Sirf Tum 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer is sent out of the City

Sirf Tum 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni telling that Suhani has to accept the crime or swear on Ranveer. Ranveer walks towards Suhani and says I trust Suhani more than myself. He says Suhani’s sayings are truthful for me, like my mother’s love for me. He says today a mother has sweared on his son falsely, and says if she is not done this, then only Ansh can do this. He asks her to warn Ansh. Suhani gets emotional and thinks I love you Ranveer. She brings oil in the bowl and sings song. Ranveer asks her to stop it. Suhani says she will relieve him of the headache first. He asks who told you about my headache. She massages his head and asks if he remembers the chapter, types of patient. She talks about the patient who refuses treatment. Ranveer says I am not a patient. Suhani says a doctor can never have headache, and says guys think that they don’t feel pain. She massages his hair and asks him to speak his heart out. Ranveer says it is late night and asks her to go from there. Suhani says you care for me and my respect, says this is love which will not break. She asks him to tell his helplessness to refuse for marriage and asks him no to lie. He says girls irritate a lot. She gets near him. He stops her and reminds her that they have promised each other to stay in limits. Suhani nods yes and gives flying kiss to him and goes. He smiles.

Riya looks at the suit which she got designed for her Papa. Ansh comes there and tries the suit. Riya says it is for her Papa. Kapoor comes there and greets Ansh. Ansh tells Kapoor that Ranveer had gone out of house for 2 hours, and his mother has changed the house environment. He says what will happen if Ranveer goes for many days. Kapoor says I will talk to Vikrant. He calls him. Ranveer checks Mamta. Suhani comes there and says Dean sir came. Mamta says send him. Ranveer tells Dean that his mom is unwell and he can’t come to college for few days. Dean recalls Vikrant asking him to send Ranveer from out of the city, if he wants to save his job. He asks Ranveer to go out of the city for the football training. Ranveer refuses to leave Mamta. Dean tries to convince him. Ranveer asks him to send someone else. Dean goes.

Mamta asks Ranveer to go for the training and says it is a big opportunity. Ranveer asks her to drink soup. She refuses and threatens not to eat. She says if you don’t go, then I can’t forgive myself. Suhani comes there and gives her water, seeing her coughing. Roshni comes there and asks if she is fine. Mamta says yes. Suhani assures Ranveer that she will take care of Mamta aunty and asks him to go. She promises to give him update about mamta’s help. Mamta asks him to go. Ranveer says ok and asks her to listen to Suhani and take medicines on time. Mamta thanks him. Ranveer tells Suhani about the dos and donts for Mamta, which she notes down. Suhani says she has written everything and wants a bit of smile. He asks her to take care of mamta and also concentrate on her studies.

Nikki comes there and tells Suhani that everyone is worried about her at home. Roshni asks them to go out and talk, says she will sit with mamta. Suhani goes with Nikki. Roshni gets Ranveer’s call. Roshni says bhabhi is fine, I made her have soup and tells that Suhani is busy with her sister. Suhani tells Nikki that whatever Ansh told was right. Nikki asks her to come and meet them. Suhani says she can’t leave Mamta aunty alone. Roshni comes there and gives the call to Suhani. Ranveer scolds her for not sitting with Mamta. Nikki takes the call and asks who are you to scold her. She says she came to take Suhani home. Ranveer says Suhani can’t go for 4-5 days. Asha informs Ansh about Ranveer going out of the city. Ansh tells that his next plan will shock Suhani. Some goons surround Nikki, and threaten her taking Ranveer’s name. Nikki says she is not scared of Ranveer. The goon takes off her dupatta. She shouts for help. The goon asks her not to shout at Ranveer. Someone comes there.

Courier guy comes and tells Suhani that someone sent parcel for her. Suhani checks the parcel, and finds phone and Ranveer’s note. He has sent new mobile for her, so that he can talk to her at anytime.

Precap: Rakesh comes to take Suhani to his house. Suhani refuses to come as Mamta is unwell. Rakesh says Mamta ji is not alone and asks her to come. Suhani looks on as she walks with Rakesh. Riya comes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Makers ne show ka Satya Nash kar they realise when show is been removed from the prime slot.if negative character r been given more importance this damage happens.1st damage suhani marriage with ansh.2nd damage still not divorce.3rd damage suhani ranveer marriage broke for2nd time.last damage is on the way due to again marriage of that useless character Riya with ranveer.if it happens show will finally go off air.ansh Riya ansh & suhani father these characters r spoiling the show.suhani ranveer marriage can save the show.they must marry only in presence of Mamta,dadi,dadu&sudha and raghu john.all evils must get a shock.ansh staying in Riya house and planning with Riya her father, Vikrant,asha these people must be caught by ranveer red handed at a time.but these makers will never show this.

    1. Same with me the show base on sushani and Ranveer but the maker jus doind there own thing in the show which is not going interesting

    2. True thing but when Ranveer angers he will decide to married sushani and no one can’t take sushani away from him and I want to see that happens

  2. Cammie - Malaysia

    Totally agree with you, Menal:-)
    Hate to see Ansh aka Puneet smtg in this evil character – he us too handsome for being a Villain but looks like he is the Main Villain now – or since start – Vikrant n duck lipped Riya are only supplements:-)
    Too many casts – not making sense- n now Roshni n Asha are given the power to be Negative nnBold!!
    Utter Nonsense:-((

  3. One more fully mad character is there in the show that is Rakesh suhani father.that man doesn’t use brains at foolish character.his dialogues r stupid.that man blindly beleive negative people.he doesn’t have a basic sense.the show has lost this time ranveer must be shown smart enough to handle all situations.he is aware that he is surrounded by all criminal of planning and plotting who r creating misunderstanding between suhani and him.why can’t he be sensible enough to avoid where he is been kept away from suhani.whenever he is not around they Target meenal said now it’s time ranveer suhani get married legally.suhani ranveer oberoi.atleast suhani mad father cannot everytime ruin her life.ranveer will get that right of a legal husband and he can Stop him.everytime because of this mad man suhani has to forcefully go with that rascal ansh.all negativity on this show.yes cammine u r right now one more duck 🦆 lip will be seen in every when in real life suhani is been unwell the show will b focused only on 🦆 duck lip.for sure it will go off air.vivian will regret signing the show.

  4. This show from the start was good, but now I don’t understand it any more,bad people always winning

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