Sisters by chance, friends by choice — Aniri OS

few things to note:

aniri’s ma is called ahsaas.

aniri’s dad is called gaurav.

aniri's dad is called gaurav


(left is anika, right is gauri)

(left is anika, right is gauri)

a five years old anika was playing by herself, gaurav was in his study and ahsaas was ironing.

just then:

anika: mummy?

ahsaas: yes anu baby?

anika: you know that in a few weeks Diwali.

ahsaas: yes…..

anika: i only want one thing.

ahsaas: and that is…..

anika: you know all my friends have a little brother or sister or big brother sis. i want the same.

ahsaas: unfortunately darling, you are mine and papa’s first child. how can i get a big brother or big sister?

anika: i want little sister.

ahsaas: little sister?

anika: yes. it is soooo boring playing alone and these days you and daddy very busy.

ahsaas: gaurav!

her husband came down and saw his wife and daughter.

ahsaas: teri pyaari beti has thought of her wish list for Diwali.

gaurav: what is that princess?

anika: i want one thing.

gaurav: one thing?! wow my jaan. tell me what.

anika: a little sister or brother.

gaurav: ok… shouldn’t this be something to discuss with your mum?

anika: done it.

ahsaas: now your decision.

gaurav goes near his wife and whispers in her ear: tonight jaan, be mine once again.

ahsaas blushes and anika was confused. the couple laughed at their little angel and gaurav started to play with little anika. ahsaas smiles at the scene she saw in front of her.

a few weeks later:

it was Diwali, anika’s relatives were here and anika looked very amused.

nani: accha ahsaas, please go and get some sweets.

ahsaas: of course ma.

she stands up and was about to go to the kitchen when she felt dizzy. she took another step and felt dizzier. one more step and she was on the ground, unconscious.

anika: daddy, mummy is sleeping.

gaurav lifted ahsaas up in bridal style and kept her in the downstairs bedroom. anika’s chachu 1 quickly called a doctor.

outside the room:

all was tensed apart from anika and her cousins. her cousins who were older kept quiet but anika being anika…….

anika: why you needed doctor? mummy just sleepy. she felt very tired as it is Diwali and she had to work loads!!

the elders smiled at her antics, anika continued.

anika: and…. and mummy been sick last few days.

gaurav: really? and she didn’t tell me!

anika: no she say to me not to tell you too.

gaurav: i guess maaji your daughter will never change.

nani: be quiet!

the doctor came out and anika asked first: hi doctor uncle, my mummy awake now right?

doctor: yes beti. anyway congratulations mr gaurav sharma. teri wife is pregnant again.

gaurav: what???? really???

the doctor nods and goes. anika was very confused.

anika: what is going on?! did shahrukh khan win award?

gaurav smacks his forehead knowing his daughter’s mad obsession for srk will never change.

gaurav: no sweetheart, you are going to be a big sister.

anika: sach mein?

gaurav: yes pagal!

anika: yay!

she goes inside the room and hugs ahsaas tight.

anika: where is baby?

ahsaas: in my tummy.

anika goes near ahsaas not yet visible baby bump and says: baby sister or brother, come soon then we can enjoy non stop.

ahsaas smiles.

anika goes out of the room and goes out of the house shouting as loud as her little lungs could: MY MUMMY IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!! I AM GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!!

everyone congratulated ahsaas and gaurav and anika was dancing in the middle of the village with some people. the couple smiled at their sweet angel.

3 months later:

ahsaas was three months pregnant now and anika was doing the best looking after her along with gaurav. this was anika’s favourite memory whilst ahsaas was pregnant:

gaurav was at work so it was just anika and ahsaas. ahsaas was downstairs in the kitxhen whilst anika was upstairs playing. she goes downstairs only to find her mother working.

anika: MUMMY?!

ahsaas: what happened?

she stopped cooking and went towards anika.

anika: you are working?!?! hey bhagwan! mummy, what will happen to my baby brother ya sister?

ahsaas: sorry.

anika: did you have milk today?

ahsaas in mind: i forgot. think of something. she is just like her dad in this over-protectiveness. (talking) yes.. i had milk…. i am not lying.

anika: yeah right! i am very smart mummy. here milk.

she passes ahsaas milk and ahsaas makes a face.

anika: if you don’t drink, then my little sister or brother won’t be fair.

ahsaas does a sad pout and drinks milk.

anika: very good!

4 months later:

ahsaas was now seven months pregnant. they say that husbands are very over protecting well in her case anika was more over protecting than gaurav. and more excited.

one day:

ahsaas was knitting and anika was entertained seeing her knit.

anika: for baby?

ahsaas: yes.

anika: why isn’t it pink or blue? why is it white?

ahsaas: it’s white because it might be a brother or sister and white is for everyone.

anika: oh! amazing!

ahsaas smiles. just then:

ahsaas: ouch!

anika: what happened?

ahsaas: teri pyaari sister or brother kicked me.

anika: sach mein?

ahsaas: keep your ear near my tummy.

anika does as told. she hears the heartbeat of the baby’s and then feels the kick.

anika: wow meri choti bhai ya behna. keep annoying mummy like that.

ahsaas rolls her eyes with love.

anika: did i kick when i was in your tummy mummy?

ahsaas: a lot.

anika: sach mein?

ahsaas: yes.

anika giggles and hugs her mother tight.

2 months later:

17th June:


gaurav and anika were waiting outside the ICU. gaurav was tensed and trying to answer all of anika’s questions.

anika: when will baby come? why mummy screaming? i choose name right??? sister or brother?? i can feed baby ice cream right???

gaurav: n..

anika: and will we go to many places to play?? will my sibling look cute like me??

and many more. just then the doctor came out with a smile on her face and a very small baby. anika puts her arms out and the doctor smiles at little anika and gives the baby to her.

doctor: congratulations. it’s a pyaari baby girl. dono ma aur beti are safe and healthy.

gaurav smiles but the one whose smile was bigger than his was little anika. anika held her baby sister tightly and securely. her behna opens her small eyes revealing her chocolaty brown orbs. gaurav bends down to take a look at his new princess and anika kisses her chukti’s forehead. the baby starts to cry and gaurav was about to console her but anika stopped him.

anika: arre chukti, don’t cry else daddy and mummy will never let us have ice cream aur chocolate.

chukti stopped crying and gave a very small smile. anika smiles back at her.

a few days later:

soon ahsaas and chukti were home and the naamkaran was starting today. the family of four sat near the priest and the priest started the chants and soon it was time for the name.

ahsaas: panditji, what is the auspicious letter?

priest: n, s, c, l or g.

chachu 1: i think nia.

ahsaas: chanda?

nani: chandrakanta.

anika in mind: never!

chachu 2: meenal?

chachi 1: meghna?

nanu: i think either namita, leena, lipika or shalin?

chachi 2: arre yaar i think sharanya or mandira will do.

anika in mind: oh oh this all oldies are thinking of silly names. arre yaar i am the big sister i should choose….. yes i should choose and i will! amazing anika!

anika does shhhhh to everyone. everyone was quiet.

anika: arre yaar you all are thinking of weird michmichi names.

ahsaas: michmichi?

anika: my dictionary!

ahsaas: sorry continue.

anika: anyway if there is anyone who should choose, it’s me. all forgotten g. anyway i thought of a name. meri naam ko matlab maa parvati toh meri behna ka naam hogi gauri.

gaurav: bhoot accha naam hai!

ahsaas: exactly.

priest: have you thought?

anika: of course panditji. meri behna ka naam hai ab gauri kumari sharma!

priest: bhoot sundaar ka naam hai.

chukti sorry sorry i meant gauri smiled at her new name, the name her didi chose for her.

7 months later:

a six year old anika was at school and ahsaas was looking after gauri with nani. gaurav came back from work and went to meet his daughter, wife and mother in law.

gaurav: she is still crying?

ahsaas: are you deaf? of course she is still crying. arre cuddles (ahsaas’s nickname for gauri) don’t cry. please. look mama is very tired. since 1, you are crying and you have a little cold. don’t cry. please. look mama is pouting now.

nani: she doesn’t cry this much.

gaurav: i know right. she was fine earlier. i think it’s her cold.

just then:

voice: i’m back!!

they saw anika in her school uniform looking very happy. gauri stopped crying and cooed. all went aww and then looked at anika.

anika: why is everyone looking at me? i’ve been good.

gaurav: arre you haven’t been naughty. you are right, you have been very good. and now your chukti has stopped crying.

anika: she was crying?

she goes up to gauri who was in ahsaas’s arms and says: chukti, did mummy say something? don’t worry, she tells me to stop eating chocolate all the time and then gives a lecture but i still eat chocolate.

ahsaas rolls her eyes lovingly and anika continues: and you are not well. little cold right?

gauri gives a little cute sneeze. all goes aww again.

gauri: an… anu didi.

gaurav: what did she say?

nani: i think it began with a.

ahsaas: say it again.

gauri: anu didi.

anika: meri naam! yes! not mummy! not daddy! not even teddy! but anu didi! i love you chukti!!

gauri: anu didi.

she smiles and anika rubs her nose with hers. ahsaas and gaurav smile at their bundles of joy.

a few days later:

gauri was crawling on the floor whilst anika was doing homework. just then she wanted to get a toy off the shelf and made sounds. anika stood from the bed and was about to get the toy when she felt something gripping on her leg. she looked down seeing gauri holding her leg with her very small hands and was standing up. she letted go of anika’s leg and stumbled. anika grabbed her hands and made gauri take duckling steps. ahsaas and gaurav came in the room only to see this cute scene.

anika: i’m letting go now.

she letted go of gauri’s hands and gauri was walking. ahsaas and gaurav blessed the two sisters.

5 months later:

anika: oh! sort these decorations properly else no salary!

as we can tell, anika was bossing everyone around. why? you may ask. kyunki it was someone’s birthday. someone very special.

anika: finally she is here.

ahsaas and gaurav came with gauri dressed in a beautiful pink fairy dress and was in ahsaas’s arms.

anika: everyone, here is the birthday girl. gauri kumari sharma!

the people did awww at gauri and gauri cooed. anika takes gauri out of ahsaas’s arms and keeps her in her arms. half an hour later, it was time to cut the cake. gaurav kept gauri on the table and then:

anika: look chukti, tera cake.

she opens the cake box and shows gauri the cake:

anika cuts the cake with gauri, gaurav and ahsaas gently

anika cuts the cake with gauri, gaurav and ahsaas gently. anika showed gauri the slice of cake and feeds gauri a little so did their parents. gauri got a little bit of the cake in her hand with the icing and smears anika’s face with it and feeds her a bit. ahsaas and gaurav were laughing their heads off seeing anika’s cake face.

anika: very funny!

she rubs her nose with gauri who was smiling and giggling.

on rakhi:

ahsaas: anika, gauri we have a surprise for both of you.

anika: and that is??

gaurav: this heart chains.

anika: but it is not my birthday nor gauri’s.

ahsaas: but it is rakhi.

anika: and we don’t have a brother, right gauri??

gauri: rinfhdndijdj! (right).

ahsaas and gaurav look at each other and then:

ahsaas ties a heart chain on anika and gaurav tied one on gauri:

ahsaas ties a heart chain on anika and gaurav tied one on gauri:

(left is gauri’s and right is anika’s)

ahsaas: never take them off.

gaurav: and remember you two are sisters by chance and by god’s grace but deep inside you two are friends by choice. best friends.

anika hugs gauri tight and says: sisters by chance, friends by choice.

5 years later:

(tall one is anika, small one is gauri)

(tall one is anika, small one is gauri)

gauri: mummy, i don’t want this dhal!

a six year old gauri complained.

ahsaas lovingly: but dhal is good for you na.

gaurav lovingly: aur you will grow very strong.

an 11 year old anika smacked her forehead and says: you too are useless at making her eat.

ahsaas: i forgot let the expert do it.

she and gaurav laughs.

anika: hahaha. anyway chukti, you know….

she tears a bit of roti, gets dhal and brings it near gauri’s mouth.

anika: Once upon a time, the lived a young princess named Isabella in the Kingdom of Glora. She was the friendliest girl in the entire kingdom. She was better than her elder sisters, Rose and Juliette, in every aspect.

gauri ate the roti in anika’s hand and anika continues: Rose was also the prettiest girl in the whole kingdom, but not as beautiful as Juliette. But, as pretty as both were, they were cruel and heartless. They teased Isabelle about her appearance and teased her about playing with toys all the time. They bullied her to improve her appearance. But Isabelle paid no heed to her sisters and continued playing with the toys. After all, the dolls never called her names. But deep down inside, Isabelle felt rather lonely.

gauri: aur?

anika: aur…

she fed gauri.

anika: King Paul hated that his most favorite and youngest daughter was upset. He tried spending more time with her, but because of his duties, he stayed away for long periods. On a bright summer morning, King Paul was told that a Prince named Geoffrey from the Kingdom of Meadowhill was on his way to the Kingdom of Glora in search of a bride. He was a year older than Rose, two years older than Isabelle and a year younger than Juliette. All the sisters were rather excited to meet the Prince.

gauri: is prince handsome?

anika: yes. so handsome.

she held the roti near gauri’s mouth and gauri ate.

anika: Prince Geoffrey talked to Juliette first. Geoffrey complimented Juliette on her hair. Juliette then started telling him about the long hours she spent taking care of the hair. Bored of the talk, Geoffrey moved on to Rose. Rose tried to impress him by talking about her father’s court and all famous noblemen and knights. Prince Geoffrey soon grew bored again and decided to meet Isabella.

gauri: i like this prince.

anika: and As soon as he met Isabella, he remarked. “You are beautiful!” making Isabella go red. but “She’s not beautiful! She’s ugly!” Juliette retorted. “Her hair! It’s so untidy!” Rose added.

gauri: mean sisters!

anika: i know right but… “It’s the eyes,” Prince Geoffrey said. “She is blessed with beautiful eyes.” “But she plays with toys!” Juliette told Geoffrey, in an trying to make young Isabelle appear silly. “So what! Even I play with dolls. I got one here too! Her name is Jane, and she is my oldest friend”. He pulled out a small doll from his pocket and introduced it to everyone.

gauri: prince boy nice!

anika: “Would you like to meet my friends, Prince Geoffrey?” Isabella asked. “I would love to, said Prince Geoffrey, following Isabelle into the gardens.

by this time, the food which was on the plate and which gauri refused to eat was gone.

gauri: oh the birds ate my dhal and roti. yay!

all laugh at her sweet antics. ahsaas and gaurav does a thumbs up sign to anika who smiles.

a  few days later:



at ages 6 and 11, you expect most children to be asleep well gauri and anika…. not a chance. as they shared a room, they could do whatever they liked without their parents knowing. these nights were always fun but this was a bit emotional. kaise? guys, keep reading:

aniri’s room:

they were playing with two dolls. one was a bride which was in gauri’s hand, the other was a groom in anika’s hand. they were using a torch to see the dolls properly and when anika kept a red chuni on both of the dolls’ head, gauri asked: why they marrying?

anika: because they love each other.

gauri: what happens after they marry?

anika: the bride leaves her house with her parents in it and goes to live with her husband forever. and one day, i will leave this house to live with my groom.

gauri looked scared.

gauri: but you can’t leave me.

anika: lekin ek din i have to marry.

gauri: then who will play with me?

anika: i don’t know.

gauri:aur you can’t leave me. i am your sister na. leave groom, he bad. he takes away my didi! you are only mine anu didi.

anika smiles and says: accha baba! i won’t leave you!

gauri: pakka na?

anika: pakka promise.

she links her pinky with gauri’s.

  Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai
Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai
Saari umar humein sang rehna hai
Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai  

gauri hugs anu didi tight.

3 years later:

(left is gauri and right is anika)

(left is gauri and right is anika)

a fourteen year old anika entered the house and was frustrated. a nine year old gauri came in the house too but was looking happy!

ahsaas: why is one frustrated and the other is happy?

anika: exams!

gauri: no exams!

ahsaas: oh! anika, here is your snack, study and gauri, stay with me.

gauri: lekin…..

ahsaas: gauri, anika has to study.

anika: i wish i was little.

gauri sticks her tongue out and anika goes upstairs.

five hours later:

after dinner, anika went upstairs again and gauri looked more bored than ever.

gaurav: what’s wrong gauri?

gauri: i want to play with anu didi.

gaurav: but she has exams na?

gauri: at least one hour. please.

ahsaas and gaurav: ok.

gauri smiles and goes upstairs only to find anika studying.

gauri: anu didi!

anika: chukti, i have to study na. go away!

gauri: no, no. i want to stay!

anika: and i want to get high marks!

gauri: this is the problem! no one knows the real reason of studying. everyone thinks it’s to get high high marks! no! you know the real reason of studying is understanding the joy of it. most girls aren’t allowed an education so we are very lucky to be studying. also if you stress tooooooooo much then i fear for your marks. now look, 9 hai. sleep.

anika: lekin……

gauri makes anika lie on the bed and starts to sing: Aa leke chalun tujhko. Ek aise desh mein.Aa leke chalun tujhko. Ek aise desh mein.Milti hain jahan khushiyan. Pariyon ke bhes mein. Milti hain jahan khushiyan. Pariyon ke bhes mein. Pariyon ke bhes mein.. Aa leke chalun tujhko.  Ho chand chahe aadha. Ho phir bhi roshni. Ho chand chahe aadha. Ho phir bhi roshni. Ummeed jo na chhute. Har baat hai bani.Raaton ke sur se nikle. Subah ki raagini. Lori tujhe sunaun. Lori tujhe sunaun. Bachpan ki ek main. Lori tujhe sunaun. Bachpan ki ek main. Milti hain jahan khushiyan.Pariyon ke bhes mein. Pariyon ke bhes mein.. Aa leke chalun tujhko..

anika was asleep. gauri smiled, kept blanket on her and kissed her forehead. then she slept.

a week later:

anika came rushing through the door of the house shouting: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! GAURI I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

ahsaas: what happened?

anika: thanks to gauri’s amazing methods, i got 98%

gaurav: sachi?

anika shows the paper and ahsaas and gaurav get happy but gauri was more happy.

a month later:

aniri went to the park with anika’s friends but anika’s friends find gauri quite annoying so:

friend 1: hey gauri, look ice cream.

gauri: where?

friend 2: there.

she points someone and gauri asks: sachi:

friend 3, 4, 5 and 6: yes!

gauri runs to the place friend 2 pointed to.

friend 7: come on anika, run.

anika: lekin this is wrong.

friend 8: just run yaar.

her friends make her run but stopped when they heard a scream.

anika: GAURI!

she runs with her friends to where gauri was. a dog was chasing gauri around.

gauri: anu didi! anu didi! save me!!

she hides behind anika and anika quickly strokes the dog.

anika: arre don;t worry gauri. you know gauri, dogs can sense your fear and you were scared this is why he wanted to calm down your fear.

gauri: sachi?

anika: come in front of me.

gauri goes in front of anika and anika makes gauri stroke the dog who licked gauri with love. anika hugs gauri tight. her friends smile at their bond.

a day later:

gaurav woke up with a massive headache. aniri came in with coffee for their dad.

gaurav: accha you two. mind if you can give me a head massage. today my head is killing me.

gauri: of course papa.

she starts to massage his head but anika pushes her to the side.

anika: no dad, i’ll do it. besides i do better head massages!

gauri: oh hello! i do better!

she pushes anika to the side and does massaging. gaurav smacks his forehead.

anika: excuse me! my head massages are amazing! before you were born, dad always aked me to do his head massages and said that they were absolutely amazing.

gauri: and i do head massages for papa as well and he says they are 100 times better than yours!!!

gaurav: can you two agree on who will do the head massage or should i call your mother to do it?

aniri: sorry papa.

gauri: let’s do it together.

anika: ok.

gaurav smiles at the agreement and he soon felt relaxed. aniri hi-fi each other.

4 years later:

(left is gauri and right is anika)

(left is gauri and right is anika)

today it was a party at aniri’s house and all their family was there.

ahsaas went to her 18 year old and 13 year old daughters and asked: accha gauri, anika. do one thing, get some juice for everyone.

aniri: of course mama.

gaurav comes over and says: no juice in the house so you two are going to go to that shop near our house. ok?

aniri nods, gets some money and goes to the shop.


anika: accha we have a lot of change left. bhaiya, please give us some sweets.

shopkeeper: here you go.

he gives anika sweets and gauri smacked her forehead.

gauri: but mama and papa said just juice.

anika: arre yaar it’s just sweets. mum always lets me buy stuff with change. well time to time.

gauri: accha let’s go now and you have to share those sweets!!

anika: ok baba.

as they went out of the shop, they heard screams. this came from their house. they dropped their bags and ran to their house only seeing their entire family laying dead on the floor. blood everywhere. two men in pure black clothing came and one kept chloroform on anika’s mouth causing her to fall unconscious.

gauri: ANU DIDI! WAKE UP!!

he takes her with him and gauri was crying and screaming: ANU DIDI! ANU DIDI! COME BACK!!

man 2 took her out of the house and beats her up on the road. she ended up bleeding and fell unconscious.

the next day:

anika’s side of the story:

anika’s pov:

i woke up tired and was in a dark place. i ranked my brains and realized that i was not at home, i saw some blood on the floor and my memory came back to me. i remembered the blood on the floor at home. mum and dad……. chukti! meri chukti! meri chukti kahaan hai?!

my question was answered when a very tall man came up to me. he was dangerous and i knew this from the beginning. he was one of those men who killed my family. my perfect family.

man: if you are wondering about your sister, she is dead.

i was shocked. my world felt like it collapsed. the man untied the ropes and made me lie on the bed. i was scared. i heard about this somewhere. girls would be kidnapped and men would use them for their desire. i had to escape. as the man turned to take off his clothes, i took the courage. as he was unbuttoning his shirt, i stood up and ran. i was out of that dark place seeing the light once again but i heard shouting. it was getting louder. i saw that man again with his shirt unbuttoned and he was angry- no he was apoplectic!!!!

without a second thought, i ran away from him. he ran after me. whilst running, i saw a truck loading. without even thinking, i found i was hiding with sacks of potatoes. the man was nowhere to be seen and i was moving. this truck was moving. when it stopped, i saw a shop. i went out of the truck chup se chup se and went in the shop. before i knew it, i fainted.

gauri’s side of the story:

gauri’s pov:

i woke up weak and stood up. i stumbled and fell on the floor. i was in a very dark place and it felt very suffocated, i felt very very suffocated. i saw chains on my feet, very heavy chains and… and i was dressed as a bride. i was scared but the thing which scared me the most was where was my anu didi? MERI ANU DIDI!! WHERE IS SHE?! meri mummy papa??? mama papa??? when i saw blood on my wrist, i panicked. i remembered the eyes closed and blood… blood was everywhere!!!

just then a tall man came up to me dressed as a groom, he looked quite old. he made me stand up despite the chains and held my wrist tight. he took me to the mandap and i was really scared now. i knew this wasn’t a game me and anu didi played as kids. this was real. i saw a priest getting everything ready.

this groom idiot was smirking evilly. i quickly removed his grip from my wrist and made a run for it. for my life. he ran after me with his goons. i saw an axe just then and used it to cut the chains off my feet then i made a big run for it. just then i saw a river and without even thinking, i jumped in it. when i went back up to the surface to see that those dangerous men weren’t there anymore. i went out from the river to the land and saw an orphanage. i went there hoping for a new life.

anika’s pov:

when i regain my consciousness, i was in a place with many kids. i saw a sign saying ‘rainbow orphanage’. orphanage? this can’t be possible!! but i knew i was safe here.

a few months later i was adopted by a rich family. they loved me as their own but i can never forget my little sister, meri gauri, meri chukti.

gauri’s pov:

three weeks in the drain and i still wasn’t adopted but this fashion designer came, i showed my talent for designing and thanks the lord she adopted me. she was quite rich but i didn’t care. she loved me as her own but i can never ever forget one person. meri anu didi.

no one’s pov:

spilt screens:

aniri looked up at the moon and tears came rolling down. they held their heart chains and said to the moon:

aniri: just wait and watch anu didi/chukti, i will find you and we will have a happily ever after.

anika: i know chukti, you are not dead. you are somewhere in this world and soon we will be together.

gauri: anu didi, you are somewhere in this universe and very very very soon i will find you. just wait for a little bit.

7 years later:




both anika and gauri grew up to be beautiful ladies

both anika and gauri grew up to be beautiful ladies. anika was now married to an oberoi, shivay singh oberoi having a 5 year old daughter with him called naira. and gauri. arre yaar she was now a fashion designer earning millions. the two sisters still missed each other to death and kept their heart shaped necklace but they always kept it hidden.

anyway today was a marriage.

anika was a bit sick so she couldn’t attend the shaadi also she couldn’t be part of most of the rituals so she never got to see the her brother in law’s om’s bride. but when the bride entered her sasural’s house, anika came downstairs and jhanvi lifted the bride’s veil and the face was revealed:

 but when the bride entered her sasural's house, anika came downstairs and jhanvi lifted the bride's veil and the face was revealed:

anika in mind: wow she is so beautiful but her smile…. leave it anika.

the next day:

it was the cooking ritual. gauri didn’t know where the kitchen was so she knocked on shivika’s door. anika opened it and smiled.

anika: hi.

gauri: hi. i’m gauri.

anika in mind: gauri? meri chukti ka naam? (talking) beautiful name. my name is anika.

gauri in mind: anika? meri anu didi’s ka naam? (talking) beautiful. anyway do you know where the kitchen is?

anika: i’ll show you.

she takes gauri to the kitchen.

gauri: thank you.

anika smiles and goes.

an hour later:

gauri was done cooking kheer and gave it to everyone after breakfast.

dadi: wow this is delicious.

om: yes gauri. well done.

gauri smiled. when anika tried it, it tasted familiar.

anika in mind: this tastes like chukti’s recipe. kamal hai!

gauri: are you alright anika bhoojal?

anika: yes i am, this kheer is really good.

gauri: thank you.

a few weeks later, aniri were becoming really good friends and sisters in law. they did their responsibly as bahus of the oberois properly and they loved annoying shivom.

three months passed and anika noticed anythings about gauri. the way she smiled, the way she laughed, her recipes, the way she danced and so did gauri. the way anika used her weird words, the way she smiled, the way she consoled her daughter, the way she makes everyone laugh and smile. these qualities reminded aniri about their sisters. anika also noticed the little scar gauri had on her neck. (note they kept the necklaces on them but hid them)

but one day:

anika, gauri and naira were shopping. once done, they were going to cross the road when naira felt tired so anika picked her up. gauri crossed the road first then anika-naira but a car was speeding and going against speed limit and was about to hit anika and naira.


she runs to the mother daughter and pushes them to the pavement. she gets hit by the car and landed in a flood of blood, eyes jammed shut.

anika: GAURI!!

anika’s pov:

as people came to help gauri, i called shivay

me: sh….shi….shivay!

shivay: yes anika?

me: gauri….gauri met up with an accident!

shivay: what! ok anika, go to the hospital. but which one?

me: DR L H Hiranandani hospital.

shivay: ok calm down. i am coming.

he cuts the phone and me and naira came in the ambulance with gauri. she was given an oxygen mask and was struggling to breathe. what shocked me most was a necklace on her neck wihich was showing- not her nuptial necklace- was showing. i looked closer and it was half a heart. silver and it had:





i quickly checked my half a heart necklace and joined the mine with hers. it matched. sisters by chance, friends by choice. how can this be?? just then i heard her struggling:

gauri: an…anu….anu d…di….didi…… wh….whe…..where….ar…are….are…you….an….anu….d….di…didi?

anu didi? chukti? my brain isn’t working!!

no one’s pov:


family was there and gauri was in ICU. all was crying but anika was crying the most.

just then the doctor came out with a serious look on his face.

anika: doctor, doctor! what happened to my chukti?!

doctor: she lost a lot of blood. the only way to save her is o-negative.

o-negative echoed in the room. anika came back to reality and said: i….. i… i am o-negative. my blood group is o-negative. believe me!!

the doctor quickly checked her blood and smiled. then he took her to donate blood.

om’s pov:

how can gauri and anika have o negative? rarest blood group in the world? only people who are related like sisters have this blood type.

shivay’s pov:

i am very shocked. both have the same blood group?!?!?! THEY AREN’T EVEN RELATED!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!

no one’s pov:

very soon gauri was saved. the first person to see gauri was anika.

anika: gauri, meri gauri. how are you?

gauri: okay.

anika kissed her forehead and said: very good.

anika’s pov:

o negative? rare blood group. i had a feeling that gauri was someone special so a few days later, i got a DNA test done.

when the reports came a month later, i got them and made shivay and om read them.

no one’s pov:

anika: what do they say?

shivay: that….

om: anika bhabhi…..

shivay: aur gauri…..

shivom: are sisters?

aniri: what??? sach mein??

they showed aniri the reports and they were shocked. then they showed their necklaces to each other, put them together and tears of happiness rolled down their cheeks.

aniri: anu didi!/chukti!

they hugged each other tight but just then gauri fainted.

all: GAURI!

om lifted gauri up in bridal style and shivay called a doctor. a few minutes later, the doctor came out with a smile on her face.

doctor: congratulations! she is pregnant.

naira: matab?

anika: you are going to be a big sister.

naira got happy and she and anika went to gauri first.

nine months later:

it was rikara’s daughter’s naamkaran. naira was the most excited.

priest: the auspicious letter is a.

anika: i know ‘anika’!

gauri: arre anu didi, anika is your name.

anika: yeah so?

shivay: anita?

om: aakashi?

gauri: advika?

naira: ek minute! you all are bad at choosing names!! i will choose. aliya!

aniri: beautiful.

the baby was called aliya omkara singh oberoi and this name was chosen by naira. her big sister.

anika: i wish that aliya and naira will be the best of sisters like us two.

gauri: i wish so too. and even if we have more girls in the future, these two will be the closest.

anika: exactly.

they hug each other tight.


5795 words!!! not including this note!! this took two days to write and i really enjoyed writing it. 

now sisters! let’s be real for a sec, they can be an absolute nightmare!! i know, i have three of my own. you all know sanvi by now

but a sister can be your best friend. there’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my sisters. they are always there for you even in the hardest of times. when they marry, we act like we are happy to get rid of them but deep inside we know that we will miss them to hell also we will still love them.

anyway cover courtesy:


how is it? i know that it's a little bit bakwass

how is it? i know that it’s a little bit bakwass.

and how was this OS?

do let me know 🙂

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