax for thinking. Think whatever you want to but the person who sides with the truth will win in the end. Vrinda panics seeing the cat come towards her. She tries to shoo it away but the cat keeps making noise. Hariyali and Sitara turn in the direction of that cupboard. Vrinda closes her eyes worriedly as Hariyali advances towards her. Hariyali lifts her cat. She feels something strange but ignores it. Vrinda heaves a sigh of relief. Sitara tells Hariyali to rest. I am the DIL of this house after all. I have to look after the guests. I cannot ask the guests to work after all. They have to leave in a few days anyways! Hariyali leaves from there. Vrinda steps out of the cupboard when both of them are gone. She hurries out of there.

Viraj has blindfolded his mother and takes her in the hall. I have to show you some painting. All the guests are gathered there. Rani Sa thinks he forgot her birthday but dint forget to paint. She asks him to tell her what’s going on. Remove this blindfold. Lights go off as he removes her blindfold. She is surprised seeing the decoration as lights are switched on. They sing Happy Birthday song for her. The parrot is also there. Rani Sa realises that they remembered her birthday. You guys were acting because of this party? Everyone nods. Everyone wishes her one by one. Viraj holds out a gift for her. She tells him that she wants the gift on which she has a right. I will take it from you. Viraj is confused. Arjun says you will take it from me though. No one let me give it to you since morning. She accepts his gift. Sitara and Hariyali wish Rani Sa at the same time and offer her gifts at the same time too. Rani Sa takes it from Sitara and hugs her first. Hariyali thinks Sitara might try as much as she wants to but I will make a place for myself in this house. She does not hug Hariyali and walks away. Samrat tells Hariyali not to be angry. Have this cold drink. She refuses.

Viraj is talking happily to the guests. Sitara hopes he always smiles like this. He makes a straight face seeing her looking at him.

Vishkanya’s are watching the drama from far. We wont go there so no one should doubt us when our plan will work out.

The mystery guy comes to the party. Sitara welcomes him. Thank you for coming. She introduces him to everyone as her old friend. I thought to introduce you all to him as I met him after years. Hariyali and Vishkanya’s are shocked to see him there. The mystery guy wishes Rani Sa.

Precap: Hariyali and Sitara have a face off in dance. Viraj asks his mother what she wants to ask from him. Will I say no to you ever? She keeps his hand in Sitara’s and ties a holy thread over it. You both will be tied like this for the coming 24 hours starting from now. They look at her in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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