Sirf Tum 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Honey messes up Ranveer and Suhani’s room

Sirf Tum 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ansh thinking Honey is roaming here and there and thinks how she will snatch Ranveer and Suhani’s happiness. Honey comes there, singing song. He asks where did you go? Honey says I was getting bored so thought to see the house. Ansh says you shall do as I say. Honey says it is all Asha Tai’s mistake. She says she asked me to go to room and gave me milk glass. She asks him to drink milk. He refuses. Honey sits on the bed and drinks. She laughs and says I liked this house, big house of a rich family, big chandelier, I enjoyed. She checks the bed and says it is very soft. She says she always wanted to have a big room where she stays as a princess. Ansh asks really and says there are many big rooms here, and this room is nothing infront of other rooms. She asks really? Ansh says you might haven’t seen Ranveer and Suhani’s room, and says that big room you badimaa shall get, but…He says even this room is fine. Honey says I will see the room now itself. Ansh says they will get disturbed. Honey says she will knock and say badi bahu. Ansh thinks Honey will spoil Ranveer and Suhani’s night.

Ranveer removes Suhani’s veil and nose ring. He holds her face. Honey knocks on the door. Ranveer opens the door. Honey says I came to see your room. She looks at the room and decoration. Ranveer says see…Honey says this room is best and this flower vase is pretty, it must be costly. She climbs on the bed and jumps on it. She says I need this bed, gets down holding Suhani’s hand and says I want this room now itself. Ranveer asks what is this nonsense? Honey says this beautiful room shall be for beautiful and badi bahu. She sits on the bed, saying it is mine. She shouts calling Ansh. Ansh comes there and asks what happened? Honey says I need this room. Ranveer asks him to take his wife and leave from there. Ansh says this is not our room, it is their room and we shall leave. Honey says this is my room, and asks him to ask them to go. Ansh says today is their wedding night and asks her to come. He says they don’t want to give the room. Honey gets upset and goes. Ansh says sorry and asks them to enjoy the moment. Ranveer closes the door and asks what is happening? He says I was bearing them because of you and Maa. Suhani laughs. He says you are laughing and laughs. They fall on the bed.

Just then they see the cracker bursting in their room. They look down the window and see Honey standing holding the bomb cracker. Ranveer gets angry and goes down, calling Vikrant. Vikrant comes there and asks from where do the blast sound came? Ranveer asks him to ask who has done this? He asks him to ask his illegitimate son’s wife, why did she do this? Honey comes there angrily and says it is all their mistake, he didn’t give me that room. She insists like a child and says she wants that room now itself. Dada ji asks what is this way to take the room forcibly. Ansh says Honey is good, but weak at heart, if her wish is not fulfilled then it is difficult to control her. Dada ji asks him to handle her if he understands her well. He asks Asha to take her. Asha asks Honey to come. Honey says I need that room and says if I don’t get that room, then…Asha takes her to room.

Ansh tells Ranveer that he has brought such a cracker that he will do as honey says. Ranveer asks him to say what a man is called who stands behind a woman. Suhani holds Ranveer’s hand and takes him to room. Mamta comes there and sees their room messed up. She says it is all my mistake, I had thrown Asha out of house and they have taken revenge from you both. Ranveer says this is your house, and you shall not feel bad. Mamta asks them to shift to guest room for tonight and says she will get the house cleaned. Suhani says it is our world in this big house and we will start our new life here. Mamta says I will help. Ranveer asks her to go and rest, says they will clean the room and will also romance. Suhani says Ranveer. Mamta thinks Ansh and his wife tried to snatch Ranveer and Suhani’s happiness. Honey gets hyper and tells that she wants that room. Asha tries to control her. Honey asks Ansh to give that room to her. Ansh asks Asha to go and says he will talk to her. Honey says I need that room and breaks the decoration of the flower. Ansh asks her to stop and says shout aloud. He says I will drop you there, it is good for you. Honey recalls her trauma in mental asylum and a fb is shown, she is chained and cries. She says I will do as you say, don’t take me there. Ansh asks will you agree? Honey says I will do as you say, but don’t take me there. He keeps hand on her head and says he has remote control in his life and if he presses the button then Ranveer and Suhani’s life will be ruined.

Suhani and Ranveer clean their room. Sirf tum song plays….They look at each other. He gets up from the bed and pulls her near him. Suhani asks what are you doing? He says romance. She says so much work needs to be done. He says I am doing my work and looks at her.

Precap: Vikrant throws Mamta out of his room, saying whoever is not with him, is not his. Mamta tells Suhani that Vikrant has thrown her out of the room, and tells that she had lost so much in this marriage, and now the rights of a wife. Suhani says we will fight and win, and outsiders will leave who has no right on the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Suhani ranveer ki suhagrat kabhi nahin hogi.mad girl planned by ansh is 24hours around Mamta lost her room same ranveer will loose for that scroundle.after Vikrant marrying asha thought Mamta will react negative ly with Vikrant for betraying.but here all humiliation is faced by Mamta like a beggar.mamta doesn’t deserve the hopeless man like Vikrant.he is at fault.surprising Vikrant father doesn’t confront him for his disgusting deed what he has done.mamta ke aankhon se aasu behne par ranveer ne ansh ko kidnap karke maar kar asha se apology dilvaya tha.where is that ranveer? When his own father is making his mother cry by insulting her in front of illegal relationship.

  2. How old are Ranveer and Suhani? What happened to their medical education?

  3. Yes very true.after suhani being ranveer wife now.he is still in touching her face.before marriage also same romance after marriage also same.touching her face took him 3 episode.what first night he will do.he will only be trapped in ansh plan always.that ansh and asha are awaken to spoil suhani ranveer night and it will continue till the show go off air.ranveer ne apne gale se shawl tak bhi nahin hatayi hain.god knows what romance they are showing.vikrant ki is disgusting harkat ke baad ranveer and family member ne against hona chahiye tha aur use akela kar dena chahiye tha.but yahan toh ulta ho gaya ranveer and family beggars ke jaise Vikrant ke peeche bhag rahi hain.scroundle ansh toh itna bada criminal khula ghoom raha hain.aur ranveer ko dhamki de raha hain.sab ulta hain.inspite ranveer having ansh criminal evidence he is still spoiling ranveer married life.

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