Sirf Tum 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani makes a new beginning unlike Ranveer

Sirf Tum 25th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranveer thinking about Suhani and the moments he spent with her. He recalls Honey’s words that Suhani called her to take revenge from him, and Suhani’s words that she will take revenge from him. Aditya tells Suhani and others that he came to invite them to his house. Suhani asks him not to worry and tells that they will manage. Aditya asks her to agree. Suhani agrees on a condition that she will give rent. He says ok and tells that he will come and pick them tomorrow. He leaves. Dadi says he is like me. Sudha says other side is Ranveer, who just give pain. Suhani thinks of Honey’s words and recalls Ranveer’s words. She cries. Ranveer looks at Suhani’s sketch and recalls their conversation. He recalls Suhani slapping him. Suhani takes out Ranveer’s pic and tells that there is no place for him in her life, and says you are dead for me. She tears his pic and throws it.

Mamta is worried for Ranveer and checks the time. She calls him and tells that her family is shattered in a moment. She says first bahu left home and now the son, don’t know where is he? Vikrant comes there and tells Mamta that he has seen her worried for Ranveer. Mamta says he didn’t come home and is not picking the call. She says I am afraid that…Vikrant says I have enquired seeing you worried, he is at John and Raghu’s house. Mamta says I will go and see him. Vikrant stops her and asks her to give him sometime, for whatever happened between Suhani and him, he needs time to be fine. He says I will come with you and we will apologize to him. He tells Mamta that he couldn’t forgive himself for whatever he has done with her and the family. he apologizes to her folding his hands and tells that he couldn’t do husband’s duty. Mamta holds his hand and says she always wanted family’s betterment. He says I will get my forgiveness when your house gets complete. Mamta says this can happen when Suhani comes back.

Sudha tells that the house is set. Aditya brings table there with Ishaan. He tells that he has brought table for Suhani. Suhani says she don’t need it. Aditya says he is doing this for Dadi’s love and Aunty’s tea. He keeps the table in Suhani’s room and tells that he will have tea later, will prepare for the mock test now. He goes. Suhani picks a textbook and sees Suhani loves Ranveer written. She recalls their moments. Song plays….She recalls his words and strikes loves and writes hates. She then strikes everything. She looks at herself and sees sindoor and mangalsutra. She takes it out and says you have no rights on me, my love, life, not even on my hatred. She takes it off and keeps it on the table.

John and Raghu come home and find many empty bottles and Ranveer unconscious. Raghu tells John that since Ranveer came, he is making Suhani’s sketch and venting out his anger on it. John says Aunty is very worried and Vikrant uncle asked us to take care of him. Raghu says he has worked hard for this day.

Suhani tells Sudha that she couldn’t study in the night. She says she is going. Sudha asks her to eat. Suhani asks her to pray to Mata rani and comes out. Aditya is waiting for her and asks her to sit. Suhani asks him to go and says I will come by auto or cab. He says we are in one class, you will get late. She says I am afraid to sit on the bike. He stops the cab and asks the driver to drop her to RS college. Suhani asks him to go. Aditi says I will come behind you. Suhani recalls sitting behind Ranveer.

Precap: Suhani checks the list and is surprised to see 10th rank. Suhani gets upset. Suhani gets a call from Ranveer, he says I helped you or else you would be out of college the very second day, you are known by me, Ranveer Oberoi. Suhani says to her father, if Ranveer thinks I topped because of him, it’s his mistake and now you all see how I top and show Ranveer where he belongs to.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What a chipku annoying guy this aditya is 🙄🙄

    Nd y the hell new entry for suhaani nd not ranveer? Y the hell suhaani is moving on but not ranveer? 🙄🙄

  2. Reading today’s episode has made me realise that Ranveer has always love Suhaani more than Suhaani’s love for him, look at the way Suhaani has easily moved on but Ranveer is still suffering. I hope that his family and friends help him to come out of the pain he’s going through and devote his time to his profession and also become a great Doctor. I wish that now that Suhaani has gotten a guy beside her, Ranveer should also get a good girl to help him become a much better person so I’m pleading with Sirf Tum makers to bring another female lead for Ranveer too.

  3. Ranveer suhani there was no romance earlier & ahead also it’s not there.what ranveer did for suhani is much much much more than what this joker is it is there is a leap so till Wednesday episode suhani and joker will be on same bike & relationship would have started & shaadi fix ho gayi hogi.suhani and her mad family from day one have accepted him as damad.she has also removed mangalsutra & sindoor & said him as dead.ranveer sacrificed his life for this ungrateful girl.he went upto Kashmir to save her.when she fell from the ambulance he never thought for a min & jumped behind save her from fire in the college he risked his life & landed up in hospital.just for her safety he brought that rascal ansh and his mother to his house & today ranveer has lost everything.what a ungrateful suhani family.disgusting.they must badly regret for what they have done.she never loved &trusted him whole it is whose watching this nonsense.let makers run this show with those two jokers suhani & Aditya.

  4. Exactly with this attitude of suhani whose going to watch this.makers will come to know within this end of month.the new entry is a real joker.disgusting no comments.hopeless track

  5. I never saw love from Suhani’s side. She forgot everything what Ranveer did for her and so moved on so easily where as Ranveer is suffering. I stopped watching this show as soon Ranveer and Suhani were separated. I can’t see Ranveer suffering like this.

  6. Makers have spoiled the show drastically.thet have turned ranveer suhani characters worst.inspite ansh torturing suhani she never uttered a single word & never cursed him that he must die infact she told ranveer to spare him when he was about to force her for physical relation this was shown by these makers now why they are spoiling the character of suhani by giving her such dialogues where she says ranveer is dead for her.why spoiling their characters by showing such hatred.suhani was a person who will never remove her mangalsutra sindoor being a suhagan.makers r just destroying hindu culture and true love.this is not right what they are is not at all good.

  7. When in doubt, get ranveer to do his best eyebrow acting, drink a bottle of booze, and march thru sets shoulder first

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